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  1. Hi There! - Seems I failed on the first 2 - kindly let me have 4 of these please Thanks in advance, please pm me with the necessary
  2. Hi - Hope I'm still OK to order 4 pcs of these - Thanks
  3. Wonderful - please PM me the necessary Thanks, chat more offline
  4. Hi Marq Does 150 incl SD to Dorset tickle your fancy? Roy
  5. Hi, I'll take 4 please, if you still have available
  6. Hi Flim Yes, I seem to spend most of my spare cash at Truney! Sounds impressive, but there isn't very much 'Spare'! I have a few bars from them, and a few 1 Tael Gold Rounds also. Tax on Silver, yes @ 5%, no tax on Gold, so I think we are in a better shape here than some countries
  7. Thanks for the welcome everyone - Happy to be here, and hope I can a learn from you 'more experienced' guys
  8. Hi Kevin Taiwan has no National Bullion Coin (that I'm aware of), but does have 2 Companies producing bars and Rounds, both Silver and Gold - Truney (I use these guys quite frequently, and maybe will visit them again today!) and Solar (I've never bought direct, but have some of their 10oz bars from 2nd Market).
  9. HI All English Guy currently residing in Taiwan, New to the Forum, and reasonably new to Gold & Silver Stacking Hope to be able to participate both in International discussions/trades, and UK-based ones too (UK Address/Account) Very nice to meet you all, would also be great to learn if there are any other members here from Taiwan too
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