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  1. Don't make the same mistake as me and start off with 1 oz marvel coins.............I've ran out of excuses to my 7yr old son, as to why he hasn't received the Spiderman coin yet, lol.
  2. 10 oz Scottsdale Stacker bar. Left side of the lion face has a distinct toning /spotting mark, so sold as bullion. Price £275 plus post. Thanks for looking.
  3. Nice batch of 90% USA circulated silver coins consisting of: 15 X Washington quarters 20 X Roosevelt Dimes 8 X Mercury Dimes 1 X Standing liberty quarter 1 x Barber quarter Mixed grades. Price £125 - Includes 1st class signed for. For SD, please add £4 Thanks for looking.
  4. Check ebay sold prices for each coin to give you an idea what they currently sell for.
  5. I personally buy both and always find them easy to liquidate at the right price. As Roy said, premiums are usually higher, especially on 1/10s but i've never had any issues recouping when selling. They also provide flexibility, should you need to raise smaller amounts of cash.
  6. For sale 3 X 1oz Buffalo Rounds - .999 Silver X 1 coin (lower on the picture) has a mark & ding. Remaining X 2 are not perfect but in decent condition. Cheap price of £75 plus post of your choice.
  7. Completely agree with this approach and this is the method I also use.
  8. Implications are exactly that. I had to do this last year and have heard many stories about ebay supplying data to HMRC. Although I am in full time employment, I also had to register with HMRC as self employed and will have to file a tax return. In 9 months operating an ebay business account, I have received X 1 max £2 selling fee offer. However, i used to receive them frequently on a private account. That said I consider myself to be a stacker rather than a business, as I can go months without attempting to sell any silver. However, I felt this was the only option available if i wanted t
  9. Think ebay have realised many private account holders waited for £1 max selling fees, then listed vast quantities of bullion. I had to switch to an ebay business account last year and have found it to be decent. However, not having the option of regular £1 max selling fees does make a noticeable difference to margins.
  10. Umicore 1KG .999 Silver bar. Excellent condition and still in OMP. Price £745 plus post.
  11. Look forward to finding out the result. Hope it goes well.
  12. Wow, you have done incredibly well! I'm no grading expert but i know you will make nice profit if you decide to sell.
  13. Vintage 100g Johnson Matthey bankers bars. Excellent condition. Price £117.50 plus post of your choice. I have a few other cased versions of these that I would be willing to discuss a sale on, if interested. Thanks
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