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  1. My own experience is that keenly priced bullion sells fast on all platforms at all times, which is ideal when needing to raise a little cash. However, most of the numismatic and premium items tend to vary wildly in average selling times and sold prices. I would argue that coin collecting / stacking is one of the best hobbies out there, as unlike most other hobbies you can often recoup most of the funds spent and even make a few quid on a good day. 😀
  2. Bullion half sovereign bundle X 7 Spot price - £175.33 X 7 =1227.31 Selling price £1225 plus post. Includes: 1907 1912 1913 1914 x 2 1925 SA 2007 Excellent bargain for somebody. Thanks for looking
  3. Looking to sell the following X 18 1oz coins as a bundle. Includes: 16 X American Silver eagles (mixed years), Includes X 1 1989 (slightly toned). X 1 other coin has some toning. 2 X Britannia's (2000 & 2017) X 3 coins include capsules, the remainder will come in a tube. Thanks for looking
  4. 2001 Britannia's x 20 - Original unopened sealed tube. Each coin: Weight - 32.454g Silver content - 31.1g Purity - 958.4 Dimensions - 40mm diameter X 3.1mm thick An excellent opportunity for a forum member including resellers / scalpers (lol) to pick up a relatively low mintage item. Condition unknown due to being sealed, although the outside of each coin shows some minor toning. Prices online vary wildly. Recent sold prices on ebay are between £40-£65 per coin. Price - £750 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery. Thanks for looking
  5. Hi All I wondered if anyone has a 1oz silver Street Fighter coin they would be interested in selling. I'm looking to purchase X 1 coin for my son (age 8), to add to his little collection. Any character considered. Please PM me if you can help. Much appreciated Rob
  6. Wow, looks even better on your pictures. Pleased you like it.
  7. 1/10 Britannia Gold proof coin, includes original box & COA. Total mintage is 1500 in this packaging. An additional 1000 were minted and included in thefour coin sets. Very nice condition. Priced at £175 plus post. Thanks for looking.
  8. Nice Bullion sovereign bundle X 3 under spot price. Includes: 1903 Edward 1910 Edward 1914 George All in decent condition and includes capsules. Price £532 Post on top. Thanks for looking.
  9. Welcome to the forum, there are many great items to be had at excellent prices. Enjoy the journey. 😀
  10. That's very interesting to discover and it confirms peoples experience with this particular coin is varied. For some reason, it doesn't appear to follow the general rules of price point compared to most other bullion coins. Appreciate your response. Thank you
  11. I mainly stack 999 with the exception of some Pre 1920 scrap. I think I will just put these back in storage and keep them for a rainy day. Totally agree with your point on BBP, was just curious more than anything else. Thank you
  12. This particular tube has some toning on the edges but i have no idea on the condition of the actual coins, other than the ones on each end, which both appear to be fine. Silver ache, lol. I will never look at a milk spotted coin the same again. 😀 Thank you
  13. They are certainly an interesting coin in terms of fluctuating prices. Think holding them maybe the best option and will see how things go in future. Thank you
  14. I always like to sell at fair prices and on occasions leave some 'meat on the bone' for others to extract. However, I may end up putting these back in storage, as i don't think I could find a price that works at the current time. Interesting point about the 0.958 silver, i never considered this at the time of purchase. Thank you for your help.
  15. Thank you for your response. £32 is lower than I hoped based on the information i've seen but appreciate the ebay prices may just be an anomaly. Wonder why BBP are asking such a high price. I agree with you on ebay being the wild west. I used to sell a few bits and pieces on there a few years ago but gave up due ebay policies always being in favor of the buyer. Always felt cheated losing my coins and having to refund. Thanks
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