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  1. Firstly, I think you really have to enjoy the hobby of precious metals otherwise it would be easy to lose interest in continuing to make purchases. I have seen many new stackers / collectors enter the market and invest heavily, only to quickly lose interest when the hype disappears and then selling at a loss. Precious metals will rarely make anyone rich but they can be a fun way to accumulate wealth / store funds over a long period and of course hopefully retain purchasing power. I would always encourage new stackers to make a few sales to become familiar with the process, as it can sometimes be time consuming and may not suit everyone. However, it was only through experience and selling many items online over a period of time, that I discovered what worked best for me. I remember watching an old you tube video from 'Cull Silver', who is a long term stacker in the USA and he explained that he only truly learned what silver to buy once he had attempted to sell some silver, and this really stuck with me and it's so true. I guess if I was starting out again in 2021, I personally would focus mainly on bullion sovereigns and Pre 1920 British scrap silver coins, as they are highly liquid and tend to be a spot price play, and limit my premium purchases to a small amount of collectable pieces. However, i'm sure many other forum members will have different views and ideas and that's what makes this community great. Finally, there is a lot more resources available now online and via The Silver forum to help new stackers make educated decisions, compared to the limited information available 5 years ago and if you are unsure about anything, you can always ask question via this forum, prior to making a purchase. Hope this helps.
  2. Final Bump - Money back guarantee if you are not happy with the coin once in hand. Buyer pays return postage.
  3. Here we have a 1 0z Queens Beasts, The Griffin of Edward lll, silver proof coin with all original packaging. Has been nice to own this coin but decided to focus more on bullion going forward, so selling off a few bits and pieces. Coin looks to be in very good condition, with no obvious marks to my eye. Price - £120 plus post of your choice. Thanks for looking. gr3.html
  4. 2014-P PGCS MS 70 Wedge Tail Eagle signed by John M Mercanti. Limited edition and in perfect grade. Absolutely flawless coin. Slight scratch on the holder over the letter T. Price - £50 plus post. Thanks for looking.
  5. Here we have X 10 1 oz Asahi .999 silver bars in OMP Priced to sell at £249 plus post. Apologies for the photo quality, can send better pictures during daylight, if required. Thanks for looking. Rob
  6. Looking to sell the following X 3 Victoria Young Head Sovereigns at £945 plus postage. 1 x 1880 1 x 1883 1 x 1885 Spot currently £310.14 per coin. All coins in nice bullion condition without any issues. Looking for a quick sale, hence the price. Apologies for the photo quality. If not sold by tomorrow at 12 pm, sale will be withdrawn and sold via a dealer. Thanks for looking.
  7. I have a number of these bars and at a glance it looks genuine. I think there is some tarnish on the corners, which indicates silver. Still, not ideal if the seller described the bar to being in excellent condition.
  8. 100g Vintage Johnson Matthey Bankers Bar in very good condition. Price - £110 plus post of your choice. Thanks for looking.
  9. Here we have an excellent 2018 - 10 oz Korean Tiger in BU from the KOMSCO mint. Mintage only 2000. Absolutely lovely in hand and my pictures do not do it justice. Difficult to obtain in the UK and the cheapest I can find is Gold Silver.be at £398 (although currently out of stock) I'm looking to sell at £349 plus post of your choice. Thanks for looking.
  10. Certainly looks suspect to me but it doesn't look like one of the mass produced Chinese fakes either, unless they are improving.
  11. Personally, I find it much easier to save in metals than I do in fiat, so tend to buy little and often regardless of spot price. I still get to scratch my itch to spend cash whilst saving at the same time. It's amazing how quickly it accumulates over time and the hobby brings immense enjoyment.
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