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  1. I get what you are saying. The sole reason for potentially purchasing the coin would be to sell on, as i'm not really a collector of sovereigns. Was really just hoping someone on the forum could provide some figures of what they would expect a 'worn' version to sell for.
  2. Thank you for your reply, I will look to add pictures if I end up making the purchase.
  3. Hi I was wondering if anyone on the forum could help.... I have been offered a relatively worn 1817 full sovereign for what I am told is a reasonable price. Would anyone have any idea what the value of this coin may be? I have checked online but can't seem to find many available sources. The price I have been offered to purchase the coin at is £550 I have bought many coins (mainly silver) from the same dealer and I have not reason to doubt him but just wanted a second opinion. Thanks
  4. Hi, please add me to the waiting list for X 1 bar, any number will be fine but if possible, 9, 21, 17, 25 or 28. 😀
  5. Hi What year are the Kennedy Half dollars? If they are 1964 - I will take them all. Will PM
  6. Hi I am looking to purchase approx 1kg (or more) of Pre 1920 Brittish Silver Coins in Scrap / low grade or worn condition. I usually acquire this from my local dealer but he is currently closed. If you can help or advise where I can find this type of stuff (except ebay - prices are to high), please let me know. Much appreciated Rob
  7. No problem. Please send your details and i will sort it now. Thanks Rob
  8. I would be interest in taking these coins. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the mention, I have purchased a batch from another forum member and currently awaiting delivery. Much appreciated Rob
  10. Hi fellow stackers.. If anyone has any 1964 Kennedy Half dollars for sale at a reasonable price, I would be very interested to here from you. I would also consider Franklin or Walking liberty half dollars. Thanks Bullion Bob
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