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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    2 oz Kookaburras Proof And Specimen/BU. I also like British Britannia coins. If I can get ahold of them, I like Perth 2 oz Lunar coins both Proof and BU. Currently interested in American Eagle Palladium coins.
  • Coin series I have completed
    Perth 1992-2009 2 oz BU Kook set
    Perth 1991-2005 2 oz Proof coin set
  • Whats in my stack/collection
    Some silver bars, rounds, and a few unique custom made pieces. Mostly have Perth mint coins and UK Britannia sets(2017).

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  1. Nice!!! The 2000 and the 1993 kook proof designs are my favs as well. Are there any other design/specific years you are looking to get?
  2. Received this 1996 2 oz Kook privy mark in today. For several years now its been relatively easy(for the most part) to find any privy kook you were were after on ebay. Even if you had to wait a couple of months, it would show up eventually. Now its getting harder and harder to find some of these as time goes by.
  3. -2020 Kookaburra 10 oz piedfort BU Today I received the 10 oz version This design is starting to grow on me now. lol
  4. Wow. That's dope. Especially the honey comb bar. 👀
  5. I didn't have to buy the capsule because the seller had it put together before hand, ready for sale. Otherwise I would have had to get one myself.
  6. Today I received the ugliest 2 oz Kook in my collection. 🤣💯🪙 -2020 Kookaburra 2 oz Piedfort Next gen. Honestly though, I'm not a fan of the quality(or design) of this coin. I prefer the higher quality BU specimen like finish that kooks normally have. But its a 2 oz kook and so I have to collect it.
  7. That actually looks like it might be an error. Can you take a closer photo of it?
  8. Recently picked up this 1993 kook whale privy from the UK. I know most ppl seem not to like the privy kooks, but I love them. Well...the the 2 oz versions anyway. 😺🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. Well I guess you could say they are actually living up to their name with this product. lol That is a nice cc though. 👌
  10. As the title states I'm looking for a 1993 2 oz Kook w/Kangaroo privy. Must come with original capsule, coa(and original case if possible). I can't find one on ebay so I thought I would try here. Also, just a heads up I live in the USA. Thanks. 🙂🪙
  11. I've recently completed the Perth 1991-2005 2 oz Kook proof set. I also completed the 1992-2009 oz BU set. Well I say "completed" but I'm still waiting for the arrival of the 1995-96 BU coins to arrive in the mail next week. I honestly hoped, but never thought I would complete the 2 oz proof set, much less the BU version. I'm glad I was able to make it happen as I don't know how much longer some of these coins will remain on the market or as easily available given the current climate we live in. I would like to collect both the proof and BU 1 oz versions but I don't know if I will be able to make that happen at this point. We'll see.
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