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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    Platinum coins are on my hit list at the moment, I will invest my currency in any PM's if the price is right. I also have shares and stocks, my latest share venture is with a company called Synairgen.
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    I am trying to complete the Ten Ounce Silver Queens Beast series.
  • Whats in my stack/collection
    All sorts in my Collection. Mainly modern sovereigns though. Building a Pension stack is my goal.

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  1. Posted back today, Looking forward to receiving the coin of the year as a present, unfortunately Grumpy Dave the Golden Turtle switched the parcel without me knowing, Sorry RM you will now open a Package of Turtle Droppings and they look gold but are only low quality Turds, just like you post out at times ! Happy Easter Coinster's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Manage payments will include Coins Soon, No More Paypal Fees. This looks a lot better to me, payments to your Bank Account from E Bay, you will get a E Mail once E Bay are ready to place you on the NEW System. Coins will be added this Month so no problems selling coins, Bonus of NO Paypal fees, All good Coinsters !
  3. Think it's the other way around coinster !!!!!!!! Grumpy Controls the Minnions, Grumpy has just popped out of his box with satin sheets, for a drink, still hibernating and Guarded by a Minnion.
  4. Gold price peaked last year, Dozy Doris Johnson Purchased 3.5 Billion Pounds worth of Gold from Russia ? So here in the UK we Sell when prices are Low and Buy when Prices are High. I am Confused Coinster's .
  5. Just been researching Wallstreetbets, as i had never heard of them until today. Looking Good for Silver, Gold, Platinum, BTC and XRP Coinster's .
  6. Welcome to the Silver Forum Coinster !
  7. I have been collecting coins for over 50 years, I thought a coin with a date from 1600's would be worth a fortune, Wrong !! it's the younger generation who are now involved in the coin game , they have sussed that the new release coins can make you a wad overnight thanks to E Bay. I encourage younger people into coin collecting, they are a lot more savy than us old fart's !!! Make money when your young, you are bound to impress the ladies or Laddy's , have Fun while your young, I did Coinster's !!!!!!
  8. diesel , how do you feel about the Queens Beast's, The Black Bull of Clarence £5 Cupro Nickel in RM Package sold for £117 on E Bay, Nil precious Metal ?? Supply and demand Coinster !!!!! P.S I know Grumpy Dave The Golden turtle has a box of these Queens Beast Cupro Nickel £5 Coins Hidden away .
  9. I think it look's fine in hand, Supply and Demand. People can not afford the Royal Mint Version at £7,000 for 2 oz of Silver, so if a coin similar becomes available People jump at the chance to own one Coinster's !!!!!!!! £125 ONLY !!! 1 oz of Silver !!
  10. Looks a Lot Better in the Flesh , Coinster's !!!!!
  11. Same as every year, go to work on night shifts and earn fiat currency, watch and learn as Grumpy Dave the Golden Turtle purchases stunning Gold and Silver Coinage with my Fooking hard earned. Sell and repeat when Grumpy Dave is Hibernating, keep most of the profit's to myself ?? Coinster's !! I Love Coins...........................Me !!
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