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GrahamDiamond last won the day on August 18 2020

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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
    Numismatics (Proof coins)
    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
  • My current Stack/Collection is mainly
  • What I am collecting / Investing in
    Platinum coins are on my hit list at the moment, I will invest my currency in any PM's if the price is right. I also have shares and stocks, my latest share venture is with a company called Synairgen.
  • Coin series I have completed
    I am trying to complete the Ten Ounce Silver Queens Beast series.
  • Whats in my stack/collection
    All sorts in my Collection. Mainly modern sovereigns though. Building a Pension stack is my goal.

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  1. I have more Gothic Crowns being graded Coinster.
  2. Portrait and Gothic coins were going cheap on E Bay, so I purchased a few Coinster.
  3. The MP for TSF, The Right Honourable Gold Digger Dave Coinsters.
  4. Turkiye sell's Genuine Fake Handbags, Cheap as Chips Coinster's .
  5. Welcome to the Silver Forum Coinster.
  6. As long as all the Idiot's who Voted for this Corrupt Government, and the Corrupt Politicians end up Poorer , I will be a bit more cheerful. The Civil Servants Pensions will be worthless, that is when the sh-t Hits the Fan !!!!!
  7. We are being Fleeced, I am off to Turkiye with Grumpy Dave, it's a lot Cheaper.
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