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  1. This is when the public should stand up against the police and out number them. then try wouldn't be able to pull this sort of terrible. Glad I'm never having kids.
  2. If someone wants to give me crazy money then I may sell lol
  3. My grandfather alway's wanted his own coin that was personal and unique to him
  4. Temporary measurement put in place but any government are never temporary. Look at the gold standard in the USA. It's all about money, power and control of the sheeple.
  5. Couple gold nugget's next to a 5p for size reference. Almost 30 years of my grandfather efforts
  6. Cheers mate. Will get in touch with him cheers
  7. Sorry for the slow reply. Around 5 grams are cornish nuggets about 10 grams are from Wales and the rest is from Scotland. They were my grandfather's who wanted to melt them into a coin/round but sadly he pasted away before getting the chance. That's why I'd like them melted into a coin to remember him. Will dig them out and post a few photos of the nuggets Added 0 minutes later... Sorry not sure how you mean
  8. As per the title I'm wanting to melt down a little over 1oz of gold nuggets to make into a coin/round . Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of someone that can help cheers richard
  9. Never open 2020 1oz krugerrand tube 575 + postage offer considered pm me if interested Cheers Richard
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