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  1. A very influential video.. 😉 Seriously though, a really well crafted narrative. I enjoyed that a lot
  2. Damn, had no idea I was an ignorant fool. Thinking about it though it would be ironic if I did.
  3. Yes good luck but don't wait too long. I'd buy as soon as you can then if the market tanks buy another to rent out. Winning either way without running the risk of prices continuing to rise and you missing out. The UK is only a little island with finite space.
  4. There is good merit to this approach, I would caveat it with if you are going to downsize when the time comes you should also be tracking the gains/equity you make when you sell up. These proceeds then become working capital/liquid funds and should form part of your plan.
  5. Same here too. I don't use a spreadsheet however, I use a notebook which I basically use to run my business and keep track of personal balances and values of stuff each month. I have a spreadsheet which is a 'retirement forecaster' which I plug in the annual numbers and track our annual increase (or decrease) in net worth. If we're on plan then great, if not we either cut cloth accordingly or (more likely) find other ways to plug the gap i.e. grow the business or move into higher risk investments. The problem is the more you make the more you think you need 😬
  6. Might it possibly be stored in a bonded warehouse?
  7. I don't think you have the sort of mind open to change so I won't try You said this though.. "Today is Easter ; and churches are closed ; but of course abortion clinics are open." Because one provides necessary medical procedures, the other is a glorified book club. Where nobody has actually read the book...
  8. Drinking excessively most days. I'm aiming for a mild alcohol problem come the revolution 😆
  9. Yes that certainly is an option which gives everyone the same amount of cash. The issue then I guess is how do business owners meet their other obligations (rent, utilities, insurance etc) so there are still businesses trading when the government support runs out. The option is a nice one but again flawed as this current one is.
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