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  1. Yes but once people get the principle of it you realise how useful it is, specifically from a control point of view. You can't physically lose a transaction
  2. Debit the door, credit the window 🤓
  3. Morning! I usually insert a line on the same spreadsheet below the item sold and fill in the same details but put a -ve amount in equal to the cost and weight. This then ensures the total number and value figures for your purchases are correct. After that I use additional columns to the right to put in sale price, profit and any other details of the sale. It depends how you are set up and what you find easiest to do on an ongoing basis. My sheet might be a bit messy but it's easy to see the detail of the sale and original coin/cost etc as it's all over the two lines. Also it ens
  4. A very influential video.. 😉 Seriously though, a really well crafted narrative. I enjoyed that a lot
  5. Damn, had no idea I was an ignorant fool. Thinking about it though it would be ironic if I did.
  6. There is good merit to this approach, I would caveat it with if you are going to downsize when the time comes you should also be tracking the gains/equity you make when you sell up. These proceeds then become working capital/liquid funds and should form part of your plan.
  7. Same here too. I don't use a spreadsheet however, I use a notebook which I basically use to run my business and keep track of personal balances and values of stuff each month. I have a spreadsheet which is a 'retirement forecaster' which I plug in the annual numbers and track our annual increase (or decrease) in net worth. If we're on plan then great, if not we either cut cloth accordingly or (more likely) find other ways to plug the gap i.e. grow the business or move into higher risk investments. The problem is the more you make the more you think you need 😬
  8. Might it possibly be stored in a bonded warehouse?
  9. I guess this will already have been answered previously (my apologies) but if you order now on the 'pre sale' price is that what you pay or can the price still fluctuate @BackyardBullion
  10. Stan, as an accountant I would recommend speaking to your accountant. There are countless situational permutations based around your own personal circumstances and no amount of research will get you to a satisfactory answer. I wish you luck though.
  11. I'm still not 100% sure I would call myself a stacker. Have picked up around 100oz of silver and about 3oz of gold in the last couple of years. Problem is I have a penchant for old pennies and a few other bits and bobs so whenever there is a spare few quid it's a toss up between bullion or something more numismatic.. depends on the mood. In terms of investing I find better returns can be had on the markets - funds making 10 - 15% CAGR for example, but do appreciate bullion as a store of wealth and can see why folk would do it more 'full on' that I do.
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