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  1. Yes sorry I thought it didn’t read too well. I was indeed asking if blisters are only exclusive to RM or can be bought from other dealers.
  2. Can i only get the blister versions from the Mint?
  3. Screaming very hard rn - I almost gave up as dealers I spoke to (in HK) said there’s no 10oz bullion coming out
  4. woah amazing price. annoyingly I just bought one yesterday
  5. went in this morning when only a handful were left and weren't too keen on the ones left so didn't get any. an hour ago my sister decided she wants the 50p one but let the final one on RM slip. so glad i saw this post. went for the £5 coin instead...
  6. yeh same here not the biggest fan of sov normally because of the colour but will be getting this one for the design 😌
  7. must say Hera's foot is rather oddly placed......
  8. YMC

    Your Ugliest Coin?

    This thread gives me so much joy
  9. Sorry if that’s been discussed. Does anyone know if there will be a 10oz bullion QB completer? Or has the 1kg concluded the series?
  10. Perth Mint for me too. Recently gaining more interest in the Panda coins I think their marketing photos don’t quite do the coins’ justice.
  11. Britannia coin company is another one that takes Amex. I used my cash back card with them once or twice
  12. Hey - yes final price except for shipping which is additional to the price tag. Make sure you’re on the uk website so they will ship from their UK office to yours. If I remember correctly they used Tracked 24 for my order. you might want to phone them if you have questions. I got a call from them to confirm my order the following day.
  13. ah i should have added I have used them because of this deal, as you said best perth mint tiger deal out there. No problem with the order, arrived fine in good packaging. they are new to the UK is all I know...
  14. Has anyone seen this deal? 1oz Perth mint tiger GOLD for a 1oz SILVER Britannia https://tavexbullion.co.uk/gold/buy-2022-australian-lunar-tiger-gold-bullion-coin-and-receive-a-1oz-britannia-silver-silver-bullion-coin-with-every-purchase-tavex-bullion-special-deal/
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