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  1. Recieved today 2 very nice proof sets All I can say is , if Humpty Dumpty was holding these coins when he fell of that wall an angel would have flown down from heaven to catch him and gently put him down so he didn’t scratch the coins 😂😂😂😂😂
  2. Here I have one of my 1oz proof Seymour Panther coins for sale as far as I can see it’s in superb condition , no scratches or anything , ive not gone over it with a loop but to the eye it looks fantastic , only selling as I have 3 of these , any questions or want more pics give me a shout asking £98 includes special delivery bank transfer thanks for looking
  3. Here I have my NGC MS69 West Point silver eagle what else can I say 😁😁 asking £29 plus choice of post/risk payment by bank transfer and question or need more pics give me a shout thanks for looking
  4. First picture 2x 100g bulmint bars with certificates both sold 2 x 1/2oz silver coins ( one slightly tones) both sold second/third pics .925 sterling silver 3 x rings and a bracelet, the rim on the bracelet is brass coated not gold plated , total weight is 42.9g these are in pretty good condition so sold not as scrap all for £25 Forth pic .925 scrap sterling silver made up of a broken bracelet, two damaged pre 1920 coins And little loop taken of a silver chain total weight 15g that’s 13.87g pure silver content selling just below spot £7 Last 2 pics here I have a what I call a cake slice knife/server blade is stainless steel handle is sterling silver , the handle is hallmarked as you can see in pic , hard to say exactly how much silver is in this as if I weigh it the weight will include the stainless steel asking £7.50 all are plus postage of choice/risk payment by bank transfer thank you for looking any questions or want more pics get in touch
  5. Hi welcome to the forum , 👍😁
  6. Here I have my NGC MS69 first release 2014 1oz silver eagle asking £29 plus choice of post thanks for looking
  7. Here I have some silver items for sale first picture there is 5 x 1oz goddess europa coins ALL SOLD 2020 1oz Australian koala SOLD 2021 1oz bull and bear SOLD 2021 1oz year of the ox SOLD 4 x 1/2oz pluribus unum rounds all sold 2 x 1/2 oz Noah ark coins all sold 1/2oz battle of the coral sea coin sold 1/4 oz Noah ark coin sold second picture 2 x 1oz Scottsdale bars in original sealed packaging both sold 3 x .925 ( sterling ) coins approx 20g each ALL SOLD Pic 3 2 x 100g bulmint silver bars with certificates £77.50 each all are plus postage of choice/risk thank you for looking
  8. Here I have 79 of my .400 us half dollars for sale , £2.85 each plus choice of post thank you for looking
  9. Here I have some of my pre 47 uk .500 silver coins there is a total of 199.3g which works out to 99.65g of pure silver content. spot price at time of doing this post is 53.2 per g so that’s a total of £53.01 of silver content asking £53 plus choice of post/risk thank you for looking
  10. Here I have some of my Swedish .400 silver old currency coins there is a total of 656.6 g Thats a total of 262.64g of pure silver content At the time of me doing this post silver is at 53.2per gram so spot value of the silver content is £139.72 im asking £135 plus cost of choice/post bank transfer thank you for looking
  11. Here I have my 3 x 1/4 oz gold coins 2 x 1/4 oz proof brits and a 1/4 oz griffin 1988 and 2008 proof brits very nice coins as you can see in the pics 2017 griffin nice condition but there is a small dent next to the D as you can see in pic where I took a closer pic selling as a bundle of 3 coins £1140 delivered by special delivery ( that works out to £380 per coin ) by bank transfer ( I don’t use PayPal sorry) any question or want more pic please ask thanks for looking
  12. Here I have for sale 2 if my 1/4 oz gold queen beasts coins , they are in very nice condition ( capsules have miner scratches) white horse £370 white greyhound £370 payment by bank transfer plus choice of postage which I would recommend special as it’s only one that’s fully insured If both are bought together I’ll cover the special delivery ,
  13. Today recieved 50 X .400 usa half dollars got to say I do like usa coins 😂
  14. I’ll put 1oz silver Britannia and I’ll throw in some Swedish .400 silver coin in too 😁
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