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  1. Here I have my 2020 1/2 oz gold Britannia coin in nice condition ( see pics ) asking £660 plus choice of post/risk special delivery cost would be £7.85 ( only option that’s fully insured) many questions or need more pics please ask thank you for looking
  2. I have decided to put this back up for sale for 1 day before putting it away , will be taken off and friday( tomorrow) night at 10pm £630 delivered by special delivery
  3. Hi jonox, welcome to the silver forum 😁
  4. Here I have my 2020 gold double sovereign It is in fantastic condition as you can see in pics , only selling as I have my eye on something else 😁 asking £650 plus choice of post/risk but I would advise special delivery as it’s the only fully insured option ( price of special delivery is £7.85) many questions or need more pics please ask 👍 thank you for looking
  5. If you click on the 3 dots to the top right of the post and click edit then you can change the for sale part to withdrawn 👍 hope that helps
  6. Here I have part of my world coin collection , I never got round to going through to start up my date runs , there is a good mix of coins here and lot in good condition, there is 281 coins in total you can see list of the countries that the coins are from in the photo asking £6 plus choice of post
  7. Here I have partial date run of old uk coins there is a total of 93 coins , all the similar coins all have different dates so no duplicate coin date , good for someone starting out into collecting coins £3.50 plus post of choice thank you any questions please ask
  8. Hi here I have my collection of usa and Canada coins , there are 232 usa coins and 105 Canada coins , I never got round to sorting through them all and starting up date run so there are duplicate coins/dates nice collection for someone starting out and wants to go through them and start there own date run going , most of the coins are in good condition , I will say none of the coins are silver , asking £6 plus choice of post any questions please ask
  9. Here I have the sheets that you put into folders to hold your cardboard flips/ coin wallets each sheets will hold 20 selling in bundles of 25 sheets I have 4 bundles available these are used as I have my silver old world collection in these and are still in good condition £9 delivered (sent second class) per bundle Any questions please ask thank you for looking
  10. Welcome to the forum , it’s a great community to be a part of 👍😁enjoy the journey stacking .
  11. Here I have my full tube of 25 x 1oz silver Britannia’s they are in beautiful condition the odd one may have very light sign of milking nothing too bad , I am putting these up for sale just for today so I can take up on another offer , if not sold tonight I will be marking as withdrawn and putting back into my stack £660 includes Special Delivery thank you for looking any questions or need more pics please ask
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