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  1. Acrylic 39mm DOUBLE THICKNESS 2oz silver coin cases / capsules to fit the Queens Beast range of coins and any other 39mm double thickness coin. Capsule outer dimensions 45mm diameter. Prices 1x = £1.25 each + PP 5 Capsules = £4.50 Posted 10 Capsules = £9 Posted 15 Capsules = £13.00 Posted 20 Capsules = £17.50 Posted 20+ Please PM to discuss. Payment Via Paypal FnF Will be posted next working day Please PM me to discuss anything Kind Regards BST
  2. No sorry all sold together. Think they may be still available on bullionbypost or ukbullion Regards
  3. Ordered more so everyone can get some ( Due in 48hrs ) Still taking pre orders for 2nd batch now. Please PM me for quantities to reserve. Payment once they arrive and will be dispatched within 1 working day. Proof of shipping will be sent to your inbox. Kind Regards BST
  4. If you want ones that actually fit I have some coming in next week, Currently taking Pre orders see TSF link here Regards BST
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