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  1. Hi, I wouldn't. The south Africa mint coins are notoriously bad with quality control.
  2. Is this the place @BackyardBullion brought his piece from?
  3. Not really sure that's the kids fault. When you were 9 or 10 did you ever think about that sort of stuff? What child goes through the DVD cupboard and would chose a world war 2 documentary over Peter pan or shrek? I think the same goes for coins
  4. Very smart dogs. Had one myself till he unfortunately past on. Not aggressive and the perfect stack guard dog.
  5. What are you going to do if they turn out to be genuine? Digging a hole for yourself here atm
  6. I would say the American silver eagle.
  7. @silenceissilver I HOPE NOT!!! you seem like a right pain who would probably drive @BackyardBullion into a early grave
  8. If you plan to hold onto bullion that length of time the spot price would have hopefully given you a nice return regardless of the fact a few light marks are present. In my opinion the cost and risk of sending it back just for it to be returned are greater potential risks than reward when it comes to the coin you have purchased in this instance.
  9. Looks like where they have been in the tube from the mint. It all depends what your planning on doing with the coin? Me personally I wouldn't worry one bit about it.
  10. 2015 brits from @StackingItAll wonderful condition for the year
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