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  1. Prices go up and up and up...lots of dealers making a nice profit.....
  2. Has the Great Engravers series come to the end? Seems the RM have a new series on the way??
  3. Mmmm not sure about that! But good luck to those who purchase them at get over £1000..I will be keeping a look put for that price..
  4. Yes my mistake apologies and thanks for putting me right ....
  5. Yes I understand but wat I don't like or understand that certain dealers place a premium on these coins of around £400 for these coins.....leaves a very bad taste in my mouth hence I wouldn't purchase one pre-sale...to me its a complete p**s take..but that's just my opinion....maybe I should change career and be a bullion dealer and make tonnes of money from people who want these coins...maybe I've missed my vocation...hahaha..
  6. Wow......I'm not saying anymore..except £715 for a sovreign...albeit a SOTD....is ridiculous, saying that if its something you really want that's cool...but (rip off springs to mind)....again with respect 🙂
  7. Lucky you...how much did u pay if you don't mind me asking?????
  8. Totally agree..as mere mortals....the bullion dealers and RM's special clients with Account managers will be given special priority before they go on sale before the 6th of Feb. Nature of the beast...we will be lucky if there are a 100 coins available to purchase..and with the typical queue on release day will be lucky if we sign on and be 5000 in the queue......its who you know at the end of the day..me, I'm not even going to bother buying on the day from the RM...and not going to buy dealers premium prices for these coins for sure....
  9. True..but most sellers would like a decent % over spot after all we are all in it to make a profit..but guess it depends on what you mean near spot????
  10. Guess not so humorous for some!
  11. Well that's fine for you @LawrenceChard...u are a main dealer and could shift them without any problems but for us who are not in your league...alot more difficult so your any quantity wanted isn't really appropriate for us mere collectors..with respect.☹
  12. The demand for this will be high and it will most likely sell out in minutes..but the price is too much for me Not that I can't afford it..but I'm not prepared to lay out £675 for this Sovreign albeit a SOTD...
  13. I dont and didn't say I use my coins as a current account. I collect for the future Savings/Pension. What I was trying to say and I probably didn't get it across to well..is that it is alot easier imo if I need to liquidate quickly for some unexpected reason its easier to sell low denomination bullion than it would be trying to sell 100oz bars or coins if there are such coins...
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