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  1. Similar to RAM Dolphin series, Perth's Swan never disappoints
  2. Indeed one of the best relatively new "one-animal" series, Royal Australian Mint does a great job.
  3. The dealer I bought them from doesn't have them anymore, but I see some are still available here: https://aurinum.de/Korea-2-Oz-Silver-Buddha-Heritage-Gyeyu-Year-Buddhist-Stele-of-Amitabha-99999-Antique-
  4. At the moment I see them still available (but just several pieces) at one dealer located in Germany, with the price ca. EUR 80. If you are interested I can send you details through PM.
  5. Korea 2oz Buddhist Stele of Amitabha Silver bar. The cracks on one side are the part of design. Now I am thinking about buying 2 more
  6. www.metalmarket.eu (from Poland :)) auragentum.de
  7. Wow, such collection of RAM roos is definitely not smth very often to exist, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Do you have a collection photo or maybe at least a weblink where all the issues can be seen?
  8. Are you going to send it for grading? I just imagine NGC folks faces...
  9. Modern design British Trade dollar from EIC and 2 rounds with NASA emblems, so-called Worm and Meatball
  10. Royal Australian Mint’s ‘Australia’s Coat of Arms’ -New South Wales Perth Mint Piedfort Dingo with Baby 2022 ' Next Generation Series
  11. Yes, it is, but as Ireland is in the EU, you of course shouldn't be charged with "additional" VAT when buying from other EU countries. Also, as far as I know, some of the dealers widen the investment coins spread for non-working hours and weekend, so it's better to compare prices during normal working days.
  12. Haven't bought anything from silber-werte.de yet, but absolutely sure they are legible, also because they are "listed" by gold.de. There you can compare prices among some of the German dealers, but some of them may not sending goods to Ireland. https://www.gold.de/kaufen/silbermuenzen/royal-arms/
  13. My top 3: auragentum.de metalmarket.eu goldsilver.be Surprisingly, Estonian dealers silver coins prices are not less than others in EU...At least for those coins I compared.
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