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  1. I suppose this exactly the same thing as at LPM website. Haven't seen it before at RM, thanks
  2. I of course don't know the answer, but the stated mintage is not quite tiny - 1k, and I think it should be available from RM as well. I suppose "LPM Exclusive" means LPM is the exclusive dealer, but the manufacturer still is able to sell them.
  3. just for interest: there is going to be also reverse frosted finish coin https://www.lpm.hk/en/banner/the-royal-tudor-beasts-collection/2022-1oz-great-britain-the-royal-tudor-beasts-the-seymour-panther-999-silver-proof-reversed-frosted-2-coin-set-lpm-exclusive-early-2022.html?inf_contact_key=53370f5886cfc6989028c9552c97b6eb680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1
  4. ak74

    Best silver memes

    how old is this mem? ;)))
  5. Of course I don't know which sites you tried, but here is the shipment is EUR 29 across EU, incl. Italy: https://www.geiger-edelmetalle.de/en/online-shop/all-products/silver/
  6. on capsule, my fault :)) there are with Perth Mint no any quality issues known to me :)))
  7. It depends on the coin, Lunars on order as from today, I suppose Kook will be on 11th of October, as said on auragentum site, Koalas usually later...
  8. Sedov - Nautical ounce 2021 Anne Bonny - 1st coin in the Pirate Queens series Archaeopteryx from Prehistoric Life series
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