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  1. The great horned owl - 1st issue in the Owl series, Pelican 2021 - 2nd in the series, and 3 more nice coins in Apmex special packaging.
  2. Cheetah - the 2nd coin in the Australia Zoo series from RAM. The 1st one was Sumatran Tiger. Pretty good in hand.
  3. oh yes, Kook is probably the worst design so far in the Next generation series, what is quite surprising knowing Perth mint many years experience with Kook series. Crocodile and Koala were much better. Waiting to see this year's Platypus in real
  4. Well, there is no any info that Quokka and Wombat are somehow "connected", except they indeed look quite similar. For Wombat, in various dealers' coin description it is said that it's the start of new series, although I couldn't find such wording on Perth Mint site. Maybe it was said in internal communication from Mint to the dealers. As an example, here is the LPM page: https://www.lpm.hk/2021-1-oz-australia-wombat-9999-silver-bu-coin.html As to the coin itself, I can't say it's the best example, the usual Perth high quality, but quite dull design. In fact, I like Quokka much m
  5. RAM Dolphin - 3rd in the series, and Perth Mint Wombat (1st in the series, possibly).
  6. Does the Chards deduct UK VAT from the price when selling to EU?
  7. Sh**, I've always thought Muenzdachs ships only to Germany, as stated on their site, now I understand that probably they do deliver to other EU countries as well...🙄
  8. Gods of Olympus in antique finish is superb, as allows to easily see all the details. 👍
  9. Got it already. Looks great, imo.
  10. Unless they have made a mistake they seem to imply they will be selling it. Of course I don't know for 100%, but 2oz was on Completer page only in the morning, and then not. So your link now leads to a "secret page" ;), which in fact could be made by error, but not completely deleted for some reason.
  11. It is said on LPM site that 2oz silver is "LPM exclusive". Hence it could happen it will not be sold by RM at all.
  12. The big 5 from South African Mint: Leopard and Buffalo (the last one in the series).
  13. And why on this Completer coin after Lion of England there is the Dragon and only then the Griffin, i.e. not vice versa as they were issued? :))
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