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  1. Hi there, Few items available today, postage is all at buyers choice and risk. Half sovereign, still in original packing, never opened - 168 - Now 165 1 oz Maple 2011 - 27.5 1 oz Britannia 2020 - 28.5 - SOLD - See photos below! Let me know if you have any questions, I can get these posted asap once we exchange info. Bank transfer only.
  2. Hi there, I had some interest with this before, I'm just looking to exchange some silver for gold. The coins are: 2020 Brittania x9 2020 Spinner Dolphin x1 Silver Buffalo x1 2011 Maples x2 My offer would be 11oz for a full sovereign, or all 13oz for a 1/4oz gold coin. There is toning/spotting on quite a few of the coins, please note the photos. I'm open to other offers of exchange or discussion around this as well. Let me know if you have any questions. For the exchange, shipping both ways would be SD, and we would each cover our own shipping. Chee
  3. I do believe that it is a cap of $1000, and no profit is considered relevant unless over $1000. I think since there doesn't seem to be any clarity in either direction too much though, eventually I will exchange my stack for 1/4 oz gold, just to be safe. We'll see! Thanks for the input everyone!
  4. That's some great advice. I'll keep an eye out!
  5. Hi all, New to stacking, and I've come up with a budget etc for myself, which I don't need to explain too much here, however it's important to note that I will only be in the UK for two years before I head back to Canada permanently. So with that being understood, I'm looking to bring some gold back with me at that time, and I'm just wondering if Sovereigns are as easily sold in Canada as they are here. My current plan is to work towards sovereigns mostly, for their low premiums. However if they don't sell well in Canada, I'm thinking about going for the 1/4oz gold coins, as a few on
  6. Hello, this is my first exchange post here on the forum! Let me know if I missed anything please! I'm looking to consolidate my silver in to a full sovereign, as modern as possible, if anyone is interested. Assuming an average price of 27.5-28 for these coins, *11 would be 302.5-308, which seems like an honest offer to me. I'm also open to other offers on these as well, for half sovs, or 1/10th gold coins. Let me know! 2020 Spinner Dolphin x1 Silver Buffalo x1 2011 Maple 2x Only these 4 left! (2017 Britannia x1 2013 Maple x1 2016 Maple x3 20
  7. rlingford

    UK Dealers

    No, it's actually Bullion House.
  8. rlingford

    UK Dealers

    Thanks for the input! I got myself in to a situation where I ordered my first silver coin from a dealer a few weeks ago, and now I have an account manager trying to sell me graded gold coins every other day. Feels a bit pushy to me.
  9. rlingford

    UK Dealers

    Hi all, As I'm new to precious metals, I'm wondering what peoples experience has been in working with different UK bullion dealers. I'm seeing a lot of different options, Baird, Atkinsons, Bullion House, the list could go on. Just looking for some insight in to experiences that you've all had, and who would be reputable in going forward with. Would you say it's worth dealing with the same folks consistently, and developing that relationship, or just freestyling it and grabbing deals off the forum or wherever they pop-up? Thank you!
  10. Some great insight from everyone! Thank you all for the replies and input!
  11. Was going to post a new thread but it seems my question would fit perfectly in here. Given a budget of around 280-300 gbp per month, would going for sovereigns be my best bet right now, with silver being what it is? It's the choice I'm leaning to the most heavily, and it would probably mean picking up one sov every payday for the next little while. Alternatively, go all in on silver, or save up to buy 1oz gold coins less frequently. I'm very happy to have found this forum for some sounds thoughts, thank you!
  12. Great thank you! This is exactly the information I was looking for. I'm really new to silver, and I find your channel very helpful. Thank you for the great content.
  13. Hi all! New to silver, and also new to the UK. With those two things in mind, I have a friend sending me a parcel with some small gifts from Hong Kong. My question is, can I order some silver rounds or 1oz bars from LPM to them, and have them add it to the package? If so, will I have to pay VAT on them on arrival? Thanks for the help and advice
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