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  1. If I had that cash sitting around I would hop on that for sure, seems like a score if you were going to sell them after.
  2. Bump, if the Britannia is bought with one of the others I'll drop the price of it to 23. Shipping still included.
  3. I'm happy to see the next creatures of the north! I was a bit worried it would be a one off with the kraken.
  4. Hi all, Just selling these off as they don't fit in to the stack nicely, going to be buying better fits with the proceeds. All coins supplied in capsules, postage paid by buyer at their choice. 2020 1oz Brit, 26 2015 sovereign, 325 1/4 nugget, please note small marks on edges and a few other small scratches, 350 Let me know if you have any questions! P.S. I'm also on the hunt for 1/4oz maples
  5. Bump. I would also sell the 1989 nugget, 2020 brit or 2015 sov on their own! At 350, 27.5, or 320 respectively, buyer pays shipping. If there's interest I'll send or post photos.
  6. Hiya! As stated in the title, I'm looking for 1/4 oz maples! I'm hoping to pay 350, but I would enter in discussion on sensible offers. I also have a 2015 sov, 1989 1/4 australian nugget, and a 2020 brit that I would trade or trade+cash depending on the situation. Photos upon request! Looking forward to hearing from you!
  7. Bump. Open to offers if buying the Brit and Sov together.
  8. All that is left is the 2015 sov and 2020 brit. For exchange still available for any 999+ 1/4 gold piece, otherwise 350 and I'll cover shipping via SD.
  9. 1976 sov+2021 brit are exchanged pending postage. Edit: Also the sovereign display case
  10. As a Canadian, I feel very proud of this beautiful coin! Silver dollar proof, 2021
  11. Hiya, As the title says, I have two One sovereign, and three one 1oz Silver coin on offer. At sale price the sovs are 325 each, supplied in capsule. (2015+1976) 1oz maple with some nicks and scratches is 25 1x 2021 Brittania and 1x 2020 Brittania are 27 ea Alternatively I would trade a Sov+a Brittania for a 1/4 gold coin. As long as it's .999 fine I'm not picky about which coin. I also have the sovereign coin display box and an empty Brittania tube for storage available if anyone is interested. I'm hoping to sell in one or two lots max if not exchanging. Open to offers. For the sovereigns or in the case of an exchange, I'll cover all the shipping via SD. Thanks folks!
  12. If there are any tubes left, I'll take one! If not then 5 coins please.
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