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  1. Robda1986


    Yea avoid ebay as much as possible sometimes you can get a good deal as long as you know what your looking at bits I've bought that turn out to be fake get cut in half returned to sender but at their cost basically write the person's address and chuck in the post box they then get a card from royal mail saying they have something that needs paying for then put a claim in on ebay for the goods being counterfeit
  2. Robda1986

    Are you still buying?

    I'm basically sold out on the gold front swapped it over to silver when silver was sitting in the 15 mark will swap back but not yet gsr needs to get below 50:1 for me to even think about the yellow metal
  3. Vintage safe I refuse to take pics of sorry its too heavy to move from where its put without the use of lifting equipment and reason I went vintage rather than new was couple of factors wasn't built to a cost and too rare to have opening videos on YouTube
  4. Anyone noticed on the gear coins from the Perth mint the portrait of the queen looks like she has gills or is it just my set? It's on both of the coins in my set
  5. Woops think I'm like 99.3% silver 0.7% gold both physical
  6. Regardless of who made them damm nice investment spot was under £3 per oz
  7. Can I put my name down for no13 if possible please
  8. Just didn't seem right thinking about it volume wise 17oz of silver is a chunk in comparison to a coin basically the size of a penny
  9. At the current gsr of 72.03 I am right in thinking a sovereign @ 7.322g = approx 17oz silver not taking into account any premiums or is my maths wrong?
  10. Even shots in the dark have to hit at some point I have a gsr ratio target I'm aiming for when I can swap silver to gold at that point bye bye silver helo gold then when gold hits a decent gsr swap back and slowly liquidate the extea and use that to supplement my income
  11. I've got the 5oz and got the kilo just needing the 10oz to complete the set looking to pay up to 300 or can swap for 10x1oz bars must have bag and ticket though
  12. Probably to the £20 per oz but people were saying at 20 per oz there would be a pull back
  13. I want to do this but with the dragon of Wales
  14. That 1/4oz gold 😍 wanted to do a date run of them but in the 4 years they released them they skipped a year 😞
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