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  2. I have a few of them kicking around I like them but unless I can get them with other bits and pieces or multiple off here reducing the p&p cost I don't bother really with them
  3. There was a 3ft barracuda kicking about the marina earlier didn't feel the need for him so let him carry on his merry way. Getting back on topic how is gold still holding after the boe declared a 4‰ higher rate of inflation 🙄
  4. Good luck with the dragon I don't think the premium will ever fall on that 1
  5. I have some bits I refuse to even breath on let alone take out of their cases (Perth mint gear coins, 95th sovereign, and the like) and other bits like the Scottsdale tombstone bars I don't give a second thought about holding (just don't drop the thing on your foot)
  6. Physical silver has a high premium. Generally. Manufactured costs. Vat. p&p. dealer profit. Bigger bars and coins tend to be cheaper per oz and buying from trusted sellers on here generally works out a heck of a lot cheaper I.e kilo bars sell on here between 700-800 and you won't find dealers selling at spot plus 20%
  7. Robda1986


    1.8kilo not mine but on ebay if your looking for potential cheap coins https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Old-English-Silver-Coins-Job-Lot-/154515729153?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  8. I'd suggest getting them hallmarked as gives your prospective buyers confidence in the bars and that they don't have a steel core
  9. We've all been there it can be tricky at times g.l with your pile
  10. I'm pretty sure their not silver if they are I'm open to be proved wrong but as for value? The Churchill and the coin to the right are common as ketchup I've got several of each in the junk draw
  11. Happy birthday Britannia's are a standard choice for the UK krugerrands, American egals and anything exotic will carry a pretty heavy premium and you'll be confused when you buy your first bar as they always look tiny
  12. If anyone is after a safe there seems to be a shed load of older ones on ebay at the moment I'm guessing alot of people have given up their business and have subsequently flooded the market search, vintage, used, old,
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