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  1. You'd be crazy to sell it back to them £3086 is all they would pay you @ 617 per kilo list it on here and possibly use the @byb service
  2. Robda1986

    Up or down?

    OK didn't know that first time I've seen it
  3. Robda1986

    Up or down?

    Silver price has flat lined for the last hour any one got a clue other than computer glitch?
  4. Keep track of what your buying and how much your paying avoid German or nickel silver as its not actually silver, keep half an eye on spot price and don't over reach your self last thing you want to do is have to sell before your ready to
  5. Buying larger bars generally works out cheaper per oz but it depends on your budget kilos regularly change hands what you will find is people generally won't go for single 1oz's unless it's special as the cost of postage dents their average price per oz and 10's are in the middle
  6. If your buying in the UK you need to remember vat that's another 20% on spot regardless of what your looking at
  7. Simple answer is how much do you value your time ie is it really worth while trolling the Internet for 5 hours looking ebay all bullion sites on here ect to save £5 but on the flip side I do see where your coming from with over priced bullion it's normally p&p that gets me as a kg using sd is an extra £12
  8. I wanted to try getting a tube of each so 18 19 and 20 but in the UK the early years are getting crazy prices
  9. I'll be swapping over to gold when I can swap a 10oz bar of silver for a full sov so I'm looking around the 44:1 till then I'll just sit tight
  10. Would have gone for the 10oz as well but too rich for my blood. Not impressed with the sticker the mint used on the packaging right bugger to remove
  11. Look at 2nd hand vintage safes not built to a cost, weigh a frigging tone cost effective and little to no chance of an unlocking video on YouTube
  12. Didn't receive mine I got the white pack with the maroon inner envelope paper work a Coa a plastic sleeve but no coin 🤔 the packet doesn't show signs of tampering so not sure what to do 😢
  13. Bring it on got a wood burning stove always need junk mail to burn lol
  14. I think I caught the same add lol I'm just looking to get some fractional silver but I'm after 3 or 4 9s fine and Im going off ebay just a shame I couldn't ordet 20 to make the postage cost viable
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