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  1. My suggestion is shop around if you can to find the best return on your investment had a chat with a dealer yesterday and all he is paying is £11per oz on 999 silver and 28p a gram on 925 😳 he's had over 10kg in 925 in the last week
  2. First shield back not overly keen on the colour but meh golds gold
  3. I wouldn't trust a Chinese bar without being there overseeing an independent test of the actual metal. This is for 2 main reasons 1 China hasn't released much in the way of larger (+500oz) investment silver bullion so its origen is then called into question. 2 I heard of 3 shipments of copper painted steel woth about $5million direct from a copper producer
  4. Thanks @ilovesilverireallydo and @Jamesd😋
  5. Am I right in thinking that if an investor went short on silver between 2006 and 2010 their is the potential they are still holding their shorts? I can't find a deadline for closing a short position
  6. I'm now dealing specifically with companies that have the physical product I'm after I'm no longer interested in pre orders, un allocated items and shady T&C that solely benefits the company
  7. I've basically given up buying new in the UK it's just so heavily taxed its beyond a joke 😑
  8. Oddly I kina like this 1 🙄 but not at that price given condition https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Queen-Victoria-type-2-Sydney-mint-full-sovereign-mint-rare-coins-/353445198230?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  9. He sat on the advisory committee for the 4 portraits of the queen for the decimal currency. he was the longest serving consort in English history. he established the d of e award and the mint won't want to miss out on the opportunity of an extra release
  10. For me it's between 3 and 5 hundred oz. Sometimes more sometimes a little less as I swap to gold when I hit the 500 mark the issue is is that 310oz= 10kilo. Any more than 10kilo strains a rucksack to much for my liking
  11. You can always go over the top on personal security getting a 2nd account just for online / shop spending I have 1 for day to day spending and move what I need to when I need to and the other consists of wages/bulk of fiat means if I do get cloned I loose maybe £50
  12. Reading between the lines I'm expecting a new release my guess is probably before the funeral
  13. Arishmo had a couple of metalor kilos with coa's for about 770 ish
  14. For 840 I'd personally be looking at something with a bit more of a wow factor check out bbp, sharps pixi, ats. Baird. Or atkinsons
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