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  1. Phew thank you thought I dropped the ball big time
  2. So I've had a sovereign in my pile for a while 2+ years all looks good on the front and rear slight wearing but to be expected. Bought it from a trusted dealer its a 1873. So the issue I have is spinning it around and the back is a full 180 out so it flips like a ASE I tested it when I bought it and tested at 22ct weighs about right weighs in at 7.98g size is same as my others I take it its now just scrap 22ct gold 😔
  3. Gole for 2021 🤔. Make it to the end of the year without selling any of my pile. Hopefully look at swapping silver to gold in mid June early July 🤞gsr dependant
  4. I'd pick the silver but that's because I'm in the UK and 2nd hand silver is going to get more costly due to all silver imported having vat. Plus there is nothing more satisfying than the thud from a kilo hitting the table
  5. From sv collector. Atkinson were slightly cheaper when you factored in postage
  6. I can't remember the last time I saw a 10oz bar, kilo bar, sovs used to pop up basically every day at some point 1/4 oz gold is few and far between there are a few 1oz gold but tbf with a little hunting I can normally find a dealer for cheaper Inc delivery. It just strikes me as odd that almost everyone is holding back on listing bits at the same time
  7. Anyone else noticed the dramatic reduction in the amount of bars, rounds, coins being put up for sale in the last month or so all I'm finding is the same few listings. This brings me to another question is it the hive mentality?
  8. Before you look at investments wipe out as much debt as you can you'll save more on interest than your likely to earn in return on investments the paper gsr (gold silver ratio) dose stand about the 70:1 mark but actual metal to metal its more the 55:1 mark (ish) iven silvers premium
  9. 3 random full sovereigns from @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer. Leaving 2 questions what dates and when will they arrive lol order able and delivery is under an indefinite window lol
  10. The average Joe doesn't have any pm's to sell
  11. I don't see how when a house 20 years ago and a house today are worth the same value in gold oz a suit on savol Road is the same price in gold as it was 50 years ago so unless literally everything else falls in fiat I don't see how gold can likewise silver the only thing that changes on a daily basis is the value of fiat
  12. Get some dummy / fake bars coins keep them in an accessible place and keep the real stuff somewhere else and if the neighbours question what your trying to move just tell them it's a washing machine
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