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  1. Doubt it she's only 2 years off taking the top spot off the French for longest reigning monarch in recorded history
  2. I didn't/don't like the coin as I think the design is lazy and it's just been played safe so opted for refund as I wouldn't be able to sell it in its condition
  3. Nope sent mine back Monday had refund Wednesday and zero communication from rm
  4. Your guess is as good as mine 🤷‍♂️ the frosting was out as well as all the spots it was packed in that condition, capsule was still sealed, granted it rattled I found the qc sticker laughable
  5. Mine went back in very similar condition
  6. If you do end up sending your coins back to rm don't expect a confirmation email saying they have received it.
  7. I'd never in a million years recommend someone buying paper silver as its just literally just a piece of paper. You never take delivery. Your never allowed to see your silver allocation. Just seems like a scam to me that anyone can pull off what's stopping anyone from liein and saying I've got 10 billion oz of silver I'll sell you but your not allowed to see, know where it is, ever take delivery but here is a post it note with some scribble saying you own some silver. when really they hold 10 oz. It's just a giant card game where all the players are writing checks their ass can't cash (top gun reff) and everyone is bluffing
  8. It won't work the issue is and we've just seen it with the whole to the moon malarkey. Even if you clear all the shelfs of silver because of the massive difference in paper and tangible physical silver it wont budge the price the only way to do it would be if the larger players in the game tried to cash in the large holdings of paper they have. Only to find their not backed by diddly squat. Think of it as a fake note getting them into circulation is hard but one the first person dose it and passes it on the next person who notices its fake passes it on because no one wants to take the trillion dollar hit by buying and binning them
  9. Robda1986

    2022 sov pics

    Coa 2174 if you end up with it prepare to be disappointed. looks like I'll get a Bullion version when their released as don't want someone else's reject
  10. Robda1986

    2022 sov pics

    Who can trump mine its going back the thing has more spots than a dalmatian
  11. The flippers have probably either listed their coins on ebay before receiving them or will be getting them graded hoping for max return
  12. I'm waiting to see mine in person before I decide what to do with it. Still don't think the design is worth the premium even a 3 year old can copy and past and not keen on the colour of modern sovereigns so thinking it's probably gonna go back but 🤷‍♂️ find out in a couple of days
  13. How long before we see a dented, scratched, beaten up one show up on the market?
  14. It's the royal mint I wouldn't expect anything other than a c8ck up wouldn't be rm if everything went as expected and people didn't get mauled up coins
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