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  1. What the hell I must be missing something. I can get a full sov at that price 🤪😳
  2. So the parcel was x-rayed was put in a York unopened to be sent to the dangerous goods department for further inspection that bit I'm understanding what I'm not understanding is how someone would then be able to open the package after it's been deemed to be a hazard but they have skirted round that issue surely if its deemed dangerous it would then go under lock and key as it could be required as evidence not just left out for any Tom **** or Harry to have a nose through
  3. They know the ware abouts of several cashes of nazi treasure the issue they have is the cashes were rigged with serious explosives and most is from the concentration camps ie death gold they don't want to touch it for fear of law suits ironically their more scared of getting sued than the traps that were set to stop the pms from landing in allied hands there is also rumours of a gold lorry convoy driving along the feords in Sweden and simply vanished
  4. Thanks @fehk2001 now to find the gold versions 🤪
  5. You'd probably get a better return on the junk silver in the states not too common over here and as for the monster boxes depending on what's in them you'll get hammered in tax
  6. If you have any more why not chuck it on here on the selling section rather than having to deal with ebay
  7. Coins aren't banked they get given back to customers in change hence the excuse sorry don't have any 5ers left. It costs too much to bank coinage
  8. Here but you'll need to upgrade to silver membership as a minimum to see the best deals
  9. I work in a supermarket you want to pay with silver or gold not a problem a sovereign is a pound and a oz of silver is either £2 or £5 depending on the denomination printed and I guarantee no police will be called 🤣
  10. I want the red dragon in 1/4 and oz but yea I can't bring my self to pull the trigger
  11. Difficult to answer depends what is for sale I wouldn't pay for generic what I'd pay for premium but their both the same weight purity metal ect
  12. Cash = no trails banks won't let you pay cash into someone else's account without the card because they want to see a chain. I hate giving out my bank details and having all my transactions recorded and if I can pay cash I will and I refuse to give I'd yea I'm paranoid but in the UK your watched more than you know
  13. All currency is is a measure but some how people have mistaken or been duped into believing the measure actually has substance think of it like grams or oz. a gram of nothing ie pound dollar euro isn't actually worth anything its a unit of debt owed from one person to another
  14. If we honestly knew the answer we'd all be wealthy but my guess and that's all it is I wouldn't be surprised to see 50-60 per oz might be massively wrong but I doubt it
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