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  1. Hi, for sale is two 950 palladium rings under spot! £280 5g in total, good used condition, free SD postage (Wed or Sat depending on sale), BT only please, thanks 🙂
  2. All valid points. I think I would still buy the odd bit if a good 2nd hand deal popped up. I completely agree that paying the VAT on new palladium bars makes no sense, may as well buy gold.
  3. I recently acquired two palladium rings and I’m in two minds regarding selling them or adding them to my collection and possibly buying more. Palladium is rarer than gold! Upon reading Iv found out Russia currently produces 40% of the worlds palladium, so recent sanctions have driven the price up a bit, but it has been steadily climbing beforehand. It’s currently £1,637 an ounce. It’s used in modern catalytic converters amongst other things but Iv just read that it’s used a lot in hydrogen cells, power of the future! So it has the potential to vastly outperform gold and silver. I’d be interested to hear other peoples views on the metal and how you think it will perform.
  4. I’m no expert but prices of around £24 an oz seem to sell. but depends on the condition and type of coin/bar. Iv also seen people sell in bundles, maybe 4 coins for £90 type thing.
  5. Welcome to the forum 👍
  6. Welcome to the forum 👍
  7. Welcome to the forum 👍
  8. I’ll take the 1985 libertad if it’s still available?
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