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  1. Thanks Steve appreciate your grading assessment. I had to zoom in on the photo to notice the deformities to the rose core mentioned earlier and am in awe at the subtleties that trained eyes can pick up. Every day is a learning day and I may scrutinise the photos more carefully when purchasing the 1933 I have planned. Still happy with my purchase and I had no problem selling some generic bullion to pay for it.
  2. Thank you for your assessment, the grade / no grade question has, for me, been answered. I’m kinda happy with that and just love that in hand experience and think father will too….just don’t tell him the price though as he’d probably flip his lid🤣
  3. And you may inherit his first pair of ski socks
  4. The dealer described it as Unc from memory but I just liked the look of it and it was a year I wanted and would like to think of it as a definite keeper. From the photos would you think it’d be worth the cost of grading?
  5. To grade or not to grade is a question I hadn’t even thought about Liam to be honest. I kinda like the in hand experience but would welcome any opinions from the more knowledgeable members here. Either way love the purchase and now just need the 1933.
  6. Thank you @AdamDutton for speedy delivery of my now favourite coin
  7. Seems appropriate to post these photos by way of thanks to all who posted on this thread. It’s taken a while due to some unforeseen setbacks but I’m now well and truly in the rabbit hole and appreciate all the advice and guidance over the last few months. Doomed and skewered you might say.
  8. Thanks for everyone’s help in this sale, appreciate all your help. Coins now off to a good home. Hope @AdamDutton still has that Wreath
  9. Sorry A, you were pipped by 5 mins.
  10. 1930 Wreath Crown post forces reduction / bump. Now £420 including SD delivery.
  11. Welcome Dan, here is good. The future is bright💡
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