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  1. If you sell your Britannia's and buy some sovereigns you'd just be losing some of the value in your gold bullion needlessly by spending money on the transaction costs. They're both legitimate recognisable UK gold bullion and sell just as well as each other. Condition and coin size only really come into it when you go to cash out at the other end and there's always someone willing to buy it off you whether that be a dealer or private sale. I think basically you're a collector at heart and collectors are always looking at fiddling about with their collections, where as in this instance you just want to treat these coins as bullion and put them away and forget about them.
  2. They must have really been struggling to get rid of those 1989 sovereigns as they were selling a box set two years later with a 1991 and 1989 sovereign in it. You never know they might get away with a 23k mintage on the next special reserve sovereign though.
  3. You can always crack them open when they are returned to you. I've heard that plenty of people crack open the slab and re-submit their coins a second time in the hopes of getting a grade bump from a re-assessment. When you crack open the slab I think you're meant to post the label back to PCGS/NGC so they can take the coin out of their population reports.
  4. The 1853 crown must be as rare as hens teeth, you never hear them mentioned. Yes silver certainly doesn't age as well as gold but you definitely have to pay the price for it, also it doesn't help that the Victorians used coins as jewellery to show off their wealth, very expensive bling nowadays 😀 For the next engravers I would narrow it down by saying it has to be a Wyon or Pistrucci creation, so would hazard a guess at the Victoria coronation medal.
  5. I've always been in two minds about the gothic crown, on the one hand the design is one of the best ever made, on the other hand the majority of those coins haven't aged well. There's just no lustre left on them, you can harldy tell they have any proof finish. As mentioned the image of Victoria really makes the coin, so replacing it will most likely loose most of its appeal. The Royal Mint certainly has a tough job to pick the next design for the great engravers, I know it probably isn't internationally recognised but I wouldn't mind seeing the rocking horse crown.
  6. If you're selling something at auction and don't want to get ripped off couldn't you just set a reserve?
  7. Shadow Stacker released an unboxing video of it on youtube last night if you want to take a look at it:- Ultimate Queens Beast Collection+Q&A Looks very nice to me! I'd imagine they'll also eventually do the reverse proof in 1oz gold.
  8. I'm sure there were more collectors coins available during lockdown compared to now. As others have mentioned the price of gold will drop as the fears of the pandemic recede so I'll be bagging a couple of bullion sovereigns before the year ends that seemed a bit pricey at the start of the year.
  9. It's usually the end of October to the beginning of November for the standard proof sovereigns. The five coin sets/piedforts/SOTDs are released over the next few months after that. The mintage for the proof 1sovs is usually well over 10k so I'm not getting up early in the morning for that one there should be plenty for everyone 😀
  10. I'm not sure you need to get anything fancy with these coins, the slow and steady 1Sov from 2017 seems to still be doing fine.
  11. That design looks way too close to the silver coat of arms coin they've been releasing over the past few years, I doubt they'd go with that.
  12. The other point I noticed was there was no mention of the 1/4 sovereign on the proclamation, so four coin sets instead of five coin sets this time around? I can't say I'm much of a fan of coins that small, so it's no loss to me.
  13. When I read coat of arms, I didn't think shield back I thought exactly the same as Zhorro, the traditional royal coat of arms of the two animals holding the shield. It would make sense to do something new but still traditional, after all it's going to be a total one off occasion so you should get a design to match.
  14. I thought it was interesting that the two sets of stamps that were as equally rare and well known lost the collector money (when compared to purchase price) but the gold coin more than doubled his money.
  15. It's a dead cert, I can't wait to see it at the end of this year! It seems unlikely we're going to get another monarch that will do a 70 year stretch, so I'd imagine it will be a true one off.
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