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  1. I just assumed they would use the sovereign image and didn't really think about the groat portrait. I'm not 100% sure about the faux rim damage, is that going to be different for each coin? Probably not, I suspect it would cost too much to manufacture them that way. Pretty sure there wont be a massive queue on release day for this one!
  2. I can see it being a bit frustrating for a dealer selling the coins at RRP and then seeing them shoot up in value on the secondary market as soon as they are released. Is there anything stopping someone from pre-ordering with a dealer at the higher price and if getting lucky with the Royal Mint release returning the original coin back to the dealer?
  3. I happened upon a youtube video the other day that gave me food for thought about the gold standard in the US. The gist of it was that the economist felt that even though the US left the gold standard many decades ago, all the good times in the US economy have since then coincided with a stable gold price. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDPOIk2ohNc
  4. You'd better keep up with payments or Anne Jessopp will come knocking on your door asking for payments 😀
  5. To be fair the Royal Mint do churn out 2 or 3 different SOTD every year so it is to be expected. Like in 2017 they kept the special design to just one of the SOTD, so a normal St George reverse shouldn't have any effect on this one. If they really want to milk it they could do a second special design SOTD with a DPL finish later in the year, that would take the biscuit!
  6. No way, the Royal Mint wont kill off that cash cow! They're still doing Wyon's designs at the moment, there's a ton of other engravers they have to get around to doing. It would seem unlikely they'd do a great engravers series without a Pistrucci design in it.
  7. That's one of my holy grail coins, I'll probably never see one in person though! I love how the Royal Mint were doing ballots back in 1935 with extremely low mintage coins and not the scramble they get collectors to do nowadays, they knew how to do things properly back then 😀
  8. In that case I guess it wouldn't necessarily be based off of a portrait of a coin, could be a famous painting or something like that. I'm not sure why they kicked the series off with Henry VII, maybe Henry VIII or Queen Victoria would of been a better choice. What would of happened to the great engravers series if it hadn't started with the Una design, might not be so popular now as a consequence? Even though it wouldn't be a the top of my shopping list for coins to buy I'am interested to see what it looks like!
  9. Wouldn't they have trouble changing QEII's portrait on the obverse. I would imagine it'd be more like the Gothic crown, a two coin series. The first coin being Henry VII on the throne, with her maj on the obverse, and the second coin having the tudor rose on the reverse and her maj on the obverse. I guess they couldn't put it in the great engravers series as they wouldn't know who designed it.
  10. I was having a nose through the NGC population reports the other day and had the exact same thoughts about the 2022 proof population report. I was also quite impressed by how quickly people had managed to get their coins graded, it was only released about a month ago and the number of PF70s are on a par with or larger than all the other special design sovereigns all bar 2017.
  11. It looks like it has been kicked along the floor, they must have gone out of their way to scuff that one up, even Royal Mail aren't that bad 😀
  12. I think the secondary market prices for this one will be interesting purely because this will be the first great engravers coin that has been released that could potentially sell for more than the original coin. Both the original Una and the Three graces go for 6 figure sums where as the original gothic crown goes for a fraction of that, I'd hazard a guess that the 5oz gold the RM sold was probably on a par with the price of a high end 1847 original.
  13. Autographed picture of Lawrence Chard maybe? 😀
  14. It's pretty weird seeing this design in brand new shiny silver, I'm so used to seeing it tarnished from years of aging. They look really good, congrats to all the new owners!
  15. And the quality of that 1887 5sov isn't what you'd expect from the RM either, they must have really scraped the bottom of the barrel to find that one!
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