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  1. Sorry it's my poor camera work. Here's another attempt to show off the cameo (and also another excuse to take a look at the coin 😀)
  2. I picked up my first special design sovereign the 2005 proof, the least popular design I read somewhere, personally I like it! The good thing about starting to buy gold at this high price you'll think you're getting a bargain when it goes down 😀
  3. I remember reading this thread a while back and found it very helpful. I've only been looking at QEII/modern sovereigns as it looks a minefield for someone new to the game to purchase coins minted before then. I hope it is OK to ask a few questions on this thread. I was wondering if there was any point in buying a non-special design proof sovereign or any type of proof box set? From what I've seen the sale prices for them aren't anything to write home about and if there is anything wrong with the coin you're left holding a bullion priced coin which you've paid a proof sovereign price
  4. Today I received my first ever set of silver coins! I do like the way they fit all that detail on such a small surface.
  5. I noticed these for sale on thelondoncoincompany.com and it said there was an "Issue Limit: 3,263 Worldwide", I'm not sure how many of those have the error but I thought that was the worst case scenario. These coins peaked my interest as a newbie, I'm guessing the £2.5k and £3k they're up for sale for on those websites doesn't represent any value as I saw an auction price of £900. How would you price those types of coins? Are they worth buying for squirreling away for 30 years time?
  6. Congratulations, that's a milestone I can only dream of getting to at the moment. Looking through your sovereign collection I noticed there are no 2002 proof's, did you deliberately miss out on that years special design? Was there any particular reason for that you seem to have all the others.
  7. I've been looking at buying platinum for a while now. Every time I look on the Royal Mint website the pricing looks different for platinum compared to other precious metals. The bars are more expensive than the coins, so at the moment:- 1 oz Platinum Bar Minted - £847.83 Britannia 2020 1 oz Platinum Bullion Coin - £828.29 The Royal Arms 2020 1oz Platinum Bullion Coin - £818.96 I was led to believe that bars are easier to produce compared to coins so they should be cheaper to purchase. Also the coins are legal tender so another small reason for the coins to have a h
  8. I've been gradually building up an interest in buying some coins and hopefully over the next few years I can put together a little collection. I bought my first one ounce gold coin a few weeks ago and I can totally relate to the pictures of Gollum and his precious that I have seen on this forum 😀 Seeing them on youtube videos zoomed in and holding one in real life are two totally different experiences! Thanks to all the contributors to this forum I've learned a lot already.
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