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  1. Looks like it's getting close to the time to get my lucky rabbits foot out and warm up my mouse clicking fingers 😀 I suspect that the Royal Mint could double the price and mintage from the una and the lion and it'll still sell out in seconds and then flipped for twice the asking price.
  2. That £8 was the Royal Mail handling fee, that's on top of the VAT. I think if the goods are worth £136 or less the company you're buying it off is meant to collect the VAT, if the value of the goods is over that amount you pay the VAT to HMRC when it hits customs in the UK and get the Royal Mail/whatever courier you're using handling charge on top of that for good measure. Sounds like a good time to buy Royal Mail shares 😀
  3. Buckle up it's going to be a bumpy one 😀 I'm actually quite curious to see how quickly and at what price the "promise to deliver the coin" type auctions go up on ebay for.
  4. I've just had to pay £8 to the Royal Mail on a parcel from the continent (non-coin related), that's just as much as a scandal as pay day loans in my book!
  5. I have to agree with everything said on this thread. As a proportion of Royal Mint sales you'd think retail to the general public must be miniscule compared to manufacturing coins for sovereign countries and selling bullion to dealers. I'm not sure there's a better a set of circumstances for mints at the moment, rising precious metal prices, low interest rates for the next few decades and a genuine world crisis, no wonder the public are going for safe assets like gold and silver.
  6. That's pretty cool, definitely a statue and not a coin. It has an eye watering premium but I'm sure it will sell out.
  7. I don't remember receiving anything like that from them before. I've seen it when a company isn't doing very well and all their employees start to take it out on their customers. I can imagine gs.be might be affected more by brexit than your average company.
  8. The Royal Mint release price for their own version will probably be cheaper than £499, they'd most likely mint it using a version of the original dies so it will 100% be the best investment out of the two coins, but you'll need the luck of a lottery winner to get hold of it. The Alderney version has the potential to return you some profit on a flip on the coat tails of the Royal Mint release but not to the same magnitude.
  9. Sounds like top notch customer service there 😀 I see from this article they released them last year on 10th February, so I'd imagine a few weeks away yet:- United Kingdom: Popular Britannia gold and silver Proof coins launched | Coin Update
  10. There isn't many to choose from in platinum! I've only just seen the Royal Mint released the 2021 platinum Britannia without the security features seen on the 2021 design for silver and gold, so I'll rule that out straight away just on the grounds of being disappointed. Probably the Queens Beast White Lion followed by the Philharmoniker.
  11. I'm not a 100% sure how the price will fair long term but looking at the population reports I wouldn't say a PR70 is a rarity, unlike older coins that grade top of their population reports and there's only a couple of known examples of them. Also what's to stop the Royal Mint producing another re-strike of the coin? They are a money making commercial organisation after all. Spending £6k on one might be a bargain in 10 years time but you can get plenty of other decent coins for that amount of money with a longer price history. I see some of the coins have been graded PF64, I wond
  12. It looks like you can buy direct from the Alderney treasury if everywhere else is sold out:- Coins & Stamps - States of Alderney (gov.gg)
  13. At this rate it might be cheaper to buy the original 😀 Do people think it is worth buying the Alderney/British Virgin Islands versions of the coin?
  14. 50p colourized coins perhaps? I had no idea there are 72 Mr Men characters, that could turn into an expensive one to collect.
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