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  1. Are sovs particularly attractive to overseas buyers? Versus fractional 24ct gold for example?
  2. You're tipping your hairdresser double what it costs me to get my haircut. 😁
  3. My lad has a birthday coming up, does anyone know of a Minecraft themed bar or coin? Seems to me that it would be an obvious theme but I can't seem to find such a creature.
  4. Love those @StBeesSilver pieces. I'm going to have to get me some of those. He's not too far from me as it happens.
  5. Does anyone use desiccants or other other such products in their storage?
  6. Kinda hard to hide land though.
  7. So much this. There is absolutely no need to shift those bars at a loss right now for the sake of future liquidity. Sit tight.
  8. I was thinking about getting one of these for my son, but not with the quality like that. It's no good them claiming "it's only bullion" on a bar clearly marketed with numismatic value in mind.
  9. Dunno what those things are in my gun cabinet then? Guy in the shop told me they were guns. 😏
  10. I keep waiting for it to fall. 😁
  11. I thought I recalled one of the dealers say that wasn't the case? On a different thread it was said they needed to know who they'd made such a sale to, in case of enquiries, but that there was no requirement to report the transaction to HMRC.
  12. Sell them on here for the best price I'd have thought.
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