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    All sizes of Perth mint silver Lunars I , II , III
    All sizes of Perth mint silver Kookaburras
    Stacking all sizes bullion sovereigns too.

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  1. When the mint reopen for visitors take it in and ask.
  2. I was buying at £700 thinking it was expensive. Should i or shouldn't i. Still asking myself the very same question when pulling the trigger on a purchase. I've always kept FIAT incase the boiler blew up or the car needed a wash!
  3. Wishing All the silver stackers and collector a happy new year!!! What's new on peoples wish list for 2021?
  4. I decided on 1/20, 1/10 and 1/4 toz sizes. Why choose!
  5. Sound like the bu version. I wouldn't have thought there was any profit to be had at that price. Got to be buying on the release date from the mint in a panic buying frenzy. If it's easy to get then nobody wants it!
  6. Lunar series has been done many times with the same subject matter many times before and with many countries and mints presently running series. This shows that a reamagined series 2 of the queens beasts could happen. The only differences are the lunar cycle means we are always in a year of the ????? and will buyers, flippers and collectors have the stomach for another 10 coin series from the royal mint!
  7. StackemHigh


    Has to be price! The CGT advantage the brits have could be removed by the chancellor at any time.
  8. Silver Traders Albion Bars look the cool. Then with the added finishes that RIOS precious metals can do sends them into orbit!
  9. Aye! American bars! What can you says about them?
  10. Nice design. I might get some of these.
  11. What sizes do they come in? Is it just the 1/4 oz ?
  12. StackemHigh


    Good company that I've used plenty of times. Every company has occasional problems, Atkinsons being a good company have always sorted any problems hastle free!
  13. Shame the designs are a bit all over the place! The queen coin and the Elton John had a similar iconic feel with instruments and iconic hat specs. The Bowie image doesn't do that for me, the lightening bolt is.more AC/ DC or Kiss not so much Bowie.
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