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    All sizes of Perth mint silver Lunars I , II , III
    All sizes of Perth mint silver Kookaburras
    Stacking all sizes bullion sovereigns too.

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  1. Seems like the the problems at the royal mint quality control dept. have been solved !!! They keep selling but just stopped making their expensive TAT !!! CLASSIC royal mint.
  2. Lawrence must have one of these machines in his basement. Just load up a hold all and swing round to his gaff and get them tested by a pro. Each coin only takes a second or two for piece of mind!
  3. Royal Australian Mint, Perth Mint and Germania Mint would be a good start. Stay well clear of the royal mint huge premiums for substandard quality and poor design.
  4. What would a Backgammon set cost with a suitable storage tray underneath?
  5. I'm a fan of Perth Mint but this whole series has so far has been of no great interest to me whatsoever. Well produced but in the same design category as their silver Tiger III. Poor/Fair.
  6. That would be the still frozen ones then! The cold ones are often the ones from last week that the dog refused to eat!
  7. One of BYB group order you tube unboxings would be a great start.
  8. I would buy the £5 coin and sit on it. Then go for more bulk bullion or auction buys.
  9. Ohh. I will have to take a another look at my I sovereign. I really do prefer the gold colour to the copper coloured ones.
  10. I remember seeing a Pacific sovereign at some point too.
  11. IMHO i don't think that these errors are accidental in nature. When an error is make it always makes headline news and the result is free publicity for the rm!
  12. One of the £20 for £20 coins by the rm did look a whole lot like a silver sovereign. I think it was the first one in the series 2013.
  13. Rm strike again. What a hellish looking coin. He certainly deserves better that this! At a quick glance it looks like hooped earrings! Hahahahaha
  14. All my usual on-line retailers are out of stock. So some folk must have bought 'em all up. @LawrenceChard might have missed the boat on this one. That boat has already left port and been involved in a strange boating accident!
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