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    All sizes of Perth mint silver Lunars I , II , III
    All sizes of Perth mint silver Kookaburras
    Stacking all sizes bullion sovereigns too.

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  1. The KOALA has always been a poorer coin than the Perth Mint Lunar And Nugget Kangaroo
  2. I agree but a little late on that on. Now so the 2023 KOALA going to BOMB as 2022 ain't one i'd want other to keep the date run going! I feel the close up images of the KOALA have been really poor so either a great close up or something else! Maybe lots more detail!
  3. Is this any different from the Dot .TV domain names? Except a chunk of silver in return!!!!!!!
  4. Any really good coins you have got this way?
  5. In a perfect world silve is worth spot + design = price. The gothic crown was a great example of an old design doing good as the rm hsan't a clue!!!! Churn out a classic with all of the disasters that RM customers deserve and the good ones make a fortune. The rest wish!!! New terrible ain't worth terrible really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In reality silver is only spot plus 1 or 2 % on a private sale.
  6. The RAM tigers are rather good In my humble opinion!!!!!!!
  7. NO. A big no. Series two was very very good. Series 1 started late and suffered with production date issues. The mouse was good, the ox ok but the tiger was lack luster to say the least! Silver and gold the tiger has been poor silver more so. End of.
  8. Less VAT silver more VAT free GOLD
  9. Sold mine as were of poor quality, the BU looked better than the proofs!!!!!
  10. Sets sell well close to the last release has been true for me as purchases move with the times!
  11. Such a great coin i can't ses it finishing. Better finishing on a high i suppose!
  12. Such a lovely coin when in a FDC. So many damaged coins turning up i'm wondering if rm release the best ones first the the donkeys!!!
  13. Might be a while i'd wait. One of the nicer coins this year.
  14. The griffin was a better design for me. Bur rm coins are a big no no for me.
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