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    All sizes of Perth mint silver Lunars I , II , III
    All sizes of Perth mint silver Kookaburras
    Stacking all sizes bullion sovereigns too.

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  1. Might even find an old pair of speedos from @LawrenceChards last visit to the rm!
  2. I've bought some slabs to complete sets. sometines a high grade sometimes a lower grade then pop the slab and into a cap then into presentation cases. I know some will think this totally mad but i like collecting semi-numi older and modern coins. @Alun does some lovely presentation cases for collectors like myself.
  3. Not overly inpressed with any of 2022 bullion collection from perth. The silver lunar tiger is particularly poor and the kook seems lackluster to me. I will of course keeping everything uptodate.
  4. With the release of the new tiger lunars coming up my next couple of months will be really expensive. Thanks for the kind offer though.
  5. I'm only looking at gold as a protection of wealth. My moto is spend money whilst you can enjoy it! Gold purchases stop me buying jelly babies and motorcycle parts n bikes! I enjoy 'em all. If i reach retirement them I'll sell bits n pieces for holidays and boob jobs for the 20 year-old girlfriend! Enjoy life!
  6. Take a look at some of the quality mints from around the world. There will almost certainly something to interest you. The only release i know of is the WW Gothic Crown.
  7. I'm in Edinburgh on sunday for a job. I'll Make time to go and have a snoop about see if they want to sell some of it!!!
  8. Quite a lot of empty coin on gold design design Perth Mint QC with be on the ball more so with this one than the others. The silver is a bit Meh!!! to me but i'll get some for sure. The design may grow on me (like some sort of mold). Hahahaha
  9. Buy if you like it but like you said the rm is a huge gamble. I'm a ramblin not a gamblin man!
  10. I think by definition a sovereign should be 22ct. But I'm open to the design being used on other coins such as the £20 coin.
  11. The rm lunar series has been a disaster from the start. Quality control, milk spots and design of some !
  12. Surely queen Elizabeth 1 was queen of just england and Elizabeth 2 is queen of the United kingdom of great britain and northern ireland two totally different dominions. So shouldn't Elizabeth 2 be Elizabeth the first of the uk?
  13. Set up bogus e-bay accounts then bid big on these items and just disappear again use 1 account to bid on as many of this items in 1 swoop. Hehehehe.
  14. I'm in Edinburgh now and again. I'll have to take a look next time i'm there. Exhibition closes soon.
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