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  1. I received this stunner this morning, 1st of 2022 and highly recommend
  2. Just received mine, next day delivery and it is stunning in hand considering I can't draw a straight line with a ruler im jealous of you skill my friend
  3. bit cheeky but its been for sale for months if it was 100 including signed for I would take it, you can only say no right
  4. If there's a spare one ill take one please
  5. received today incredibly well packaged from @Troy77 from auction win, many thanks again
  6. I found this really interesting and thought I would share
  7. ha my 1980 1/2 got 69 my full got a 70 I should have gotten yours for a perfect set :(:(
  8. I see all the gold coins are currently available from the royal mint website
  9. 2nd 1980 this one was the half sovereign in the pack a 69 with then 70 for full sovereign I was delighted with the pair
  10. delivery from @Numistacker this morning, will post each coin individually, was delighted with this one My 1st slabbed and majorly surprised with this 1980 sovereign and the half sovereign especially when this graded coin sold on sundays coin auction for 480 edit seems I have uploaded the max I can today
  11. I really would like one of those chaps, maybe have to try to trade for sovereigns
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