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  1. I don't buy the whole "bullion is bullion" mantra - or I would if it was remotely close to the value of the metal, but what's the going rate right for for an ounce of silver? I would say all silver coins are collectors pieces at current prices, and unless prices close to spot should be in top condition.
  2. its coin only, payment method is via paypal friends and family:) SD postage is £8 making this £78 posted - have had a couple of offers but price is firm. Cheers guys.
  3. Unless you are confident of your ability to spot fakes avoid ebay at all costs for Sovereigns - best to stick to the big bullion dealers:)
  4. Silver is not really very viable IMO in the UK with VAT unless you are willing to trawl ebay and antique fairs for low priced sterling like spoons and such (and they are bulky) Personally I would be going with low premium bullion Sovereigns - with the odd collectors coin if needed to keep things interesting.
  5. Im not sure woke PC box ticking coins are the preference of the royal mints customer base - but I will be relieved if Diane abbot is not on one...
  6. its sold out pretty fast so will be interesting to see what the secondary market makes of it!
  7. Saw that, its great advertising ! I bought a silver 2oz one. I think they may end up doing well.
  8. LOL yeah I saw that, They must not upset the PC brigade.. Im sure its the marketing department terrified that they come across as to "white"
  9. would not surprise me! maybe one more traditional and one more contemporary.
  10. Its all a bit ridiculous, also notice how they made the "traditional" Britannia not attractive but strong with a jaw like desperate dan.. I know why that was, they could not risk an uproar from the PC brigade that the white Britannia was more attractive than the person of colour Britannia.. I actually like the "person of colour" Britannia and have bought it, I think it may do well on the secondary market, first new Britannia in the "premium" series, first time Britannia is portrayed a person of colour. But it is clear to me what they are doing. if wokeness infiltrates the royal mint
  11. I think the new 2oz premium versions could do well, there's a lot of firsts there. Have ordered the silver anyway so will see!
  12. Sovereigns are probably your best bet, the premium on 1/10th is steep.
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