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  1. yeah its spot on mate and in good condition - i managed to buy a series X so this one if available:)
  2. Still available mate yes, it does have a controller.
  3. They are just a few closed minded fools, the majority of bitcoin holders i would wager are pro gold also and not at all "your a idiot if you dont have your life savings in bitcoin" Bitcoin is part of a balanced investment portfolio now - I know thats a tough one to swallow for the strict physical only holders. I am pro bitcoin and pro gold:)
  4. 9ct hallmarked with some handling marks, £50 plus postage of choice/ risk 1st class or less is completely at risk of loss, special delivery is covered.
  5. This, anything less than a 69 on a new proof is completely unappealing.
  6. Do you need to buy a lot to have a RM manager? how do you go about getting one?
  7. My Christmas raffle prize from @strawsforturtlesLLC very cool!
  8. sold the color one with a 100% markup - and just received this one back from the framer. 1 - 10 gold leaf, this is number 2 - they sold out in about 5 seconds and i was fortunate to grab one, I wanted the frame and mount to stay close to the print so went for black and black, also went with museum quality glass to minimise reflections, all in cost of the print and mounting/frame is £375 No doubt i could flip this for multiples of my costs, but I Absolutely love this and have decided to keep it. This crappy photo does not do it justice at all, the glass is almost invisible from the r
  9. my partner has decided to sell a couple of her riings, 2 rings, both fully uk hallmarked for 18ct total weight is 6.35 grams with a spot price of £208. band is size K, solitaire is P1/2 - Q £215 plus postage of choice for the pair.
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