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  1. I notice 1/4 proofs from the Royal mint are currently £650 - that is as near as matters a 100% premium to the gold. Was it always this high historically? We have some interesting coins coming and potentially an amazing year of releases with the upcoming platinum jubilee, Some eye watering premiums too. Special design proof sovereigns a no brainer , but even those probably dont have much scope left for appreciation going by what the pricing is likely to be. I appreciate some dont buy to flip and just want to carry on collections - To those people I ask, do you have a price thats just so high you would not pay it to keep the collection going?? regardless im keeping some cash free for 2022 releases:P
  2. Its mixed dates (with no option to choose years) so a random draw really - id wager one in 5 might be a different design though!
  3. I do this too pete, bulk buy offers - on top of that it helps beat inflation, prices only go one way.
  4. Interesting you would avoid the pre .999 ones! that was what I wondered if people would feel that way. a best value mixed date 22ct one is 17 quid cheaper than a new .999 one. it isnt a lot, but i guess it could add up.
  5. My stack is currently 7 sovs and a 1/4 gold Britannia so dont have much , but I know what you mean, the newer ones are kinda boring. But i know from the years I have been doing this that when it comes to liquidating part of the stack bullion is so much easier than anything with a premium - So I think low premiums is the way i need to go. That said even though krugs are about the cheapest thing going I am not interested in them at all. Will certainly sleep on it. Thanks:)
  6. certainly not against 22ct, in fact most of my small stack is 22ct as i have bullion sovereigns mainly:) But I have never bought/sold or owned a 1 oz gold coin before! They are looking like the tempting option, I do like the new 24ct ones but im looking to get premiums down a bit.
  7. I am thinking about buying 1 ounce gold brits when funds allow, but I am debating what ones to go for... the older 22ct ones are a bit cheaper, the newer 24ct ones have better security. Both are CGT exempt, So I am curious.. Would you be just as happy buying a 22ct Britannia 1 oz as a new 24ct?
  8. Some jewellery for sale, some scrap some not, im pricing just under spot. 14ct uno a erre chain 14ct ring (bit misshapen) 14ct cross with stones (1.3g total weight) 9CT coin hallmarked 9ct locket with dent 9ct earrings (with butterflies) and tiny stones, diamonds? 9ct fine chain broken 9ct pendant with small stone total price £310 plus postage of choice.
  9. 2 x 2021 sovereigns. My limited stacking is very vanilla these days - New shiny bullion sovs only at the moment.
  10. Living in the UK i just cant justify silver, the premiums are eye watering and unless you are willing to spend time hunting down and storing old sterling flatware I just cant see the value in it.
  11. I believe these are "dummy hallmarks" and just put there to look like a hallmark, but DYOR..
  12. From a £1500 investment £15 a day would be a 1% daily return or 360% yearly - not going to happen im afraid without Highly speculative high risk investments you are more than likely going to lose the lot. Some good advice in this topic though, and its great to want to grow your money but I think you will need to scale back your expectations drastically. Good luck!
  13. Im not sure how old this ring is but its fit for a commoner like myself 🙂 (i dont acctualy wear this but it fits!)
  14. I would be tempted to go for a CGT exempt coin - 1oz Britannia
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