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  1. I cancelled my 4 coin set a few days ago, sick of the waiting from the mint, the potential QC issues - this years price rises and mintage was enough for me to say enoughs enough😐 £350 quid more than the 4 coin jubilee set. No doubt they will be stunning coins if you get a good set. But I question the resale potential now and I can only justify paying such premiums if I at least think I can profit at some point. For me its too much this year.
  2. Beautiful 16 cm charm bracelet with heart clasp and safety chain. fully UK hallmarked on both the bracelet and the heart clasp. Weight is a respectable 11.4 grams. £240 plus postage of choice/risk
  3. I was fortunate that I sold out of 80% of my bitcoin at 55k dollars btc to put down a sizable deposit on a flat - the remaining 20% is pure profit but has tanked hard as would be expected. But I am not selling, and have no panic. Bitcoin I do feel will come back with a vengeance and when it does it will go to six figures upwards.
  4. This has to be one of the most scare pieces Jody Clark has done, Retailed for £1300 back in 2014. Why so much? I think because there was only 100 minted. For one of the great engravers of our time that is crazy. It is 250 grams of .999 hallmarked silver. Asking for £1000, may also trade for bullion gold.
  5. got conformation for the 4 coin set, turned down a five coin I think as nice as they are logistically selling them in future could be a bit more of a ball ache due to the values.
  6. Think I got the 4 coin set, cant now get onto my orders...
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