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  1. When I first got in to this coin game this was the first coin that I was like wow 😍 not once did I think I would own one. But today thanks to @Jamesd and the silverforum I do. Think Christmas might of come early this year 😊
  2. It is such a dilemma on what strategy to take, One that as give me quite an headache over the last few days. Thank you so much for your advice and I will definitely look in to it
  3. @Blockhead @PeterPan Thank you so much for both of your advice, you have definitely give me somthing to think about. It makes so much sense to go with sovereigns especially in the current climate and having the option to release small amounts when needed definitely seems like the safer bet. My only promlen now is finding some good deals on sovereigns 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thanks so much guys 👍
  4. Thanks guys for all your advice. It's really appreciated. Could you expect to see the value of a 2020 graded Queens beast increase in value over the next few years by a large amount ? And if this was the case from what you are saying it would be very hard to sell this on? I just don't know what the best thing to do with the money I have. I was hoping to buy somthing that as the potential to earn me some money and give me an edge on the shocking interest rates the banks are offering at present. Thanks once again guys Chris
  5. Hey everyone. My first post here so apologies if similar already exist. I currently have a bit of spare cash and I am looking at investing in to some form of gold. I have been looking at a PCGS graded Queens beast lion of mortimer and they are retailing anywhere up to £2000 depending on grade. I have spent several hours doing my own research and I have become some what lost and confused to weather these are good investments or not. So my question is: Are modern graded coins a good investment or am I just paying a high premium for a bit of plastic, Or should I just stick to regular loose coins with lower premiums? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris
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