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  1. 1921 silver dos pesos x 2 for sale. Made to celebrate 100 years of independence for mexico, 1921 is the only year of issue for this coin. Obviously they are not the best grade but finding one that as not achieved a details grade is virtually impossible. Still a really cool coin to own and a must for anyone who collects Mexican coins. £115 each. First class signed included Thanks for looking
  2. Some grading results that have gone in my favor for once 🎉🥳
  3. I have bought some previously from @morezoneI can't remember the size but I'm pretty sure they where a direct fit capsule and they fitted perfectly. I would reach out to morezone mate. I would imagine he's the best person to help you out 👍
  4. Your pictures look great Greg. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have 👍
  5. Another great purchase from @whuamai a BU Mexican aztec 5onza pieora de tizoc. I already had the proof version and it's nice to complete the set 😁
  6. Please help me get back in my Mrs good books after blowing all my money on a new bike. I have for sale 1957 and 1959 gillick sov 1918i sov Please see pics for condition. I can provide more of needed £385 each plus post. Thanks for looking
  7. As per title 92. 2012 and 2013 libertad 2018 dragon bar 92 lib as a few small scratches but other than that all in great condition 👍
  8. Nice one mate. Really happy with them and some great additions to my collection
  9. Some rare Mexican silver curtosy of @whuamai Would be interested in anymore from the series if anybody as them 😉
  10. 2 libs sold. 1992 2012 and 2013 remain
  11. Libertads £35 each. Dates are 1992. 2012 and 2013 2018 dragon bars x2. £33 for one and £29 for the other as it has a couple of marks on it. 2oz Queens beast greyhound £56 All plus post. Thanks for looking
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