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  1. Excellent buy this one too, congrats whoever snapped up the lot. 👍
  2. What a steal 😊 (unfortunately was not me who got it)...
  3. Anyone want to go dutch on the LMU coins... ? 😅
  4. I'm afraid I have no clue. I just remember it was discussed back then and quick google only produced this https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/policy/govt-imposes-restrictions-on-import-of-gold-silver/articleshow/72875015.cms?from=mdr Silver restrictions have been recently eased https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/foreign-trade/govt-eases-conditions-for-silver-import/articleshow/75724459.cms I'm sure there's more to that story and maybe it's even "fake news", who knows. There was also the big debacle in India demonetising R500 and R1000 notes some years ago so maybe it's just another similar experiment.
  5. I think India restricted any form of gold and silver imports other than in monetary form. It was enforced last December. So one could wager any bullion jewellery imports would not show in official records.
  6. jultorsk

    Sovereign values

    Have a look at the trades section for guidance and for comparison with condition of your coins. See e.g., this recent rock solid ad. 👍
  7. It's a tough nut - the customs form says "only one written declaration per family is required". Not sure if this helps: https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-1594?language=en_US
  8. Looks like this regiment. But Ferdinand VII was a "right-facing" king? 🤔
  9. jultorsk

    BullionVault down.

    Tweet an hour ago:
  10. I'd still prefer that outcome. Without CCP it's not a stretch to envision China would fracture, like CCCP did (aka. "balkanisation"). Recall China is now stitched up and held together by the totalitarian (and expansionist) communist regime.
  11. Sydney half sovs are lovely and sought after coins. Unfortunately yours has seen better days, it is quite worn and perhaps bent/damaged/cleaned, too. An uncirculated coin would be easily in thousands of pounds. The mintage was 210'000 for 1862 - sort of mid-range for this type Sydney half-sovs (minted between 1855-1866). What may be of interest is that older Sydney sovereigns were alloyed with silver instead of copper - so you have 91.67% gold and 8.33% silver there Overall grade is difficult to estimate without seeing the obverse (heads). They have been graded for selling even in Fair grades, so in my opinion it may still well have a premium over spot. For crude comparison (not intended as a value guide), the below coin was auctioned off last year and sold for about 20% above spot value.
  12. That would be a "retro" NGC slab then..
  13. Good Aussie sov 🇦🇺 Late Melb sov, low mintage (77k). Scarce in mint state. - PCGS graded total qty 93 highest grade MS64 - NGC graded total (only!) qty 19 highest grade MS64 For comparison check e.g., photo below. Would be happy to buy it any day
  14. jultorsk

    Red spots on coin

    The dealer may just as well use a butane torch to whisk the spot away and return the same coin to you. Buffalos are great bullion coins, I would not worry about the spot as it is likely easily removable. Some people consider they even add "originality" and "character" to the coin... 👍
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