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  1. I'll keep an eye out for you, but they're not very easy to find after Sterling&Currency depleted their stock of softcovers. I think the hardcover issue was only 200 copies.
  2. Insta-vouch for @dragafem- 100% trusted. Good to see you here mate. 😊🇦🇺
  3. Want to sell this Isle of Man 1/4oz Angel. Not often seen on the forum I believe. Asking GBP400 + postage (BT to Wise). The coin looks to be the proof version, but it was supplied in the pictured red box and without a capsule - so it has few minor hairlines as well as hazing which I've attempted to capture in the close-up photos. Any questions, please PM. Thank you for looking! PS - Still have some 2007 and 2008 carded silver Koalas and some older BU 1oz Kooks available; if anyone is keen, shoot me a message.. 😀
  4. 10oz Britannia 😍 (Image courtesy of BBP.)
  5. I read it will be available from RM "later this month", but no mention of eventual price. 🤷‍♂️ Meanwhile, link to Atkinsons https://atkinsonsbullion.com/silver/silver-coins/2oz-silver-coins/2021-uk-queen-s-beasts-completer-2oz-silver-coin
  6. Results TCC39 TCC37 -> TCC38 -> TCC39 all NGC unless otherwise mentioned 3G 2oz silver PF70 4k -> 2.3k -> 1.9K (3G 2oz silver PF69 N/A -> 1.2k -> 1.25k) 3G 2oz gold PF70 41k -> 30k -> 21k 3G 2oz gold PF69 29k -> 16.5k -> 16.5k* (* PGGS) Perhaps interestingly PCGS 3G silver 2oz fetched 2.3k whereas the NGC equivalent got 1.9k.
  7. 👍 I've recently seen 2oz silver PF70 wanting GBP1500 and not selling, and 2oz gold PF70 struggling to get GBP28k (not sold). Also interesting now to see if there's any difference what prices the two graders fetch on TCC.
  8. Here we go chaps and chapettes - TCC39 is open for bidding. 👀
  9. 👀 A very diverse selection this time - Swiss Vrenelis, too!
  10. I wish I understood this better. I was just watching an old clip with Keith Weiner - he says the opposite. @Kman what's your take on this, please? On Required Stable Funding (RSF) under Basel III https://www.bis.org/basel_framework/chapter/NSF/30.htm?inforce=20191215&published=20191215
  11. True, sorry - I was just looking at the picture; the coin does not appear matte nor plain rim. But you're correct, the text does state clearly it is the SOTD. 😅 Nice set, not sure of the value is right but the concept is good. I'm hanging on the fence with this one - probably will pass and try to focus on the 2022 sovs (which will probably have large mintages, though..).
  12. The 2021 sov in the set does not seem to be the matte SOTD? 🤔
  13. Recording just for posterity.. also noteworthy silver 2oz Una PF70 managed to hold 6k. 😇 So... quickly comparing TCC37 -> TCC38 (all NGC): 3G 2oz silver PF70 4k -> 2.3k (3G 2oz silver PF69 N/A -> 1.2k) 3G 2oz gold PF70 41k -> 30k 3G 2oz gold PF69 29k -> 16.5k
  14. It's getting closer to hammer time at TCC38, very interesting to see how the silver ones fare this time around. 👍
  15. When I saw the Gazette description back in March, I thought the gold version might even be a new bullion coin (999 gold). The rose gold would make more sense as a wedding gift imo. Was the "false release" gold sixpence coin also in the wedding section, similarly elaborately presented as the sterling silver one?
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