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  1. jultorsk

    Coins Worth?

    @LawrenceChardmakes a good offer, I'd run with that. Then again, we do like sovs here in Oz, too. Bring them over and sell for spot easy peasy to e.g., BullionNow in Melbs; get some local currency in hand and avoid Fx fees. (BTW sovs, being less than 999 gold attract 10% GST over here in retail, hence they trade briskly on local forums.)
  2. Not too painful a questionnaire, happy to participate. Good luck with your research. 👍
  3. Bank of England raises interest rate by 0.25 percentage points The Bank of England raised interest rates by 0.25 percentage points on Thursday, signalling that it would “act forcefully” if needed to prevent high inflation becoming more persistent. https://www.ft.com/content/6dea82f3-59ea-4736-a0db-b808f08bab6a 🤔
  4. Lovely 🇦🇺 coin, comes with the associated book in good condition. Low mintage 2'909.
  5. Hm, certainly looks different with the Greek design influences. 🤔
  6. Thank you mate, shall do. Sure feels like a small eternity has passed since the lobster incident!
  7. https://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/great-britain-elizabeth-ii-gold-proof-gothic-crown-portrait-200-pounds-2-oz-2021-pr69-ultra-cameo-ngc-/a/232220-63588.s 19 May 2022 Elizabeth II gold Proof "Gothic Crown Portrait" 200 Pounds (2 oz) 2021 PR69 Ultra Cameo NGC $7200 incl premium (= about GBP5775).
  8. Tempted to pop by for a pint, why not, life is short and beer is getting dearer by the day.
  9. This is my thinking as well. Just recently Jerome Powell reiterated they will keep raising rates as long as they see inflation coming down "in a clear and convincing way” and "getting closer to the 2% target previously established". I'm assuming other developed countries' central banks have no option but to follow FED more or less in lockstep. As the FED started the hikes so far behind the curve, this may take 1-2 years to play out in full - especially as at the same time military experts do not expect a quick resolution to the war, and consequently energy and food prices continue to rise. The fuel prices will rise as long as there's economic activity - and when they stop rising it will be due to a crippling recession. Because diesel prices touch everything in the value chain, the price of the supermarket tomato keeps jogging up (growing and transporting one tomato to supermarket shelf consumes an equivalent of 6 tablespoons of diesel). Food & energy inflation tends to be sticky, as everyone needs to heat and eat. Its a nasty situation we're in, gentlemen. Yet I fully agree - logically gold should go up, and eventually it will. Meanwhile, batten down the hatches.
  10. Just a random one-off. For some reason special reverses don't seem too popular here (maybe because they don't look like "real" sovereigns) so on a rare occasion can get lucky. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Fully agree - but I could only afford this wee little quarter sov! (3.5% over spot) 😅
  12. Technically the auctioneer is not at fault here, but the description of "Middle Eastern Gold Exchange Strike" sounds like a load of creative writing. 🤔 Sold for GBP425 incl premium, + post.
  13. They've got more self-confidence than skill I reckon! 😁
  14. I think even I could spot that one as a tad suss.... 😅
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