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  1. Hello forum Happy new year 😊, If anyone owns the Gold 1 oz / silver 1 oz John Wick bullion coins and willing or considering to sell on comment or message me I would definitely be interested in buying. This applies to any time in future maybe you need to change you're stack or free up funds we can work it out. Many thanks Marq
  2. Hey again wanted list Just looking for the uk lunar series coins My calcium levels are good so no miking please Pm me any pics and prices Depending on price may buy more than one or two And I really would love to get my hands on thoes john wick coins silver 1 oz coins if someone looking to shed any Many thanks for looking Forum members Marq
  3. JP Morgan chase banks Finally got fined couple 100 million because again caught rigging the gold and silver market so that doesn't help
  4. Bought from forum member 1994 1/10th Gold Proof
  5. Hey guys, Looking for the Royal mint Lunar 2014 year of the horse I see a member on here selling for £27 each but does not use PayPal, Can buy single or multiple PayPal quick payment F+F Thank you for looking
  6. Hey there, No PayPal option ? Just wondering Thanks M
  7. Hey there, Coins Looking good, Do you accept PayPal F&F ?? Interested in the 90s kooks Thanks M
  8. Hey guys, Any sets of kookaburra out there, like sets from 2000 to 2020 or 1998 to 2008 etc.... Would be put the right amount up for good looking sets... Can pay PayPal F&F Thanks for viewing
  9. Marquimoi88

    for sale (By Platinum Member) Nice Different Silver Coins

    These are awesome especially thoes spartan ones I am Interested in the pig and dog do you accept PayPal? Thanks
  10. ( Have now found ) Looking for the 2014 royal mint year of the horse One or if someone has stack throw some prices at me please Thank you guys ( Found one now ) but if there is any stacks of them let me know Please
  11. True I guess in the video the weight, the magnet test and that app sound test are decent to quickly test.. Appreciate it
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