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  1. For now its what i already have. The lack of supply, tax and high premiums mean that i wont be adding to my stack anytime soon, or that's the plan. I believe that due to the low prices the silver miners aren't selling much of their product which is causing as much of a supply issue as the large increase in people wanting silver. It will all work out in the end
  2. What you are probably referring to it the prices coming from markets in different time zones. ie markets open in asia (their monday) but its still sunday in USA
  3. Due to jewellery premiums (and silver premium + vat) you would be better off selling them as jewellery (or swapping for bullion). I'm also guessing it will be 22 crt rather than 24 melt.
  4. Being Indian jewellery I would expect them to appreciate and be more interested in it as jewellery than a European would be. Private selling or selling to a jeweller will probable get you the best price.
  5. No problem, thought i remembered a discussion about them on this forum.
  6. Might need recalibrating then. Did you get a calibration disc with the unit?
  7. Some types of analytical devices can become inaccurate over time but this doesnt seem to be as big a problem in metal analysers. it seems liberads can vary slightly in composition. Can you test it against a coin you are confident about to set you mind at ease? https://buysigmametalytics.com/about
  8. While it is the USA not the UK it will be intersting to see how far this goes https://www.fxstreet.com/analysis/congressman-mooney-introduces-bill-to-end-federal-taxes-on-gold-and-silver-202103302139
  9. I'm new to this so take my opinion with a large pinch of salt. Depends on condition and which queens beast it was as some seem to be more desirable than others. Its really difficult to judge what will be sought after in the next few years which is why i stick to bullion.
  10. I don't think the extra security features will add value to the coins, it might make them slightly easier to sell to eventually easier due to few concerns about fakes. Depends on what you call a bargain
  11. I doubt it or at the very least it would cost you. Long time traders have too much to loose selling fake bullion. Britannia's have some of the best security features out there wish i had got more but it wasn't in my budget
  12. As with all sorts of things different dealers have different prices
  13. I ordered 25x 2021 britannias from atkinson bullion and received them a week later. They are currently £707.40 for 25. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/silver/silver-coins/1oz-silver-coins/2021-uk-britannia-1oz-silver-coin-full-tube-of-2
  14. An educated guess is that the metal cooled in the mould too quickly causing a "skin" to form and then cave in on the back as the metal cooled and contracted.
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