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  1. cheers i thought it was only aluminium that had this issue
  2. The way i see things is this: 1) Prices move up, down and sideways with people making and loosing a lot of money trying to predict patterns 2) Spend what you are comfortable with and don't chase prices 3) Having a little bit outside the fiat system gives you options but having skills, health and peace of mind are as important.
  3. Given the way things are people on this forum are eager for a bargain. Don't sell your self short or ask too much and they will be snapped up Also no sellers fees etc unlike ebay
  4. Welcome. I don't expect many to profit big from what is coming but most of us are hoping to hang onto what what wealth we do have. Either way the guys here are friendly and knowledgeable
  5. Basically what china wanted to do then ended up "allowing" trade in bitcoin again
  6. Premiums seem to vary a bit between sellers and items. I wonder if someone on here recorded the going rate of say sovereigns on this forum over the last few years
  7. Seems to be something about the design that people, including myself, like
  8. Deliberately didn't say which company was the seller as ive had good dealings with them in the past and ive seen how things can go once names are mentioned. I'm new to this so the advice is appreciated. Premium works out to be just under 5%. I bought the coin (so yes i went for the date rather than a random date) as i like the design and was a little surprised to see the mark which seems to be scuff in the metal.
  9. Not a dumb question at all. I'm guessing it's the original plastic it was sold in. It's split on the side but not enough to slide the coin in/out. The marking could be scratching it's hard to tell.
  10. Sadly they are out of stock. What would you consider to be a big premium?
  11. Brown marks on cheek and neck are the issue, the rest are in the plastic.
  12. I received a 2008 britannia from a reputable seller today. It's was described as pre-owned but condition was not mentioned. Not sure if I'm satisfied with the condition. Would the marking on the queen side devalue this coin to standard bullion?
  13. The lack of a date makes me think this is an indian head (or liberty headdress) round rather than a coin
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