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  1. If it's a modern silver coin from the royal mint you almost have to expect it developing milk spots at some point.
  2. The next one. It must be the magpie in me
  3. Relm


    @pricha I don't believe that buyers are "totally innocent" not do I think that they should do zero research into what they are spending money on. Its just that people seem to have a default of blame the buyer as they didn't xyz and with the variety and varying quality of fakes even "experts" can be fooled.
  4. Relm


    @pricha I stand by my opinion. Clearly we don't share a sense of humour. How would you class comments such as they deserve it for being greedy, not doing enough research, etc?
  5. Relm


    I was taken in by a scammer on ebay when I first started. They weren't as blatant as this so I have little empathy for the scum who pull this sort of thing or those that defend them with "people should know better" etc
  6. With 11 (out of 10) to collect?
  7. Avoided them after trying punk ipa
  8. cheers i thought it was only aluminium that had this issue
  9. Thanks for your input. I was just point out something out
  10. all for 326 plus post ? lol bargain. Might want to edit that
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