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  1. Last lot of silver 1oz coins for sale. This is a set of 20 1oz Kookaburra coins, each coin is of a different design. I have five sets of 20 available. A set like this is being sold at Chards for 600+, but obviously no one is interested with the high premium, so here a set for what I believe to be a reasonable price. £420 per set, including shipping, which is averages £21 per coin. They were encapsulated at the mint and are in perfect condition with no scratches or milk spots. I posted this on ebay with my username "uksilverbullion" I have both 100% feedback on ebay as well as on here at
  2. Price drop to £17 including shipping. Package deal of £210 for all 13 (works out to pennies above £16 each). Shipping included.
  3. 8 left, the most worn out ones. Price dropped to $14 each including shipping. Package deal of all eight for 105. (works out to pennies above £13)
  4. Bottom picture of the first post. PM if still interested
  5. Only the 8 tarnished eagles remain.
  6. Almost gone, just the encapsulated and loose coins left, price dropped to 18 each.
  7. x20 2008 and x2 2009 Britannias I have looked all over to find what the market value of these are, and found them to be in the 40+ range. I do not expect to get that price, and I do not like buying or selling coins on ebay anymore. I will price these at £35 each for the sake of meeting the requirement of stating a price, but I welcome offers from those that know the real value of these.
  8. 13 left, the lower grade coins. PM if you are interested in a better deal.
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