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  1. Scuzzle

    UK Lunar Box

    Thanks for the suggestions, ideally if I could just remove the United Kingom text and the 2014-2025 dates and just leave everything else in place it would still look the part for any other lunar series.
  2. Scuzzle

    UK Lunar Box

    I'll give it a try Paul, the trick will be stripping the gold print only and not the lacquer coating, if it is laquer coated and not some kind of wood stain.
  3. Scuzzle

    UK Lunar Box

    This is only tenuously silver related but I'm wondering since the Royal Mint decided not to bother with a 1oz lunar bullion coin this year completely ruining my lunar collection if there is any way to repurpose the display box. There is a gold printed text on it which does not appear to be engraved in it only sits on the surface so I'm wondering if this is easy enough to come off. This is the box, before I start on it with the petroleum based solvents does anyone know of a good safe way to strip the text off it so I could repurpose it possibly for another 1oz lunar series, one that the f
  4. PM'd ZatStakz sorted this for me, consider thread closed.
  5. I see the Egyptian Gods series has restarted after a lull in production and this is a series I was collecting but the 2 sellers that I got them from in the past in the UK have both ceased trading, JM Bullion and Provident Metals appear to be the only ones selling these and they have halted shipping to the UK so I'm wondering if anyone in the US would be prepared to purchase one of these and ship it to me in the UK. Obviously I would pay all the costs up front or if there is anything anyone in the US is struggling to get and would like me to send the other way in return I would be happy to do
  6. I would have thought they would wait until Charles was King and done a Kings Beast set, the reason they rushed through the Queens Beasts was to get them out while Betty was still alive. Once his mug ends up on the back of the coins I think I will give it a miss however.
  7. To go to the bother of making a 1/4 oc Britannia I would like to think this is a pre emption of silver prices rising and keeping those on a lower buget involved in much the same way fractional gold works. Might just be hopium on my part though.
  8. Governments won't like it as it forces them to keep their spending in line, my own theory was a cashless crypto currency initially backed by gold to give it credibility then it's taken off the gold standard in much the same way the dollar was, they just run the exact same grift again. The majority of people are so stupid they will let the same criminals that destroyed the old system still be in charge of the new one.
  9. You have to keep a spreadsheet of all your metals purchases, the simplest of all the reasons is when the time comes to sell you have to know at least know you are selling for more than you paid. I run an Excel speadsheet with the following criteria Coin / Weight / Type / Qty / Date of Purchase & Coin Date / Cost Per Item (Inc. Additionals) / Total (Inc. Additionals) / Coin Type / Spot Price On Date of Purchase.
  10. The notion that the premiums were getting ridiculously high would stop me and has stopped me. I find myself looking at what I was paying for silver a few years ago and really finding it difficult to pay todays prices, looking at my spreadsheed here is just a few examples, 1oz Britannia 2015 - £11.90, 2oz Nuie Turtles - £23.22, I can't bring myself to pay over double this today. I made an effort to get silver before the full 20% VAT came in due to Brexit so now it's a switch to gold for me but the same applies here as well, the instant I feel the premiums are getting out of hand I'm out.
  11. It's obvious that when JP Morgan took over the SLV position from Bear Stearns they said to the government we will take it on but we will need to rig it and we need you to go along with this and the government said fine. This level of collusion is so difficult to overcome..
  12. Is it still viable to buy from Europe under a level VAT amount, I would have thought the likes of Atkinsons might have worked out the same now. I was just off to attempt a basket comparison and do a 25x Brittania comparison between the two but everyone appears to be out of stock both in Europe and the UK.
  13. Even if this all comes to nothing I think the increase in awareness of the silver situation won't go wrong, looking at the new sign ups to the forum over the last few days this looks like a vast increase over the norm so to my mind that bodes well. I would also like to know if there is any discrepancy in supply and demand between the UK and the US as I believe the situation is vastly different between the two. Here in the UK we have the rise in premiums of late combined with the shock to the system that is the full 20% VAT, I for one can't bring myself to buy of late and am thankfull I accum
  14. Because of the plandemic the Royal Mail deliveries have doubled this year compared to last year as online purchases are up 50% over last year so they are hiring thousands of temporary staff to help deal with this increase, not wishing to cast aspersions that might be unjustified but I have no idea how stringent the hiring proceedure is and how seriously temporary staff that know the job is only over the Christmas period take their work. I stopped selling my silver once they stopped taking signatures for it. Ebay have an offer of 3 items you can sell with no listing or sellers fees which I gu
  15. Scuzzle

    Star Wars

    This shows most of them. https://www.jmbullion.com/search/?q=star+wars
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