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  1. I bought a few tubes of Lakota copper rounds for £1 each, I can't remember the name of the place but it's defunct now, I saw them selling for £4 upwards on Ebay and they were actually selling so I thought I would never lose on them if I ever decided to sell. I also bought 5 each of the Four Horsemen series in copper which were about £4 each at the time and they are all listed for much more on Ebay now, not sure if they are actually selling though, there is one of them has gone silly money, again I can't remember which one.
  2. It's buyers not leaving feedback that's grinding my gears at the moment, I sold a few silver items recently that I was not particularly fussed about selling but did it purely to get recent feedback and hardly any of them left any.
  3. I did a couple of my coins using the tinfoil and Bicarb method and they turned out great. before After
  4. This is a valid point, the banking cabal does not usually suffer competition to their product. I said in an earlier post that I can see Bitcoin being around for the long term because the banks have been given the go ahead to hold it, it's entirely possible that the banks will get to trade in the actual Bitcoin and the plebs will get some kind of derivatised product instead easily kept in a range much like silver is. I have learned never to underestimate the ability of the control structure to change the rules to suit themselves when need be. I have a decent amount of Theta and part of the decision making process with this was that it's not a currency it's a bandwith solution so the banking cabal don't need to come after it because it's not competition to their CBDCs.
  5. If you are cashing out at a loss then I would leave it alone if you are not desperate for the money. The Bank of International Settlements just allowed banks to keep 1% of assets in bitcoin so this suggest's it's going to be around for the long term. I see cryptos as no different to the dot.com bubble, the vast majoriy will be swept away but a chosen few will become mainstays. https://finbold.com/bank-for-international-settlements-to-allow-banks-to-keep-1-of-reserves-in-bitcoin/
  6. Marines do actually carry a stock around with them, they use them for lighting fires, they make excellent dry kindling.
  7. Before Brexit we all paid 6% VAT on silver from Europe under the margin scheme, the rise to 20% is hard to take after paying 6%.
  8. Yes, with the combination of premiums and VAT it makes far more sense to switch to gold now IMO especially for those that managed to accumulate in the good old days and have a decent silver stack put aside, if you still buy today all you are doing is raising your cost average price massively.
  9. This actually worked, i could have got away with the foam being a couple of mm thinner but I had to make sure the coin would not fall out when the box was closed. The black foam is more of a dark grey which does not really show in the picture but I'm going to get some glue and black flocking and this should finish it right off.
  10. Can anyone point me to where I can get the black foam sheets that's used in coin display boxes, I have some Queens Beast boxes and I'm thinking if I can cut and shape a suitable foam insert I can glue it to the top lid of the box to house the completer coin. Looking online at assorted options it's really difficult to tell how suitable they are for the job, I need good firm foam with a little give in it, something that will grip the coin and not have it fall out.
  11. They are a legit site and were worth buying from while we were still under the EU margin scheme on VAT and only paying 6%, best to do a dummy order factoring in the increased postage and the VAT and checking how the price compares to the same order from UK sellers like Atkinsons as I suspect unless it's a very big order there won't be much of a difference now.
  12. I noticed there was a new 2oz Egyptian Gods series round released, the Sekhmet, not sure exactly how long it's been out but I've only just spotted it and this is a set I am collecting so tried to buy one on Ebay from the US from sellers who post to the UK. The sales page has the cost of the round and the postage charge to the UK and the tax amount that is due payable up front so it all looks geared up for a hassle free sale from a US seller who is happy to sell to the UK. However when I actually try and commit to the purchase I am met with the following message and it won't let me progress any further. In certain categories, including the Bullion category, selling internationally isn't allowed. This helps to protect eBay buyers and sellers. You may be able to purchase a similar item on the eBay site closest to your country of registration. Does anyone know what's going on here, why have everything set out for an international sale only to not allow it, also does anyone know anywhere else I can lay may hands on one of these?
  13. I can't speak for anyone else but personally I find I have slowed my silver buying right down of late as I grudge paying the inflated premiums. By sheer dumb luck I began stacking in 2015 and when I look back at my spreadsheet I was paying £12 - £15 for much of my silver so the £30 - £35 the same bullion coins are selling for today almost double the spot price just does not appeal to me so I have restricted my purchases to completing series I am collecting only. Paying the full 20% VAT nowadays is hard to take as well so I am happier to switch to buying more gold as you don't get the same feeling of being seen off. I have a decent amount of silver behind me if it was less things might be different.
  14. The pulled the plug on the BU silver version, I was collecting those, bought a display box and everything then they just decided to can it halfway through, still happy to peddle the proofs and the massively overpriced cupro-nickel coins though. This combined with the shocking quality control of the proofs and the fact this does not even look like a coherent series it changes halfway through was what made me decide I'm done with the Royal Mint.
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