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  1. Scuzzle

    Star Wars

    This shows most of them. https://www.jmbullion.com/search/?q=star+wars
  2. Seems like a good way to usher in the cashless society without too much fuss, bring out a load of tat coinage nobody wants.
  3. Because that series started when I started stacking and my interest in silver I went with it, obviously in hindsight I should have gone in heavier with the Queens Beasts instead but I have 2 of every proof release up to the pig and a tube of every bullion release as well as forking out for a display box which is now useless, this is the equivalent of when a TV series gets canned without ever wrapping up any of the plot lines, true it was not the best but to say I am annoyed would be an understatement. I see they are still selling the 1oz proof and the overpriced cupro nickel release so that m
  4. I have 25x capsules, the proper acrylic ones, how does an exchange for 1oz of silver sound? can be absolutely anything but I would prefer a recognized coin rather than a generic round.
  5. I went for the Koala purely becasue these could be had so cheap a couple of years ago, under £300 at some points because they were not as popular as the kilo Kook and if I had bought more instead of just a couple I would be laughing given what they are going for today.
  6. Gainsville also look to be selling the one you want Witcher, and at the cheapest price I have seen. https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/2016-south-korea-1-oz-silver-chiwoo-bu/dd/1973
  7. I'm only adding to collections I have started, the price has risen a bit with premiums but I'm hoping this might put the majority off and produce key dates in years to come.
  8. I actually meant anything produced from the Royal Mint, Britannias, Queens Beasts etc, I shoud have been more clear as you are right buying direct from the Royal Mint is not the way to do it as they are overly expensive.
  9. When I started I did a mix of more premium and cheaper silver, if I could go back in time and start again I would just get the cheapest bullion I could get, since you are in the UK it would all be UK stuff as well for the capital gains tax exemption, I have Perth Mint stuff, Somalian Elephants etc. and I went for a bit of variety but in hindsight I wish now I had just stuck with anything from the Royal Mint with Betty Battenbergs head on it and at the best price I could get.
  10. I'm waiting, I got enough in 2015 and the succeeding few years when the price was rock bottom so I don't feel the need to bring my cost average up by buying now in this time of high premiums. The UK government is talking about putting VAT up to 25 or even 30% in order to recoup what they put out for Covid so the 6% VAT I paid for mine under the margin scheme should return more profit when selling just through this alone if it actually happens.
  11. I'm collecting these, bought the display box and everything so I'm all in no matter the price or the premium.
  12. I'm waiting on the latest Queens Beasts from Goldsiver.BE, order placed on 18 March but has just stuck at "Payment Received" ever since, works out at £34 each inc. postage and today they are £42.50 on their website so it looks like a smart buy but only as long as I actually get them. They were pre sale admittedly and the release date is showing 21st April but I'm certain that has been exended and when I ordered them the releade date was prior to this.
  13. Looks fantastic, I've looked at their stuff before and it's something I would love but the premium and the import tax especially would kill me.
  14. Not spot price but retail, last month I pre-ordered half a dozen of the latest Queens Beasts from Goldsilver.BE and they were £29.00 each, today the same coin is listed at £41.00.
  15. I'm seeing stories of a few dealers that would usually use Royal Mail refusing to use them because in a claim of self isolation the postie signs for delivery and not the customer and they don't trust some not to abuse this.
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