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  1. The pulled the plug on the BU silver version, I was collecting those, bought a display box and everything then they just decided to can it halfway through, still happy to peddle the proofs and the massively overpriced cupro-nickel coins though. This combined with the shocking quality control of the proofs and the fact this does not even look like a coherent series it changes halfway through was what made me decide I'm done with the Royal Mint.
  2. Unless I'm wrong I thought there was only this new WW coin and the Batman so still a series in it's infancy.
  3. Once old jug lugs Chuck appears on the coinage I will admit that's going to put me off, don't have a problem with Betty Battenberg though.
  4. Capsules inside tubes. I have coins capsulated and inside tubes and I have some capsulated held in old Chinese Panda trays but the ones in the trays are toning noticibly worse than the ones in the tubes.
  5. Can you get platinum coins that have a face value?, I've taken gold coins overseas before and I declare the £100 face value rather than the intrinsic value. You are perfectly within your rights to do this.
  6. The control structure is happy to let anything that has not had a history as money rise, anything that has had histoty as money is a different matter, Dollar weakness would be exposed far more readily if every effort was not made to keep gold and silver suppressed. One day they may well completely lose their grip on it but for now they have mastered keeping the price in a range that they can live with. And by control structure I don't just mean the banks, governments must also be in on it as too much of a blind eye is continually turned on the "shennanigans".
  7. I notice the politicians are becoming emboldened of late, Beijing Biden is saying "it's vaxxed or masked" and Bojo the clown is now vowing "more draconian action" incoming to tackle the Vindaflu. The kind of talk that they would never dreamed of using if they were afraid of us like they should be.
  8. If it did nothing else other than raise awareness in especially the young about the importance of holding hard physical assets with no counter party risk then it can be called a success. the young have been conditioned to give value to digital products, just as one example their gaming is all about skins and weapons packs and digital download purchases and the games themselves are now held in a cloud library rather than physically sitting on their shelf in their own posession so if that cloud goes so does all their purchases. The thing with you will own nothing and be happy is if you are doing nothing but renting stuff you must be renting from someone who does own it.
  9. I've been toying with the idea of buying a 5 kilo copper bar and have had a couple on my watch list for a good few months now, what I have noticed is the price never goes up as copper spot goes up like gold and silver does. This tells me the price is so vastly over inflated to begin with they have masses of "wiggle room" before they actually need to increase the price to reflect any increase in spot.
  10. Just about anything you need to know will be on YT somewhere, there are some gems and there are some turds on YT and it's just a case of figuring out which is which. I find clicking on what's trending is usually highly depressing as it just looks like the world is completely lost when you see what is being fixated upon. You get grown ass men pouring over every last detail of some superhero film or some teenage girl doing a makeup tutorial or eating like a pig in a mukbang video and they have millions of subscribers yet a silver stacker will be lucky to reach 20k subscribers.
  11. Scuzzle

    UK Lunar Box

    Thanks for the suggestions, ideally if I could just remove the United Kingom text and the 2014-2025 dates and just leave everything else in place it would still look the part for any other lunar series.
  12. Scuzzle

    UK Lunar Box

    I'll give it a try Paul, the trick will be stripping the gold print only and not the lacquer coating, if it is laquer coated and not some kind of wood stain.
  13. Scuzzle

    UK Lunar Box

    This is only tenuously silver related but I'm wondering since the Royal Mint decided not to bother with a 1oz lunar bullion coin this year completely ruining my lunar collection if there is any way to repurpose the display box. There is a gold printed text on it which does not appear to be engraved in it only sits on the surface so I'm wondering if this is easy enough to come off. This is the box, before I start on it with the petroleum based solvents does anyone know of a good safe way to strip the text off it so I could repurpose it possibly for another 1oz lunar series, one that the full run is actually honoured by it's producer.
  14. I would have thought they would wait until Charles was King and done a Kings Beast set, the reason they rushed through the Queens Beasts was to get them out while Betty was still alive. Once his mug ends up on the back of the coins I think I will give it a miss however.
  15. To go to the bother of making a 1/4 oc Britannia I would like to think this is a pre emption of silver prices rising and keeping those on a lower buget involved in much the same way fractional gold works. Might just be hopium on my part though.
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