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  1. Gainsville also look to be selling the one you want Witcher, and at the cheapest price I have seen. https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/2016-south-korea-1-oz-silver-chiwoo-bu/dd/1973
  2. I'm only adding to collections I have started, the price has risen a bit with premiums but I'm hoping this might put the majority off and produce key dates in years to come.
  3. I can't see more and more people unemployed or struggling to get by taking solace in the stock markets making record highs, in fact I think it's more likely to piss them off than endear them to the incumbent administration. Come election day however it's much the same story as here, here are your two turds a brown one and a beige one now choose one.
  4. There is a good article on OffGuardian about "conspiracy theorists" as well. https://off-guardian.org/2020/06/03/a-conspiracy-theorist-confesses/
  5. No idea Phil, I just bought myself some new 8lbs line and some metal jigging lures, I already had every thing else, I just got some 30g lures which would have had size 2 treble hooks on them from my local tackle shop which was a bit of a misison as he insisted on orders being placed and paid for over the phone and passing everything out through a flap in the door. If I was not in a hurry to get out and about I would have told him to shove it and just got everyhting online. He has a facebook page as well and was moaning about having to shut up shop due to the lack of business but now he's been given a lifeline he's not exactly seizing it IMO.
  6. I've not been fishing for years now but since it's something we are allowed to do in the new abnormal I've dug out the fishing tackle and got myself out and about, just shore spinning for mackerel but I got fish the 2 days I was out, first cast even.
  7. If you see an aquittal of these "officers" that's when you know this entire scenario is just a set up and more chaos is required, it's an orchestrated colour revolution and that colour is probably purple.
  8. This arrived in the post today, a Helm Komodo, the sale was a disgrace the Helm website crashed on the date of the initial sale and they sent an e-mail saying they would try again in 2 days time then their sale went live 20 hours later and it was only pure chance that I noticed it, if I had missed out again I would have been pissed and this lack of adhering to their word is probably the only reason I got one as they usually sell out in seconds but it's really not good enough. Having said that I really like this chunky little thing.
  9. This entire thing reeks of agenda and I suspect "no lives matter" might be nearer the mark on who is behind it.
  10. I actually meant anything produced from the Royal Mint, Britannias, Queens Beasts etc, I shoud have been more clear as you are right buying direct from the Royal Mint is not the way to do it as they are overly expensive.
  11. When I started I did a mix of more premium and cheaper silver, if I could go back in time and start again I would just get the cheapest bullion I could get, since you are in the UK it would all be UK stuff as well for the capital gains tax exemption, I have Perth Mint stuff, Somalian Elephants etc. and I went for a bit of variety but in hindsight I wish now I had just stuck with anything from the Royal Mint with Betty Battenbergs head on it and at the best price I could get.
  12. The economy is not coming back any time soon, government and mainstream media has done such a good job of putting the fear into everyone that any small business that has not been forced to close through lockdown and actually gets to reopen will never get the customer base they need to survive and will end up having to close later down the line.
  13. I'm waiting, I got enough in 2015 and the succeeding few years when the price was rock bottom so I don't feel the need to bring my cost average up by buying now in this time of high premiums. The UK government is talking about putting VAT up to 25 or even 30% in order to recoup what they put out for Covid so the 6% VAT I paid for mine under the margin scheme should return more profit when selling just through this alone if it actually happens.
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