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  1. Cant see how these are still here in my opinion as you wont find a cheaper 1/10 gold brit anywhere at this moment in time
  2. i suspect its the light and the angle of the photograph of the henry VIII but its got a uncanny resemblance to miss piggy from the muppets .
  3. They have just completed an audit on the feds gold reserves in the us. This is what they found .
  4. Received today 2023 Ducaton Rider Restrike Dutch 1oz Silver Bullion Round, courtesy of martin
  5. constantly around the £1600 for a few weeks now ( give or take the £20 mark ) if not months . a new stair step imho. November 2023 will be the real test. A weather man told me . ( the stormy season ) 😉
  6. any pics of the aztec rounds ? tia
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