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  1. gji25

    Current sov price

    @kurama you would get more interest with some pics added 👍
  2. £332.60 for a 2021 full soveriegn @ bullion by post delivered just to let anyone know . dont go much on the 2022 as it looks a bit pinkish to me
  3. 5 king edward imperial cigars brought when i was on holiday last year and have now turned to vaping. these retail for £26 per pack of 5 cigars in the uk. i have 5 packs of 5 cigars. asking £13 per pack which equates to half price . paypal fandf accepted. postage choice by buyer.
  4. i dont bother with gloves with bullion coins as i hold them by there edge. just got to feel it 😉 as for coins that have milk spots or tarnishing i just use the rubber pencil eraser trick like most of us do 🙄
  5. gji25

    Hello everyone

    my wife expects a little bit more 🙄 welcome to the forum 😃
  6. the actual mintage of the 1/4 ounce 2011 noahs ark coin is apparantly 17,068
  7. to have a roof solar put in you have to have a massive insurance policy ? you dont have to put solar panels on a roof. alot of people have them on the ground 😎
  8. 3 cheers for trp for all the hard work and effort he or she has put into the draw. 🥂 🍺
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