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  1. Hey, obviously before you sell them mind showing us what 4 years of BYB silver forum history looks like.
  2. If you get a small one, the one that looks diamond cut please let me know.
  3. Can you make a bundle offer? On half ounce coins you have. In addition any more .5 oz for sale.
  4. What is the percentage of copper?
  5. Hello All, Anyone selling or have any bullion for melting?
  6. MintageSeller


  7. If you post on sphock there's 30% off, so someone can buy it cheaper and you get same money.
  8. On here is fantastic, plenty of experience and trustworthy people. I will always sell on here to be honest, I only mentioned it due to the 30% off nearly any item, even if I list gold.
  9. Online marketplace and auction sites make their money in different ways. While eBay levies fees on each item you sell, other sites like Shpock do not charge you a fee for listing an item for sale. Instead, Shpock charges for extra features that help to promote an item on sale. I would advise however if you are selling gold or silver, maybe post your deal here. If allowed under silver deals, It is always better to sell or buy from established members in the forum, this is just a good way to better a deal.
  10. You process the payment through there payment system, it does take a bit longer to receive funds but you will get more or equal to expectations when selling, if you're purchasing you will get a good deal. I've done both, and haven't had an issue. However agreed, read T & Cs
  11. Yeah thats it, I'll be selling some items if anyone's interested. I'll also be putting some other items up, that will end up being below spot.
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