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  1. Hello, I am selling 1000 dimes silver 90% for 2200 or BO Originally purchased from Jmbullion. Thank You
  2. Honestly, I would break it down in potential chunks sell it here. Then if you live in US Western Union yourself a chunk of the money where allowed to that address and pic it up etc. Might be able to swap it out aswell for some gold and quickly turn your legitimate dealings more legitimate to any authority.
  3. MintageSeller

    for sale (By Platinum Member) US 90% Silver

    1 x 1922 Silver Peace Dollar 23£ 3 x Sitting Liberty Dime (Holed) - £6.00 each 5 x 90% Washington quarters - £4 each 19x 90% Mercury dimes- £1.90 each 13 x 90% Roosevelt dimes -£1.90 each 2 x Standing Liberty quarters (Worn) - £4.30 Prices excluding postage Payment PayPal
  4. Hello All, Up for sale is:•CRISTÓBAL COLÓN• UN PESO AMÉRICA CENTRAL ( Worn 14£ + postage) Looking for 14£, payment method paypal.
  5. Hello All, Up for Sale: QUEEN ELIZABETH II · 1997 · FALKLAND ISLANDS · 2£ Looking for 70£ postage included Payment method PayPal.
  6. Talk me through the prices, and I'll trade something I dont know much about it but what the heck. Aha.
  7. MintageSeller

    for sale or exchange (By Platinum Member) Sale/Trade 250 $ USD Quarters

    Hello, I'm selling 250 Dollars in quarters for 200£ or exchange. Good for holiday money. PM with offers or exchanges.
  8. Hello, Here for sale is 35, 90% silver dimes I am looking for 90£ obo. The lot is a mixture of Mercury, barber, sitting liberties dimes under various conditions. Thank You.
  9. Hello all, Silver is on the rise and I have the following I have the following, majority with wear good for silver and some good condition. 95 ( 1 shilling coins) 2 ( 2 shilling coin) 22 ( 3 pence) 2( 6 pence) I am looking for £200 for the lot ONO. Any offers within reason are welcome. PM. Thank You
  10. Hello, I am selling for 75£ Or exchange offers open.
  11. MintageSeller

    for sale or exchange (By Platinum Member) 30 silver quarters 140£ ono

    I am selling 30 silver quarters for 140£. I am looking for a quick sale. Thank You.
  12. MintageSeller

    for sale or exchange (By Platinum Member) 1000 Dimes 90% silver 2300$ obo

    I am selling 1000 dimes for 2300$ or best offer. PM.
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