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  1. Beautiful, but its a tad to much on my budget for a single coin as its strays a bit from my collection. What do you have?
  2. Hello All, I'm selling a 50g geiger in capsule looking for 57.50, and buyer pays postage. Ppff
  3. Hello All, I'm wanting to buy 4 specific coins, 1/2 Silver mouse, ox, tiger. BU/ possibly proof. Anyone have any for sale?
  4. I like this but more towards scrap tbh, I would polish it and engrave. Nice piece though
  5. Alright no problem forgot what I put lol, either way I'm in for what I said aha. Thanks
  6. Honestly sometimes it is just hard to grab a coin or something in that nature. I reckon some people don't want to give a piece of something they own like their own 1 oz like some of us do. In addition some people are not fans of paying 20% VAT on silver from certain sites. It is preference I guess, I aim to buy from tsf always.
  7. Yeah my phone was showing offline, was miserable only thing I look at during my breaks.
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