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  1. Hello gentlemen, all this talk about World War 3. I figured this is a good start to communicate during the war. Silver Forum Coalition SFC battalion 1
  2. I have alot of pre 1920 uk coins if you want to buy them. Considering world war 3 is around the corner.
  3. The glitter stars made my day, whoever sent this shouldve sent glitter flakes lmak
  4. I need to send mine over, work has literally left me no time as i start early and finish late. I have some extra goodies to make up for the delay though
  5. Whoop whoop PM'ed CHRISTMAS TIME.Tried searching for what I won, but cant find it aha.
  6. Always remember your exit strategy, what is the purpose of buying silver. Are you wanting to be a collector, or are you wanting to eventually sell off your stack for profits etc? View the price of of other sites, then compare it else where. I personally would not buy from Ebay, this is only my preference. Alot of guys here sell on Ebay however, and well trusted.
  7. My first time was last year, and it's incredible.It's like a Silver Brotherhood.The gifts are genuine,and not your typical secret Santa.It's a treasure for a treasure.
  8. We should have a voluntary pot, that's a 1 wins all as well. Maybe called the Grinch Pot, Or The Grand Daddy or maybe The Clause Lottery . Separate from the Christmas but done at the same time.
  9. We have a swear jar at work, they said they would donate to any local charity "Local Pub" aha Added 0 minutes later... It's a Beaut.
  10. Thanks I’ll check it out.
  11. I’ve purchased a Beatrix potter coin and it also came scratched. Yet due to my line of work, I did not have time to post back in time. It’s very unfortunate, I don’t understand how these coins pass any sort of quality checks...
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