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  1. Box/COA: Yes the coin comes with both the box and COA. Condition: Coin has never been removed from capsule since its been in my possession. Looks very clean, no obvious scratches. All round in great condition. Location: UK Shipping: UK only. Royal mail Special Delivery £8.95 or a delivery of your choice. If located near to my place of residents, delivery / pick up can be done. Payment: Bank transfer only in GBP Price: £430 ONO Crypto.com £415 Returns wont be possible Aimed to be dispatched within 1 day of payment
  2. @Jvw Yes it is bullion grade. Thanks for the help, best of luck finding sovereigns Cheers, Sam
  3. Hi all, I have purchased an American buffalo coin very recently however with inspection of the coin i have noticed a sizeable copper coloration from the nose to the end of the chin of the face side. Will this significantly decrease the value of the coin if I come to sell it in the future?. Thanks for any help responded.
  4. @motorbikez @Blockhead Thanks for the advice guys, appreciate the help🙏
  5. 4 x The Queens Beasts 2018 Black Bull of Clarence 1/4oz gold proof coins Box/COA: None have box and COA's. Only box insert & capsule for all four coins unfortunately. Condition notes: Since they have been in my possession I have never opened the capsules but they could have been by a previous owner. All look in good condition with a few having slight dust, but no obvious scratches to the surfaces. Location: UK Shipping: UK only. Royal Mail Special Delivery £8.95 Price: £500 each + £8.95 Royal Mail Special Delivery. All four for £1900 + £8.95 Royal Mail Special
  6. i will have a look at that thanks Sam
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