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Gold nuggets?


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No idea, my friends nan gave them to them as a present. 

They feel wrong and not weighty enough given their size to me. Also i thought the colour looked weird. 

@arphetheanthanks for the advice. They are thinking of taking them to a gold shop to be tested. 

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1 hour ago, Oliman said:

Hi guys,

My friend has these nuggets, weight approx 7-8 grams. Need help identyfying do they look right. 

Any help much appreciated. 


I don't know anything about yours, but these are some I saw a few months ago:


I think these are probably natural, but have not seen enough "natural" gold flakes or nuggets to be certain.

The total weight is approximately 4 grams.

I did a Niton XRF test on one of them, but can't find the file at the moment.





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3 minutes ago, Oliman said:

Thank you @LawrenceChard.

i dont think his are legit as they just dont look right. Yours looks more substansial for 4 grams in weight also. 

There is alot of whatever his is to make up 7-8 grams

They look rather rounded, possibly water worn, but could be molten gold dropped into liquid.



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Found this one on ebay. Be worth checking the kit works on verified gold first if you have any scrap available. 


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I have seen a fair few nuggets particularly in Australia. Yours don’t look like any I have seen or own.

But that doesn’t mean much. Could be gold in them but I suspect they will have a fairly high copper content.  It does a colour similarity to fools gold - see the pic attached.  I haven’t seen fools gold in this form though.

May be worth cutting one open to see what is inside.  I doubt there is much value in them being intact nuggets vs crushed and melted.

Worth getting tested!

Just for interest - see the pic attached.

(1) Is a Manganese nodule that I found while diving in the South Pacific.  Had it tested by a friend who is a materials science person.  Quite rare (in base metal terms)

(2) Decent sized sample of Iron Pyrite (Fools gold)

The pen is for scale.




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1 hour ago, James32 said:

Look like copper of some description ,and too many for such low weight.

Check @stackerp5 recent post to get an idea how they should look. 

Hi James thanks for the tag!

@Oliman please go on my profile and check my recent listings for gold nuggets.

I'm no expert but those could be copper nuggets judging by the colour. I could be wrong, and I say this because the nuggets I have for reference are minimum 21.5K and they are clearly bright yellow in colour.

I have a gold scratch/testing kit I got for cheap off either ebay or amazon. I would offer to test but if it's copper I dont think the postage would be worth it? EDIT: the cheapest postage is, I think 96p for 2nd class large.

I agree with @dicker's comment but I've also got a couple examples of fool's gold with varying colours and it doesn't seem to be that close. Even the "golden" fool's gold has a dull yellowish tinge/colour to them.

I suspect it could be copper. It may be very low purity gold or have some gold content within (what looks to be) copper but again, I'm not sure.

I hope this comment is of any help 🙏😊

Edited by stackerp5

Always shipping with re-used or biodegradable packaging.

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I was thinking something like electrum where there's various silver and gold mixes and depending upon the content of each metal depends upon the colour.

I think copper is highly likely, gold could be present in low quantities, afterall 9ct gold always looks a little coppery to me, but then again so do certain 22ct gold coins which has been a bug bear of our own @LawrenceChard for example. 😁

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