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  1. Selling 1oz Gold Completer £1390 inclusive of SD. Bought new from the Royal Mint. Bank tfr please.
  2. Finally received my replacement 10oz coin number 70. Clusters of milk spots on queens side and one large one near the 1. Huge clumps forming on the rim also. Beyond a joke
  3. Still waiting on mine. Received my 10oz (sent back today due to Milk spots) They replacing it as apparently had some spare in the vault for such problems. 5oz arrived yesterday with my 2x 1oz. All seem fine.
  4. Had a closer look at my 10oz and sending it back. Two milk spots on the front 😭😔
  5. Got my 10oz today. No sign of my 5oz, 2oz or 2x1oz though which is a shame. Royal Mint saying orders complete on the 10oz, 5oz and the 2 x1oz 🤔. Phone call on Monday me thinks
  6. Only 1oz and unc left. I was after 10oz and 5oz but guessing all the scalpers got them 😡
  7. For sale 1oz Gold 2021 Britannia. After £1300 inclusive of SD. Bank tfr preferred. Coin has been handled, please see photos of coin condition. Thanks for looking
  8. Have for sale my 5oz Queens Beast Completer coin PF70 first release. I do have its original box and certificate can be sent also if required. AOOG
  9. Private message me. Never posted abroad before but sure its not too difficult
  10. Oliman


    Its been relisted for £1000 🤣
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