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  1. Have for sale my 5oz Queens Beast Completer coin PF70 first release. I do have its original box and certificate can be sent also if required. AOOG
  2. Private message me. Never posted abroad before but sure its not too difficult
  3. Oliman


    Its been relisted for £1000 🤣
  4. Final Reduction £350 otherwise going to hold
  5. Got my 5oz proof back and perfect score 🙌.
  6. Selling my 1oz Queens Beast Completer PF70. After £350 including SD. AOOG Bank tfr and paypal f&f accepted.
  7. Items back for grading, 2 1oz completers PF70 very happy
  8. The Kilo coin is now sold out. Anyone know if a 10oz is coming?
  9. The 2oz bullion and the 1 kilo bullion coins are now available on the royal mint
  10. Seems to be a bit of a nothing series. Dont know if RM can get rights to it, but a Tolkien Hobbit or LOTR series or Harry Potter series would fly out the door.
  11. Quite a haul today. 1oz Gold Completer Bullion, 10oz White Horse of Hanover, 1 2018 Canadien Maple, 2010 vancouver olympic coin and 21 Eagles.
  12. Oliman

    for sale 1oz Silver

    Can i see the Brit please? Cheers
  13. Sadly my peace dollars are 1922 and 1923. But thank you @DarkChameleonwill keep an eye out for a 1928
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