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  1. Hi Scaff, sure everything will be alright mate. Hopefully the seller is just busy, albeit annoying that they should respond to you, as you have given them the money. Easier said than done but try and relax and sure everything will be alright. Got everything crossed for you
  2. 2 2015 Brits, 1 2018 Krugerrand, 1 1889 Morgan Dollar and 3 liberty peace Dollars. I love my local antiques shop!
  3. Hi mate can i grab a coin also please.
  4. 2 peace dollars, 1 morgan, 1 Britannia and 3 eagles with gold liberty. Very happy from my local antique shop
  5. My silver stack, wont trade all as want to keep some.
  6. Lovely sovereign would you like brits? Mixture?
  7. Will respond in a bit mate apologies at work atm
  8. What Sovereign/sovs do you have to trade. We could potentially come to a deal at 13.
  9. £336 ive valued the sovereigns at. £28 an ounce of silver in exchange
  10. Was thinking 12 ounces for a Sovereign and 13-14 for a quarter ounce. Cheers
  11. Oliman

    Silver to Gold

    Sorry mate but merely asking other peoples more experienced opinions on the matter, just getting a gauge on gold and silver sellers thoughts on pricing as others have discussed. Apologies for asking for guidance didnt realise was an issue
  12. Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone would be interested in trading a gold Sovereign or a 1/4oz gold piece for some of my 1oz silver bullion. Obviously can discuss a price which would be fair for both parties. Got Maples, Eagles, Brits and Kruggerands up for offer. Pay for your own SD so its fair. Cheers,
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