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  1. also dont visit the shops or turn the heating on......problem definitely solved then
  2. 2001 Queen Victoria Anniversary Gold Proof £5 Crown NGC PF 70 UC Includes the original Royal Mint box and certificate £2750 posted SD Payment by BT
  3. 2003 Coronation Jubilee Gold Proof £5 NGC PF 70 UC Includes the original Royal Mint box and certificate £2500 posted SD Payment by BT
  4. Four 1915 Restrike Austrian Gold 1 Ducat 0.1106 troy ounces gold each Fineness 986 205 each inc SD post 400/two inc SD post 795/four inc SD post payment method BT
  5. includes original box and cert 825 posted SD payment by BT please
  6. 2005 proof sovereign NGC PF 70 UC no box/cert 750 posted SD payment by BT please
  7. Spare a thought for the seller. I suspect they will not be able to recover their loss from insurance or the carrier. By not inspecting the package and signing for it you let the delivery person and carrier off the hook. Ebay always sides with the buyer, I know from experience as a past seller on ebay. I was scammed out of £800 by a buyer who had left me positive feedback for the item I sold to them and then decided to make a claim with ebay claiming the contents where missing from the package. Of course ebay decided in the buyers favour. Scamming on ebay is the easiest risk free fraud one can commit.
  8. 2003 Britannia Gold Proof 1/4oz NGC PF 70 UC With box/cert 525 posted SD BT payment please
  9. I am disappointed by so many Auction houses, supposedly highly reputable ones at that, using the description FDC to describe coins which clearly are not. Coins which have visible hairlines and handling marks are often given the FDC description. This is often the case with the 1937 Gold Proof 4 coin set £5 to 1/2sov. Very few, if any ,of these 1937 sets are FDC It is dishonest and is in breach of the trades description act, stop doing it.
  10. SOLD 2002 Golden Jubilee Sovereign Bullion grade 375 posted SD Payment by BT or PPFF
  11. I think they have gone to the wall
  12. Not surprised by the Auction result. Any modern graded coin less than a 70 will be hammered at Auction(pardon the pun)!!!
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