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  1. Upon reflection, no one is at fault. After all it is NOT a proof coin just a BU. I wasn't taking this into consideration earlier.
  2. I am selling a 2019 Sovereign MS 70 Matte on ebay and a prospective customer thought they spotted faults on the coin. They are correct. There are in fact several indentations in the planchet. I had assumed that a 70 grade means the coin is perfect and does not require close inspection by the owner or buyer. It has been said before but is worth stating again... by the coin NOT the slab.
  3. I am comfortable buying gold at £1400, but in the form of Proof Britannias as they can be purchased around spot+10%, a kind of bullion+ coin. So these could benefit from both a rise in the gold price and a renewed interest in their numismatic qualities going forward.
  4. RM 2014 Lunar Horse 1oz silver coins 1 sold 11 remaining £25 each including signed for shipping UK only PPF&F or Bank Transfer Thanks
  5. Sorry to hear about your son's friend being scammed. Nowadays whenever I transfer money from my bank they send a passcode that I have to input before money is transferred. Paypal should also use this facility, it would reduce fraud massively.
  6. Thats what I thought later. The "buyer" had asked previously if I would lower the price, I declined. Perhaps he knew the rules on paypal transaction fees and acted maliciously.
  7. I recently sold a coin on ebay for £1100. The buyer used paypal to make the purchase. They quickly asked to cancel the purchase because they had used an out of date credit card. I agreed to the cancellation request, after all, with distance selling the buyer has a legal right to cancel for any reason, I think. When I checked my paypal a/c I discovered that the transaction fee had not been refunded. I contacted paypal and they told me they would not refund the transaction fee as this is their policy. So that leaves me £40 out of pocket and no sale.
  8. The whole of 2021 not having to return a defective coin to the RM
  9. Wonder what happened to the Gold 2oz version? Perhaps the RM has retained them to be graded and sold at Auction, thats my theory.
  10. For Sale Britannia 2015 Gold Proof £10 NGC PF 70 Price £350 including special delivery payment BACS of Paypal f&f
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