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  1. lucky me!!! thanks everyone for your input. much appreciated.
  2. I bought this coin as part of a 4 coin set, paid over the odds for the set but I noticed the £10 coin had the "incorrect portrait" This coin has the Maklouf portrait, which was replaced by the Rank-Broadley portrait in 1998, this according to Spink catalogue. Does anyone agree or am I missing something. Any opinions much appreciated.
  3. NGC graders do not wear gloves whilst grading coins
  4. 1825 penny? I've been after one for ages...thanks for the heads up !!!! lol
  5. Welcome. About a year ago I would have recommended you buying your bullion from Atkinsons Bullion. Why? glad you asked. Because with each order they would include a chocolate coin. In fact when I placed an order sometimes it was only because of the chocolate coin that I placed the order. Alas they no longer do this.
  6. It is common knowledge that PCGS give out fewer 70's than NGC I prefer the ngc slab and would much rather have a ngc 70 than a pcgs 69
  7. I will buy the 1/10 britannia and Eagle Pm payment details please
  8. to the two whose coins got a PF 67, I feel your pain. It happened to me with my silver una despite buying it from the coin connection at the time. I removed it from it's capsule and placed it in a flip, the flip was a little small for the coin so I guess it got damaged in transit. So my advice to anyone who has not sent their 3G for grading yet is send it in its original capsule.
  9. Yes welcome, the more the merrier !!
  10. Happy Easter!!!! My 2oz silver proof 3G is in transit from NGC and has achieved a PF 70
  11. Received an email today from Sovereign Rarities about their new fixed price listings. One was for a 2oz silver proof 3 Graces with a first day of issue label. Asking price was £4800. When I looked for it on their website it had already sold. I believe Sovereign Rarities are an arm of the Royal Mint. This would explain how 50+ two ounce silver Graces where graded so fast by NGC. They must have been retained by the Royal Mint and excluded from the website release last month.
  12. I sent the images of the coin to an expert in British Gold Milled coins, he is pretty certain that it is not genuine. Since he is judging the coin from images he is reluctant to say he is 100% certain it is fake, though highly likely.
  13. Received an email this morning from NGC informing me that my gold 2oz three graces has been moved from the Express tier to the Walkthrough tier costing me an extra £120 in grading fees. So my coin very recently cost me 5K and the Express tier is for coins upto 7.5K, so I felt the Express tier was reasonable . Looks to me that NGC are themselves cashing in on the success of the three graces coin. Has this happened to anyone else.?
  14. The domed version looks like a better buy although around £100 more, release has been delayed a couple of months due to production issues. Is this the first domed coin produced by the Royal Mint? Coin connection sold out but managed to pre order one from Paul Davies instead.
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