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  1. Picked up these coins from NGC London today, disappointed about the Alfred, but you can't win them all !!!!!
  2. Just found a recent purchase cheaper? Mistakenly gave the Royal Mint one last chance? You need cheering up Thank me later
  3. Without Jody Clark the RM Commemorative arm of the business would be stuffed.
  4. Today I was planning on dropping bundles of cash in the drain outside my house. Alas it is raining and the forecast tomorrow is for more rain. Aha tomorrow the Royal Mint are releasing yet another coin, which I can buy with my cash bundle, from the comfort of my living room, and remain dry, thanks RM.
  5. Just received my The Who Gold Proof 2oz. Royal Mint where kind enough to give me a little extra metal attached to the rim, free of charge. Not sure whether to stick or twist with this coin?
  6. Just received my QB's two ounce silver proof completer coin from the Royal Mint. The lid of the capsule parted company with the body when I removed it. Typical RM. cOIN LOOKS GREAT !!!
  7. I have order one from my account manager Expected release is the end of this week
  8. June 16 a raw una and the lion gold 2oz sold for £39700 @ warwick and warwick Auctioneers I think the 3G gold 2oz sold yesterday for £15800 is an outlier. Someone got a bargain in my view
  9. I have managed to order the silver proof 2oz from the Royal Mint @£180
  10. Three graces prices much lower this month. It appears that the shill bidders had a day off.
  11. Purchased this set along with other miscellaneous silver from warwick and warwick Auctions. This set was described in the catalogue as white metal not silver. Upon close inspection I have found Austrian silver hallmarks( Diana Head with no3 inscribed) My research suggests it is dated around 1867, maker J.C. Klinkosch, Vienna, and is 800 silver. Total weight is 144g. Can anyone provide anymore information, for example is it worth more than its weight in silver? Thanks
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