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  1. As per topic. Bid increments of not less than £1 please. I have put a reserve on these. Chris will be informed of the reserve. I shall inform bidders if/when reserve is met. Postage of buyers choice, expense and risk. Auction ends at 5pm on Saturday. Happy bidding 😋😋
  2. Hi. As per topic. Auction will close on Saturday at 5pm. Increments of not less than £1 please😋. I have put a reserve on these. I will inform Chris of this. I will also state if/when the reserve is met. Postage at buyers expense and risk unless SD. Happy bidding!
  3. Congratulations to Keyira! PM’d
  4. Crikey! Quickest sale ever! PM Coming👍👍
  5. As per topic. £100 delivered SD. UK only please. Payment by BT only. Thanks for looking!
  6. Auction now closing at 7pm this evening👍👍
  7. Less than three hours to go peeps 😋😋😋
  8. Bump for non premium members 😛😛
  9. Just back from @Numistacker this morning. Thanks, Numi. And a special thanks to @kneehow2018 for such a beautiful sovereign.
  10. As above. Starting bid oh no less than £50 please with increments of at least £1. Auction closes on Friday at 7pm. Post at buyers expense and risk unless SD Thanks for looking!
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