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  1. Along with many others, I’m sure. The final Beastie. Thanks to @kneehow2018for the Griffin and @richatthecroftfor the Lion. Box also from Kneehow but originally from @AlunI suspect.
  2. That’s awe inspiring, Richard. What a milestone 👍👍
  3. I’ll simply say your taste in coins far outweighs your taste in cars Richard😝😝
  4. Cracking idea and sounds perfectly feasible to me. Let’s see what Chris has to say 👍👍
  5. Lesson learned for my part. Fortunately, other auctions I have initiated have not ended in a last minute frenzy. The constant crashing of the site yesterday didn’t help to say the least. Also, for those of us who access the forum from smartphone rather than a laptop or desktop the most we (or I at least) can see is how long ago the last bid was made. Your ‘extending the sale by a few minutes’ doesn’t help (or would not have in this case) as I would be unable to see if the final bid came in seconds after the deadline. Most importantly the issue was resolved amicably after Karl and I b
  6. See Darren’s reply (above) please
  7. That’s very kind of you Darren. The bid was in time. That was a hairy few minutes!!
  8. Ok. I’m confused. I am unable to see the timing of Karl’s bid? Was it after the deadline?? The site has been continuously crashing on me today 😡😡
  9. My apologies. The site keeps crashing on me. Karl got there just in time.
  10. Closed Added 0 minutes later... It’s yours 1817 Karl. PM incoming. Thanks to all bidders.
  11. Artictim

    completed (By Platinum Member) 1/10 2016 Wedge Tailed Eagle

    It’s a lovely little coin. Thanks to the very sporting unsuccessful bidders too 👍
  12. 50 minutes to go on this beautiful 2017 Piedfort. Don’t miss your chance to have it in your collection early next week!
  13. Artictim

    completed (By Platinum Member) 1/10 2016 Wedge Tailed Eagle

    Congratulations Jackflash . Right on the button. PM incoming. Thanks for all your bids people 👍👍
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