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  1. Congrats on both Richard. Both very pleasing to the eye. 👍👍👍👍👍
  2. In hand and ready to post. All original Mint packaging and, of course, COA. A stunning addition to any collection. First Releases Label and top pop. SOLD plus postage.
  3. Back from grading at long last👍👍
  4. Ordered mine on Monday and it arrived this morning! 👌👍👍
  5. Just stunning to see them together, Richard. 👍👍
  6. Two more pieces arrived this morning. A nice Gillick sov from @oooootini because you can’t have too many and a 1911 Indian Head Half Eagle from @Spence098simply because I’ve never owned one and wished to. Photo up to my usual standard 🤣🤣 Thanks, guys👍
  7. Yet another stunning pick up Richard. You really do have some incredible coins in your collection with a doubt 😲😲😲
  8. Truly stunning, Richard. Congratulations on such an iconic coin
  9. My first set. Chuffed to bits. Many thanks @richatthecroft👍👍
  10. Mine arrived today via Royal Mail
  11. ?? Any marks are on the capsule👍
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