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  1. Also thought this was helpful, A silver platform in this format would be great if anyone can help, I've looked online but cant find anything similar
  2. what does the term bump mean? i see it a lot on the forum but I'm new so still learning
  3. Cheers dude, Looking forward to it...
  4. I found out about about this forum after watching from YouTube and it was highly recommended by a lot of people, So hear I am Chaps, I've done a lot of research and came to the decision ill start the investment for my future/pension as physical precious metals, interested in mainly Silver & Gold but when or if the opportunity arises I may dabble into other sectors. Hoping to become apart of an online community for the first time, I'm 30yrs old and taken the leap of faith to start the long 25/30year slog investment, Made my 1st purchase of 12oz fine silver (10oz Bar + 2oz Queens Beast coin) in May! (Wasn't the best time to purchase I know, I just wanted to dip my toes in the water) Any advise, good places to buy from, groups I could join to gain knowledge and contacts would be gratefully appreciated.. Looking forward to my new venture!!!
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