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  1. If anyone is selling any 1/10th gold Brits please PM me.
  2. Hi all, My second sale on the forum.. This time I have x9 2015 ASE's for sale, bullion grade. The reason for me selling is the same as my first, (These coins don't fit in with my stack and I'm looking to reinvest in other interests) One coin in the top right has a very noticeable milk spot on the eagle side - see photos I'm looking for an all in payment of £213.75 £207 (£23.00 each) for all 9 coins and ill throw you the tube FOC. Please note the lid is cracked so its not in the best of conditions, I received it like this but its nothing a little sellotape cant fix 😎 Posta
  3. Good Evening, (My first sale on the forum) Here we have a 10oz Silver bullion Bar with the American Flag design in protective plastic, There is a slight tare in the plastic in the bottom left hand corner on the flag side but its only noticeable if you know its there! The bar looks to have very slight toning in areas but nothing major. (This was my first ever silver purchase from "SilverGoldBull" and arrived with me in the condition as I'm selling it) I'm only selling the bar as I've realised its not what I want in my stack and ill be looking to reinvest. I'm looking for £235 + b
  4. My first answer is 214 mints in the Jar. 👍 My stupid answer is that I believe there are actually no mints in the jar, the minion villain has has replaced the contents with exploding candy so he and the minions can clear you out of all you're precious treasure (PM's) and take over the world 🙂
  5. I found out about about this forum after watching from YouTube and it was highly recommended by a lot of people, So hear I am Chaps, I've done a lot of research and came to the decision ill start the investment for my future/pension as physical precious metals, interested in mainly Silver & Gold but when or if the opportunity arises I may dabble into other sectors. Hoping to become apart of an online community for the first time, I'm 30yrs old and taken the leap of faith to start the long 25/30year slog investment, Made my 1st purchase of 12oz fine silver (10oz Bar + 2oz Que
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