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  1. @Touvex all good answers already received above. Just adding a few points (mainly insurance / reimbursement in the event of loss/damage): I guess i should select ship to NGC USA, even if i drop to London office? Yes Please note: NGC UK is not liable for loss or damage to coins in transit Same question as before on declared value - shall i be bullish or conservative? And is it capped based on grades? E.g. cannot be higher than 1500 for "modern" tier? This serves two purposes: 1) tier for grading and conservation costs 2) insurance With regards to tiers - NGC will push it up if the fair market value is higher than what you have put down With regards to insurance, from what I have heard (I have never had any issues myself, yet), NGC will pay out the LOWER of: a) RRP/Purchase price (you will need to produce receipts), b) fair market value as determined by NGC Read, point 7.4, in particular, of the terms and conditions here: https://www.ngccoin.uk/legal/terms-and-conditions/ Is "internet imaging" to get photos in database when we search? These are extra images - high quality images of the coin outside the holder (sometimes they give you a few for free) I guess i cannot put a description of the coin somewhere? Just year and denomination? That's correct - they know most of the British coins; sometimes they get the label wrong in which case I ask them to correct it. They do this free of cost. Even if you make mistakes in filling up the form, they will let you know, so don't stress over it
  2. Hi All, Looking for a PF70 graded 2019 At Helena Una and the Lion by EIC. Similar to the one pictured below. Thanks for reading.
  3. Hi All, Here we have the first coin from the Royal Mint UK Queen's Beasts series, in the 10oz Silver Proof format, graded by NGC as PF69 Ultra Cameo. Price: £525 posted Special Delivery within UK Payment via Bank Transfer or PayPal (please add fees). Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi All, Here we have a limited edition Gold Proof 50p set (five 50p gold proof coins) commemorating the Coronation Anniversary of QE II. Each coin has been graded PF69 Ultra Cameo by the NGC. Each coin weighs 15.5 grams (22ct gold) Price: £3400 posted Special Delivery within UK. Payment via PayPal (please add fees) or Bank Transfer. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi, In the past I've only noticed the error once I received the coin back from NGC (I submit at NGC UK who then ship the submission to the USA). Then, I just filled out a new submission form and resubmitted the coin along with my next submission. In your case, it might be worth getting in touch with NGC to see if they can rectify the error without you having to resubmit. Hope this helps.
  6. Bringing this up for non-premium members 😊
  7. Hi All, Here we have a 1oz silver proof coin from St. Helena. £90 posted Special Delivery within UK. Thanks for looking!
  8. Stunning set and great price. At just 95 sets this has a lot of potential I reckon.
  9. Hi All, Here we have some Royal Mint UK Gold Proof £2 coins graded PF70 by NGC. Please note: no box or CoA. Will be dispatched via Royal Mail Special Delivery (unless otherwise agreed, for example a courier). Please allow a day or two for dispatch. Payment via PayPal (please add fees if using the goods and services option) or Bank Transfer. Prices as follows: - 1995 End of WWII Dove £850 - 2016 WWI Centenary "The Army" £900 - 2020 Agatha Christie £1000 - 2020 Mayflower £1000 - 2020 VE Day £1000 - 2013 London Underground Roundel £4000 (Lowest mintage gold proof UK £2) - 2013 Golden Guinea £2400 (only one PF70 @NGC) Thanks for looking!
  10. Hi All, Having a clear out of my Royal Mint UK Gold Proof 50p coins. Please note: no box or CoA included. Postage: will be sent Special Delivery unless otherwise agreed (a courier, for example; especially for items over the Royal Mail insurance limit of £2500). Collection from East/Southeast London welcome. Please allow a day or two for dispatch. Payment via PayPal (please add fees if paying via goods and services) or Bank Transfer. Prices as follows: - 1998 NHS £850 - 2005 Samuel Johnson's Dictionary £850 - 2007 Scouting £850 each (2 available) - 2020 Withdrawal from EU (aka Brexit) £1700 - 2020 Megalosaurus £1000 - 2019 The Snowman £1000 - 2019 Peter Rabbit £1000 - 2020 Rosalind Franklin £1100 - 2018 The Snowman £1800 - 2011 WWF £2400 - 2020 Team GB £6000 (mintage 75) - 2013 Benjamin Britten £8000 (mintage 70) Thanks for looking!
  11. 100% @Paul. I've had to bump up a few of my own listings. Painful while selling, but, it's a clear indication that the market doesn't agree with my valuation. Most recent Royal Mint releases are an excellent example of coins that are currently out of favour in the secondary market, especially if bought at a premium in the secondary market 😔 On the other hand, as a buyer I'm quite pleased with the current market as there are surely some bargains to be had 😊
  12. Many happy returns of the day @AndrewSL76!
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