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  1. Like buses these gold coins... Finally pushed the button (on @TheCoinCabinet) and got myself a Gold Newton 50p in 70. Been pondering for some time and ended up siphoning some funds from my house extension building project to make it happen. Also seeing the updated RM sales figures for the coin being 371 in total (single + in sets) expedited my decison making. Now part of my science 50p series to go with Hawking's and Franklin.
  2. Got myself the new 2021 Gold 1 oz Britannia!
  3. 2013 Proof Sovereign NGC PF 68 Brown Label (no box or coa) £375 including Special Delivery (UK Postage Only) - currently listed as an ebay auction with no bids. If a bid is receievd on there, this listing will be withdrawn. Payment by Bank Transfer or Paypal F&F Please WITHDRAWN AS BID RECEIVED ON AUCTION SITE
  4. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3649938 for the reverse a depiction of David Bowie and the inscription “BOWIE”.
  5. Usual bit of Gazette hunting by me £2 coin - gold, silver & CuNi - https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3649932 (a) a depiction of Sir Walter Scott accompanied by the inscription “SIR WALTER SCOTT NOVELIST HISTORIAN POET” encircled by the inscription “250TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS BIRTH” and the date of the year. The coin shall have a grained edge and in incuse letters the inscription “THE WILL TO DO, THE SOUL TO DARE”, save for the gold coin where the incuse letters shall be accompanied by a plain edge; or (b) a depiction of the Invisible Man and a Martian encircled by clock nume
  6. Got my 1/4 oz gold Greyhound from @coininvest Set all complete.....Job done. Onto the next objective! Also half way to the milestone @richatthecroft wonderfully displayed a few days back!
  7. Did a search to see if topic already exisited but couldn't find one. So apologies if there is. Thoughts?
  8. thanks @coininvest , just ordered mine, the 1/4 oz
  9. h103efa

    Josephine Coins

    A couple of weeks ago I bid on a sovereign on auction on ebay from them. Didnt win. That same sovereign was then relisted a few days later, which i was watching. a couple of days into the relisted auction, it was ended. Not for me, whether shill bidding or abruptly ending auctions or something else.
  10. Bumpy Groove edged jewellry boxes with pink sponge/cotton wool inside of them!
  11. Gold is the gift, not what it looks like. As i explained earlier, most givers dont know about sovs etc, they just look to gift a weight of gold. They buy from jewellers, they wouldnt even know about bullion dealers etc.
  12. Post revisited! We have a upcoming family wedding. A small affair due to current goverment guidelines, but it meant some more of these "comedy" jewellery gold sovereigns (fake sovs, real gold) came out of the family woodwork. Soon to be re-gifted to other family members. There's probably a few real full and half sovs in there too? I tried to show the thinness between the 1g, 2g and half sovereign sizes!
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