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  1. Noticed you are an Aylesburian Chris. Me too, born and bred. Mum still lives there, just on the outskirts in WT.
  2. @GoodAsGold Technically the 50p Peter Rabbit series has finished, RM just cashing in with the less popular £5 coin. Not sure what ti make of the 6 pence series. Cant see them beating the 3Gs until the next one comes out - Gothic Crown or whatever! Though maybe the 2022 sovereign might be a bun fight for too if a special design.
  3. £5 - gold, silver, CuNi https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3749228 reverse a depiction of Peter Rabbit, Mrs Rabbit and three other rabbits accompanied by the inscription “‘NOW RUN ALONG, AND DON’T GET INTO MISCHIEF. I AM GOING OUT.’” 6 pence coin series - Gold and Rose Gold https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3749227 reverse a depiction of Our Royal Cypher surrounded by a floral motif with the inscription “SIXPENCE” and the date of the year
  4. For those that care, the sales figures for 2018 Commemroative coin sales are now released - inlcudes final 2018 sovereign & QBs mintages https://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/mintage-figures/2018-dated-uk-commemorative-coin-sales/
  5. @kimchi I sold my PF69 Queen 2oz Silver on ebay for £275, taking advantage of the £1 FVF. It actually went to Germany via GSP and the buyer must have paid over £350 once further delivery and import fees were added...
  6. New Queens Beasts https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3729975 Looks like in £5 and 50p!!!!!! - I'm guessing silver proofs! All 10 Queens Beasts on One Coin - Gold, Silver, Platinum, Proofs and Bullion £5 CuNi https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3729972 the reverse a depiction of ten heraldic beasts encircling Our effigy, with the inscription “THE QUEEN’S BEASTS” and the date of the year. More silver versions of Three Graces - 1Kg and 10 oz https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3729971 reverse a depiction of three female figures representing Britannia, Hibe
  7. Apparently according to an ITK on Fb, the RM this year will issue a 50p coin series to commerorate the 50th anniversary of Mr Men! Just to update, this may not be a 50p series!
  8. Agree, though i expect the price to retrace to 1900 to fill the gap up, at some point (on the usd chart) .
  9. Last delivery for 2020 courtesy of @Panda6Pack An Atocha Silver Cob 8 Reales round from Moonlight Mint & 2021 silver brits to go with the gold 1oz i already have.
  10. Maybe here @kimchi https://www.islandstampsandcoins.co.uk/the-snowman-2020-uk-50p-silver-proof-coin.html
  11. Received this beauty of a coin from @lxy70713. Very unique and a PAMP creation too. Like a few before me, Thanks to @trp, @ChrisSilver, @Bullionbilly and all those that took part! Merry Christmas everyone!!
  12. I dont think the Gazette proclamations have any bearing on the release date of coins. So entirely possible that Three Graces will be the next release
  13. Sounds like one of those scenarios to achieve a loan of funds from buyers for the seller until the paypal refund kicks in... If its too good to be true.....
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