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  1. They also issued a 1oz in 2021.
  2. Most seem to be missing the point, the new auction platforms are only charging buyer fee, say 10%. These have no guarantee for the seller, it’s about time the risk was removed. The new platform from the TCC will protect the seller. The seller has a choice auction at risk but will sale, or buy now but may take time to sell.
  3. So you would be happy to sell say 2 coins you brought 2019/2020 issue price 24k for 15k a year later, because that's the current market price, the winner is the auction house and the buyer. The coins sold at the TCC auction where not mine.
  4. An update from the TCC It’s a way forward for sellers who want a reserve set. We also plan to launch The Coin Cabinet marketplace this year. This will allow our clients to list items at ‘buy it now’ prices. We believe this offers a solution for one-bidder type coins that constitute a high risk (or in case the consignor uses The Coin Cabinet guarantee, our risk) in a non-reserve auction environment. To take part, items for sale will be sent to The Coin Cabinet for storage while listed on the marketplace. The commission will follow the same structure as our auction consignment.
  5. The TCC is an excellent platform with only 8/10% seller fees, I have brought and sold. But as a seller you are not in control of the price as many modern coins sell well under issue price, good for buyers. I have watched modern coins with an issue price of £12000 sell for £8500 with fees to be taken as well. That seller would not have accepted that price if offered pre auction, with a reserve and lower seller fees he would have been in control. A new platform with 0% seller fees a reserve and 10% buyer fees. This is just my way of improving conditions for sellers.
  6. Many auction allow sellers to set a reserve, so with low seller fees the seller gets the price he sets.
  7. Many auctions are charging below 10% seller fees with no buyer fees, these are a great move forward. I’m looking for 0% seller with just buyer fees.
  8. Can anybody recommend any 0% seller Auctions?
  9. I'm still waiting for my 5oz and 1kg coins, Royal Mint so slow on this issue. Anybody in the same position?
  10. 2021 Royal Mint Music Legends THE WHO £13850 £500 Five Hundred Pound Gold Proof 5oz Coin PCGS PR70 DCAM Issuing Country: United Kingdom Metal: Solid Fine 999.9 Gold Weight: 156.30 Grams / Diameter: 50.00mm Quality: Gold Proof Issue Limit: 64 Worldwide Presented: Certified Slabbed and Graded by PCGS PR70 DCAM Population 1 INCLUDES ORIGINAL BOX AND COA
  11. This is just my opinion; all coins I receive from the Royal Mint I send for grading so they must have a chance of obtaining a grade 70. All 5oz and above coins I send for grading have high fees etc. so I return marked coins to the mint and ask for a replacement or refund or on some (Great Engravers) I ask to have them returned.
  12. WAS £18200 NOW £17200 2021 Royal Mint Great Engravers Gothic Crown Royal Arms £500 Five Hundred Pound Gold Proof 5oz Coin Issuing Country: United Kingdom Metal: Solid Fine 999.9 Gold Weight: 156.30 Grams / Diameter: 50.00mm Quality: Gold Proof Issue Limit: 181 Worldwide THE OPTION TO PRE-ORDER THE SECOUND COIN IN THIS SET AVALIBLE FOR MID MARCH
  13. PCGS use FedEx to return, or you can arrange you own return.
  14. I use FedEx, normally about £37.00 a parcel
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