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  1. Also from the CC auction on Sunday this 2016 James Butler Half Sovereign. Surprisingly this, I believe was only the third one at 70 auctioned this year so not as common as you might think. This now proudly joins the famous five to become the special six.....
  2. @Jamesd. Cheers buddy. Not quite as amazing as your Lib though...
  3. Nearly there in my quest for the complete set of 2005 Perth Mint Lunar Series 1. Latest 5 oz obtained from USA as there seemed to be nothing in Europe. All I need to do now is get a 1/2 kilo empty capsule, crack open the slab, source and buy the 1 kilo and commission a custom case. Not much to do lol.... work in progress and will be a few months yet before completion I think. 😀
  4. While I'm In the mood..... Asda adverts..... pocket tap, my a***e Halifax adverts..... bring back Howard's that's all I can say Nationwide adverts..... just why?????
  5. Need to know if its dishwasher proof before I snap up this bargain 😁😁😁
  6. What things really "grind your gears". Amongst loads to personally choose from, here are three from me that really wind me. In no particular order. 1) Drivers that really slow down / stop at roundabouts and road junctions when there is a great view ahead and no traffic in sight. 2) Stubbing your toes. 3) Losing a coin auction.
  7. @JamesdIf you've got any contacts in the USA you can get genuine Perth Mint capsules from APMEX. Have got some before and they were the real McCoy... but they only ship internationally for more than $250. If you do have the contacts let me know please, I need to order more new PM capsules.
  8. Part of a long term ongoing project to collect all silver coins for this year. Still to do is source the annoyingly difficult 5 oz version and the kilo which ironically seems to be a lot easier to find.
  9. Hi all Looking for the above if at all possible. Must be in good condition please and sent by tracked mail. Payment by PPFF Thanks for looking
  10. Morning all I have for sale a 1910 20 franc French gold Marianne. The coin is bullion but I consider it to be in good condition with no nasty scratches or nicks. The coin is 6.45g of 0.9 gold. The AGW is 5.8g. Based on the current gold price of £1519 that works out at a price of £283. Postage to be added on top. Payment by PPFF or BT. I cant reply until late morning but if all good I can potentially post out later today and get sorted before the TSF weekend lockdown. Thanks for looking....
  11. Not sure I could stand the stress of watching it all collapse. Doing that photo was bad enough, it was right on the edge of my kitchen unit.
  12. A tube of Britannia's,. Now how to display, individually nope, scattered nope, tower yes. No coins were harmed in this dangerous photo shoot and thanks to @Tn21 for doing a deal.
  13. @OrangeSilverThanks for your comments buddy, it is lovely, just got to find the right person.
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