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  1. @Melon. Nothing to do with the grade. You can order the special label with any British coin. It's about $5 extra. Just let Numi know when you send in your coin for grading. I dont normally bother with special labels but as the coin looks so nice I thought I would make the effort this time. IMO I think it sets the coin off perfectly.
  2. @MelonSome coins you just can't sell.... nice to know it's there if I need it but this one is taking pride of place in my collection for the forseeable future👍👍👍
  3. Freshly back from grading and making that magic 70. Wonder what the next one will be???
  4. Hi all Unusual wanted request but I'm looking for a silver chain suitable for my teenage son. £100 to spend for the right one. PM me details, weight, length, photo etc if anyone is looking to sell.... Cheers
  5. Slabbing for me but only modern proof gold and US pre 1933 gold. Looking at the pre 33 gold, slabbing can add real value to a coin as well as confirming its genuine. There are a lot of pre 33 fakes out there. One particular coin I had, increased 5 fold in value by getting it graded but I will generally only slab coins where i think value will be added. I must say I'm a collector and not a stacker so if the boot was on the other foot I wouldn't slab my coins.
  6. @richatthecroft No... tend not to bother on the pre 33 coins just in case it gets the dreaded details lol
  7. Freshly back from grading two US pre 1933 coins. One half eagle and one quarter eagle. Great grade on the 1905 but super pleased the 1913 is genuine and not details. The hunt goes on....
  8. As above, if anyone is interested in selling then please get in touch. Cheers
  9. A superb walnut slab case from @Alun has just turned up. The quality is fantastic, so much better then anything out on the market that I can see. Here's another photo that really highlights how nice it looks, especially with some slabs.
  10. I saw this coin on a website and was immediately struck by the colour of it. So one purchase later, I'm now the proud owner. Looking at the NGC website there are 3 classifications for copper coins. A BN (Brown) classification is less than 15% red lustre, and RB (Red Brown) 15 - 85% red lustre and RD (Red) over 85% red lustre. To my eyes there seems to be plenty of red but NGC have only ever graded 6 RB coins out of some 370 odd coins so they are rare beasts to come across. This is very new territory for me and was wondering if the are any better qualified people then me to make a judgement before it goes for grading. There are a couple of my photos and the original dealer photos. Cheers
  11. Cheers @JunkBond I'm all sorted unless any one has 1/4 oz to sell.
  12. Hi all If anyone has got one of these to sell then please PM me. Good condition please. Thanks
  13. Hi All Not the the greatest ever wish list but if anyone can help me out that would be great. Give me a shout if anyone has anything. In good condition as well please. Many thanks
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