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  1. Hi all. These are my last two Great Engravers coins up for grabs. Maximum mintage of 506. Looking to clear the decks. The Portait looks absolutely minty with no imperfections that I could see by the naked eye and under magnification, with a low COA of 12. Would make a good candidate for grading I would imagine. The Quartered Arms is what I would describe as slightly impaired. There appears to be some sort of toning by the Queens neck and a pin p**** break in the frosting, also on the neck (see picture). Only really visible when you look at a certain angle. To the naked eye is a good looker with no other imperfections in the fields. Portrait £600, Arms £450 or £1025 for the pair and free SD postage. Usual payment terms PPFF or BT Cheers
  2. Anyone thinking I've forgotten today's post????? Still here and still going down.... £250 😀😀😀
  3. @BiigT Absolutely spot on with the figures. I am making a loss. Just not loving the coin anymore, so move it on to someone who will. Some you win, some you lose. A real bargain for someone, it is a fantastic coin in great condition, just not for me at this moment in time
  4. And on we go to day 9 😀 Now £260..... As a side note I have received an offer from a TSF member over the weekend, but not yet at the asking price, so they are now in the driving seat once the price drops to their offer price. Obviously I can't say what the offer is or who did it but things are starting to happen now. YAY....
  5. Extra price drop due to recent forum activity and I need to give this post a bit of a boost, now £265. Thanks for looking👍
  6. 😀 Down Down 300 pounds 😀 Make the most its got free post 😀 Come on TSF don't be shy 😀 Now is the perfect time to buy
  7. Hi all This coin is now going to be sold via a Dutch Auction. For those unsure what a Dutch Auction is, it is as follows. Everyday I will drop the price by £5 until someone decides they want to buy. At which point get in touch and the coin is yours. Payment by BT or PPFF and I will include free SD postage to the winner. I will start the bidding at £320 which is £5 less than the original asking price on my previous post and if I've missed anything then please get in touch Good luck and don't leave it too long 😀😀😀
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