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  1. Just checked the PCGS census and it looks like its an Alderney issue and not the Royal Mint.
  2. After no less than 12 days (first class) sitting at the bottom of a massive pile of post the final part of my great Xmas prize arrived from @dicker. Never ever seen one before and after a quick bit of investigation its a Silver Jubilee silver proof issue weighing 28g. Great little add on to my main prize and @dickeris a top man to deal with. Happy New Year to everyone.
  3. Hi all On the hunt for one of these. If anyone can help please PM with price and details. Cheers
  4. On the hunt for the above in good condition if you can help. PM me please with price and details if anyone is looking to sell. Thanks 👍👍👍
  5. Amazing prize @dicker couldn't be more chuffed. I would also like to thank @trpfor all the organising. Have still got a mystery goody to come as well. Thanks again to all 👍👍👍
  6. Two stunning coins up for grabs along with the original boxes, capsules and COA. All in mint condition. Graded by myself via Numi. WWII 15.98g - AGW 14.64g (same size and weight as a double sovereign) £795 1/4 oz Britannia AGW 7.75g £395 If anyone buys both at the same time then an extra £25 off the total cost. (£1165 for both) Free SD postage also included for each item. Usual payment terms of PPFF or BT. Thanks for looking.....
  7. Hi all Have got some lovely silver rounds up for grabs. All coins are in great condition. Aztec capsules has a couple of light scratches but nothing major or distracting. 1 2018 5oz Proof Libertad 2 5 oz Aztec Sunstone 3 6oz 1933 24k Gold plated Double Eagle replica All priced at £150 plus postage of your choice. Payment is by the usual BT or PPFF. Thanks for looking..... NOW REDUCED TO £135 plus postage
  8. Thanks to @UnoWhofor this lovely Menai Gold One Pound for this great addition to my 2005 "loose change" collection. One upgrade to go to get a full set of 70's. There's only been 3 graded of the WWII so might be a while yet. 🙂
  9. Hi all I have here the small but mighty gold £1 coin at spot price. It weighs in 19.6g of 22k. The AGW is 17.98g. Based on the current gold price of £1414 the price for this coin works out at £817..... Usual payment terms PPFF or BT. Postage on top please. Grab yourself a bargain and thanks for looking. 😀
  10. @sovereignsteve Arthur Conan Doyle once quoted " You see but you do not observe" a fact i must obviously pay more attention to in the future. Well thought out "Holmes"
  11. Amazing effort and photos. Just jaw dropping....
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