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  1. Chunky 10 oz problem free Perth Mint Rooster for the 2005 collection. Looking for a 5 oz if anyone is selling.....
  2. More post today. Saw this 4 Ducat on the forum recently and decided to it would be nice to get one as well. 14g of shiny .986 gold, just lovely for a bullion coin Next on the list might be a Mexican Vente Peso if you i can find one, no rush at the moment though.
  3. 51.9% of you should like this, 48.1% might not.....
  4. Definitely a bit Marmite this one. Being both Platinum and the 2017 Brit design. As it happens though, I love Marmite 👍
  5. Is this the new record for a 70 graded Silver Una. From a Japanese coin shop, 249000 yen converts to about £1850.
  6. Classis design on a modern coin, been after a proof for a while so more than happy to get this problem free example.
  7. Congratulations to @Blockhead who sneaked in at at the last minute. Thanks to everyone who contributed. 👍
  8. Change of mind and have now decided to auction the coin and give it to someone who wants it. See UK and Europe section. 👍
  9. Up for grabs is the iconic 2014 proof Britannia. This is one of the rarest Britannia's ever made with a mintage of just 613. However as you can see the coin is in very much bullion condition with numerous marks. I purchased this recently, sight unseen and talked about it in a different thread but basically doesn't fit in with what I collect. So instead of sending it back to the dealer to be melted or passed on again, I thought someone on here could give this ugly duckling a good home. I will start the bidding at current spot price £138 with bidding in £2 increments. You can bid more than £2 if you so wish and the auction will end on Sunday st 9PM sharp. Payment is usual terms PPFF or BT plus postage of your choice and risk. If you look at Ebay, dealers etc these coins are incredibly difficult if not impossible to source but you then have to balance that against the condition. Any questions then please feel free to get in touch. Happy bidding 😁😁😁😁
  10. I would love to know as well. Someone has at some stage thought it would be a good idea to take an expensive gold coin from the case then from the capsule and then play tiddlywinks with it. More money then sense obviously....
  11. It's only a £10 reduction and the collector in me would just cry everytime I looked at it. A PF 68 has a job getting through the door let alone staying 😁
  12. Update.The dealer has been in touch and offered an option of keeping with discount or returning , postage covered, so back it is going. The search goes on. Note to self, NEVER EVER BUY PROOF COINS SIGHT UNSEEN...
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