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  1. Regarding grading - I apologise in advance if I put my foot in it, but can I ask a couple of questions. Firstly, how much does grading cost? Is it affordable (£20-30) or an extra premium (£100-150)? Secondly (and this is why I apologised in advance). Could you submit for 'pregrading' advice to pay for the service, but find out what it would achieve before committing to slabbing it? If it was a 70, great, go ahead and slab.... But anything less would give you the option to ask for it not to be slabbed whilst being able to maintain the market value for an ungraded set. I know this is morally the wrong thing to do, but I just wondered how this worked.
  2. I've just received my 3 coin set from the RM and I'm happy to report that everything looks spot on. Everything was packaged correctly, no rattling and no loose capsules. The coins themselves look amazing and I can't find any dinks or marks under 30x magnification. I'm counting myself very lucky and it's sad to hear the opposite has happened to so many people. Fingers crossed the RM resolve the outstanding issues with everyone.
  3. my 3 coin set has gone from open to closed!! Hallelujah 😁
  4. I'm actually starting to dread receiving my coin set because there appear to be more unhappy customers than there are those satisfied. The packaging and quality issues leave me with little confidence that I'll receive what I have asked for. It really has taken the shine off the whole experience tbh.
  5. So mine is still showing open so I called the RM and took them to task over it. They admitted that their order system cocked up on the release day resulting in a number of orders not coming through until the 17th!! (i.e. 2 days after release). You can see whether you are a victim of this by looking at your open order and seeing whether it says the order date is the 17th or not. They assured me that they only sold what they could cater for, but she did apologise that the system basically pushed my 9.15am order to the back of the que and reflected that I hadn't ordered until 9.15am on the 17th. She didn't give me categoric reassurance that the order could be fulfilled, but simply said that the system showed my particular order was being processed and all orders in that state are expected to be fulfilled. If your order is not showed as being 'processed' on their system there could be an issue. Hope that helps for those in the same position as me.
  6. My 3 Coin set is still an 'open' order. I spoke to them and they said all was fine, but it's slightly frustrating it's not even showing closed. RE the marks - unless you're grading them, the set with the marks will be worth just as much as the set without them if you sell them. Morally speaking it's not the way to act, but it should give people some peace of mind that it shouldn't matter in years to come.
  7. Hi Dave, I'm guessing yours is showing 3 single orders? I think that's the way it's displayed, but a little concerned that the 3 coin sets were in high demand.
  8. My 3 coin set is still showing in open orders, is anyone else in the same boat specifically for the 3 coin set?
  9. Off topic slightly, but I'm already hyped for the next one. Am I right in thinking it'll be the Gothic Crown? If so, when is that due? Need to start selling the kids toys and clothes to save up for it 😂
  10. that's a matter of opinion. If this is the last sovereign to feature Elizabeth, I believe it will end up becoming more valuable and sought after. But like yours, mine is just an opinion as well
  11. the que numbers are a bit odd. I joined at 8.40am and I'm approx 80th in the que, but people a couple of mins behind me are in the thousands
  12. Yep, so glad I did. Price was guaranteed and 100% sure I could shift it if I didn't like the design, although I personally plan on adding this to my others in my main collection to keep for the long term. Clive has been excellent in his comms, so no complaints from me at all
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