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  1. Any money you put into anything should be something you're willing to lose imo. Of course I didn't expect to lose 90%, but it happened and it didn't break the bank because I only put in what I could afford to lose. This time round is different and whilst there are similarities, I'm not making the same mistakes twice. Yes, I'm caught up in the hype, but buying a few Oz of silver for a couple of hundred quid isn't the same as putting £5k into bitcoin. The risks this time round are still there, but I'm only playing with small percentages of my portfolio.
  2. No, but its built on the same model as crypto and many potential investors will only look at it through those eyes i.e. Whether it's worth putting your money in. The more that do it, the more chance it has to build momentum and therefore (potentially) a good opportunity to get into something early. It's definitely sparked my interest.
  3. Apologies, I meant the personal discussions I've had with people on here when negotiating a buying price. I've no doubt what you're saying is 100% true.
  4. I won't send this thread off on a tangent, but this is very interesting. Whilst I lost thousands in crypto, I still genuinely believe it will dominate large parts of the worlds economies in years to come, so much so that I bought heavily in vechain after reading the white paper. That world has got so much potential and this is something that I'll definitely be reading with interest. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks. I was in two minds whether to post anything, but if I can help new people think twice about jumping on the bandwagon it's worth it. I don't think people pump the hype maliciously, but it's easy to join in the argument to support a certain view when it seems everyone else is doing the same and making money out of it at the same time! For me personally, I prefer physical assets but I do have two investment funds split over a host of different areas.
  6. What's Kinesis by the way? I need something else to throw some money into 😂🤣😂
  7. For someone new to this world, I find this particular thread very interesting. For a start, many of the contributors on this thread have hundreds and in some cases thousands of posts and feedback, so one automatically tunes in because the discussion is being had between people we trust know something about this world. It's clear you know much more than me, but that's not hard given I've already admitted I'm brand new to this. If I outlined a prediction for the next 2 years, how many would give it a second glance? Not many I bet... Would that be because I haven't posted many threads or added value to conversations etc... Would you pay more attention if I had 5000+ posts and 4000+ feedback? I'd be willing to bet you would. So what's the point I'm making? I'll tell you. I (like many) got caught up in the crypto hype a few years ago. I missed the opportunity to buy bitcoin at $200 so by the time it was around $15000 and still sky rocketing, I kicked myself and vowed not to miss out again. I tuned into every post on crypto forums and sunk thousands into 15 or so different types of crypto, mostly because I listened to the pumpers. I initially gained loads everything looked rosy for a while (despite the constant warnings). When the bubble burst it all happened so fast I lost thousands in hours and more thousands days after that. I'm still sat on a lot of it now and oddly enough it's starting to recover again... But very.. very slowly. So last month I decided I wanted to buy gold and mainly for one of the reasons mentioned on here i.e. that imo it's automatically perceived as a value metal. Since being here (only a couple of weeks if that) I've bought silver in fair amounts and in all honesty, I'm probably caught up in the hype of the recent increase in price. That said, I don't mind. When I lost thousands in crypto I was prepared to lose it before I 'invested' a penny. I didn't think for a second I'd lose 90% of it, but I was willing none the less. For me personally, this is no different. I'm in the hype, but enjoying it and willing to lose value if it goes south. My plan is to invest a few thousand and see what happens in 10 years. If it rockets I might sell off a little and if it crashes I might buy more than I planned. The message to people setting out on this journey at the same time as me is to only do what you can recover from and only spend what you can genuinely afford to lose. I'm now toying with buying an oz of gold just to have some holding in it. I've no idea which will out perform the other, but I do know one thing from personal experience and that's that forums are mostly full of opinion and that can be a dangerous thing. Some responses (in fact most responses) in this discussion appear to be based on more than personal opinion so its been an interesting insight into why you sided with one metal over the other. Just ask yourself a question as to why you have that view? Is it based on research, education or years of personal experience? Or is it based off what you've read from other enthusiasts, even if you've been doing it years? If it's the former... I'd happily listen to you and would likely base my own strategy on some of your thinking. If it's the latter, you could be paying a guessing game. Just my ten pence worth.
  8. thanks... sorry, I'm quite new to this. It's stunning
  9. Hi, Please can you tell me how much this works out at spot so i can get an idea of the current value before considering anything else. thanks edit, what I mean by that is how much is the silver worth and how much is a half sov worth
  10. Sorry, I meant to ask whether you would do free postage if I bought 3?
  11. Welcome to the forum, plenty of friendly people here
  12. Hi, welcome.. I'm in London so we're literally on the other side of the world from each other!
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