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  1. It's a fairly good book but you'll find it just points out the different varieties, errors, overstrikes etc... You also get a price guide which I was using as a rough guide. It doesn't really help with price if I'm honest. It's helped in terms of knowing mint numbers and for finding varieties I like, but that's it
  2. BiigT

    Bit of advice

    It's all a risk and if you don't know what you're doing, it's an even bigger risk. If you want to do stocks and shares, have you considered Nutmeg? I put £200 per month into them and last years return was 24% with my risk appetite at 8 out of 10. I also buy the odd bit of silver, gold, crypto and single stocks. Spread it about so you spread the risk
  3. Yep, I gave up after it was going to cost me several fees to buy KVT. One of the cheaper options for depositing is via Revolut who charge $10. I worked out it was going to cost over £35 for the purchase and pulled out.
  4. Thanks sixgun, I'm going to do just that. I've filled in the form so hopefully Jim will come back to me soon. Thanks again for the quick replies.
  5. It's posted in the sticky comment in the thread link below. It says that you should fill in the form if you want to place an order. Form link below https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe0a1nozfYcVp2F5OjHfcIFqtxfcFS3Gi9O1cYs3osITwZssw/viewform When you read the comments, you see that people have paid in KAU, but I can also see at the bottom of that form that it asks for your KVT address. Maybe it'll all just come clear once he send me the email with instructions
  6. @sixgun I've been looking at his twitter feed and reading up on other things myself. Everything in this space is a risk, but I like the concept and think it's worth a punt at this price. I'm going to fill the form in and see if I can get 1 or 2. I've seen that people send 'KAU'... forgive my ignorance, but can I purchase by simply paying through a bank account/transfer or do I have to go via a dedicated platform?
  7. Thanks @sixgun I'm just reading up on the silver back reddit as we speak. It appears you can still get a KVT via him for $1050. I'm quite tempted I must admit.
  8. @sixgun just trying to understand this from the point of view of seldom hearing about it before. Is the investment opportunity in buying KVT? in terms of both the value it might increase and in terms of the yield you get from owning 1 (or however many you have)
  9. Hi Dave, That's a grand reply, thanks for taking the time to explain. I had considered that new dies were lazer engraved, but I didn't appreciate the difference in end quality.
  10. Out of interest, why do you feel the MG portrait is underrated? I've seen them for around £344 but I personally prefer young Victoria shield due to the different variations. I'm starting to get a bit more into the numismatic side and think I'd prefer to pay ~£1k for an anniversary sov that has good potential to increase in value.
  11. I've just read all 14 pages on this thread and I have to say that I think I'm hooked into looking at the collecting side of sovs instead of just stacking. I have already purchased 4 sovs so far (after starting off with silver) and I'm now ready to buy a few more. I'm going to order a 30x loupe to have a look at the 4 I've got, just to see if there is anything that might make them unusual. Highly doubtful, but it makes it interesting if nothing else. I was going to make my next purchase(s) standard sovs, but I'm going to look for something that might give me a better (long term) ret
  12. Is this still available? If so, which year?
  13. BiigT

    Silver Sovereign

    I'm buying one based on your post, so I'm grateful for you sharing
  14. BiigT

    Silver Sovereign

    This is lovely imo. For £12.50 it's an absolute no brainer in terms of something to pass down to the children.
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