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  1. Thanks BYB. So happy to get my hands on these beauties. #1 and #2 😀
  2. They are lovely. Need the 2020 1oz 2oz 5oz to come out then I'll be happy 😂😀
  3. Gold silver and platinum delivery today. Thanks to @RiverbankSilver @ilovesilverireallydo and @kneehow2018 for this lovely selection and to @ChrisSilver for my TSF cards and badges
  4. @Kookaburracollector may have an idea
  5. I would say in the current market £1800-£1900. These big bars do take longer to sell but it will sell. If I had the spare cash I'd snap it up. Lovely bar
  6. Jamesd

    Testing Silver

    I was addicted when my first purchase a 2018 1oz dragon bar came through the door. Then I found libertads and this forum and it was game over 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Jamesd

    Testing Silver

    To be fair I actually sold some gold to pay for it as I thought I'm in this PM world for many years to come so for me personally was important to have this and slowly build the gold back up.
  8. Jamesd

    Testing Silver

    Yeh only just got mine last month. Happily went through all my gold and silver and found all was good. Worth the cash for the piece of mind. Been after one for years but only had the spare cash recently
  9. Jamesd

    Testing Silver

    Sigma machines are expensive but love mine. £700 delivered from usa
  10. Jamesd

    Testing Silver

    Earth magnet are cheap as chips on Ebay. Scales (I use triton) ebay or amazon pair of digital calipers same as above. Gravity test theres a BYB video on here somewhere of how it's done 👍
  11. Jamesd

    Testing Silver

    Gravity test, magnet test, and measurements are about the best u can do without a specific machine
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