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  1. Last dragon Phoenix. Will leave up till sunday evening
  2. Open or not to open that's the question 🤣🤣 Thanks @GreatBritishBullionfor an excellent buying experiance. Top member
  3. Barts sold. One dragon Phoenix left
  4. Hot as hell outside bump 😀
  5. Same every summer. People need cash for going away and enjoying the sun 😀 stunning coins though
  6. Barts reduced to £33 each posted 1st signed
  7. @ScaffstackerAll yours buddy
  8. If I hadent spent up on usa orders I woulda had the lot 😂 always the way
  9. They are a very good price mate..amazed they are still here. Sales are slow everywhere. Same every year as summer is hear.
  10. Thanks @StBeesSilver. Another top quality piece. Always look forward to a delivery from my friend up north Also a cool custom T-shirt from stacker prints in the usa
  11. Lovely couple pieces 2017 dragon pheonix. £45 each x 3 becoming quite rare these 2 sold 1 left 2020 bart Simpson £35 each x 3. 1 sold 2 left now £33 each All plus post of choice and risk Free 1st signed buyers risk Special delivery add £4.75 PPFF or BT
  12. This one in today. Lovely YPS 1oz silver skull £38 plus post 1st signed £3 Special delivery £7 PPFF or BT
  13. So I picked some of these up for my self last month. And just had another few sent through as i thought they were a nice little item. USA Back hand bullion 1/2 grain 999 gold card 0.0324g I have 5 up for grabs £8 each Plus post. 1st class £1.50 proof of postage 1st class signed £2.65 Sd £6.95 Anything other than SD is buyers risk I'll do all 5 for £40 posted 1st signed Posts out Saturday
  14. Realy nice 2oz chunk of silver In ringed airtight capsule. Faint milk spot top right of coin Amor Fati 2oz £62 Post £3 1st signed Special delivery £7 Posts saturday atvthe latest
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