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  1. Yep I wasent sure but as I picked em up close to spot and in mint condition I thought id get em in. Really surprised how nice they are in hand
  2. Finally got my 1/10 libs. All lovely 2019 And picked the mint ID up as I was intrigued by them. They are really nice in hand
  3. Not swooped I asked for it to be made 😂😂 it's a lovely little piece
  4. And a couple cheeky bits of gold just turned up. The 2g Orianas dont come up often. 😀
  5. John at @StBeesSilverhas been at it again 😀😀 Box is now finished 😀 many thanks to @StBeesSilver @BackyardBullion @RiverbankSilver and @StackerQueen for filling it
  6. 5 lovely 2020 phillies £110 plus post £2.80 1st signed your risk £7.50 SD insured
  7. Lovely 999 silver piece from stacker queen 3.07 Toz Millenium falcon £90 plus post of choice and risk 1st signed £2.80 Sd £7.50
  8. I have for sale this lovely swiss franc helvetia £267 delivered Weight (grams): 6.451 Pure gold content (grams): 5.806 Fineness: 900.0 Dimensions: 21mm diameter
  9. Not sure If u would be intrested but would u be up for a trade for silver ? 6 x 1oz silver 2020 Austrian Philharmonics
  10. Ok guys here we go. I do love this bar but would like to free some funds up Sale Price £1100 delivered Sd Exchange 1 - 2 x 1/4 gold coins plus £300 Exchange 2 - a nice 1kg silver bar or coin plus £350 my way Feel free to get in contact and we can sort out logistics. I'm open to discussion 😀
  11. Few of the worlds popular 2020 1oz coins 17 x phillies 5 x Brits sold 4 x Krugerrand sold 2 x Kangaroo sold All in caps and lovely condition. Straight from tube to cap £24 each Plus postage of choice and risk Will be posted out Monday as unable to get to the po before then
  12. My latest pick up. My favourite 1oz bar. I'm.on the look out for more so if anyone wants to sell feel free to PM me
  13. Nice little bits today. Thanks to @JackT369 a joy to deal with. Mr john at @StBeesSilveralways happy to get pieces through from u my friend and finally something a little different from @shawy2510 stunning gold hippo
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