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  1. Last but not least 2 other pieces through the door today Thanks @Chrispringle85for liberating some more money from my account 😂 After my Mexican madness of recent weeks couldent not bring home a Veinte peso And also 5 more 25 peso's
  2. And thanks @ChrisSilverand the silver forum . My first win 😀😀 Just happens to be one of my favourite coins of 2020
  3. Little shout out today So I saw we had a new forum member that has been working with TSF. Spoke to the guys over at @SilverAngelPouring and figured I need to see what there all about as most of u know I love my hand poured silver I ordered a mini little kitkat bar and am so happy with it. Packaging cost and service awsome. The bar well see for your selves guys .... I love it Welcome aboard and I look forward to more silver in tbe future
  4. Lovely suprise in the post today from a fellow collector. Very kind gesture indeed from someone who knows me to well 😂
  5. Jamesd

    completed Gold

    Few bits today 1898 pre boar war SA 1 pond £410 REDUCED TO £390 1911 half sov £179 SOLD 😀 1/10 2016 USA dime £260(rare in the uk)SOLD 😀 1/4oz standing liberty 2016 £440(rare in the uk) SOLD 😀 Special delivery to be added at £7.85 Thanks for looking BT Or PPFF happy to take more photos if needed
  6. Personaly.think these look awsome in there presentation boxes 😀 lovely coin
  7. 2 full set of route 66 in special addition tin with origanal black card outer sleeve and apmex packaging. This includes the crazy hard to find and very expensive jack rabbit £350 now £330 plus post which will be £10 sd each set Or trade 1 soverign per set each cover SD postage PPFF or BT Thanks
  8. Massive thanks to Bunker bullion These 5oz kitkats are insane 50g rolo just delicious And thanks to another cheeky delivery from our very own @Chrispringle85another bugger if a year to find. The 2006 libertad
  9. Jamesd

    completed 1/10 gold

    Due to an impending (hopfully).purchase movin the last of my 1/10 on £160 plus post 2021 philly 1/10 2021 kangaroo 1/10 Plus post of choice and risk PPFF OR BT I'll even throw in the swanky caps 😂
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