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  1. will be closing this sales post on october 22nd. feel free to DM me if intrested in one of the remaining few
  2. can now split if intrested. minimum of 5 per order £4 each plus post so £20 for 5
  3. A truly humbling custom order. My friend who is leaving the army and is in the Scots Gaurd asked me if I could replicate his regement pin in silver. hope I've done it justice 😀 @Connor 20211013_102250.mp4
  4. I wasent going to bother with this set but Mr Bs video sold it to me far better than royal mint did 😀 🤣🤣
  5. personally I'll be keeping these in their origanal boxes and keeping the box aside.
  6. well this one is tough to sell. gotta be the nicest coin ever made but continually investing in my pouring so these things have to be done 2oz high relief lawless 999 fine silver £80 posted 1st signed buyers risk add £4 for SD PPFF or BT 20211011_201643.mp4
  7. Nice Swiss gold silver bar. year if the tiger in magnetic sAc holder some.loght scuffs but nothing major for an older bar 😀 £35 plus post £3 fost signed buyers risk £8 sd BT or PPFF
  8. Angel of Death Antiqued Hand Cast as with all my items this has been cast from 999 fine silver and hand finished and antiqued by myself. Comes with COA 42g. £43 posted 1st signed PPFF or BT 20211010_125232.mp4
  9. There are no mints that produce silver with no irritating milk spots. it's a production flaw when cleaning. juts luck of the draw. obviously some mints do seem to have less of an issue than others seemingly. the new maples withe their mint seal tech seem to be holding up nicely and perth mint fo seem to have less issues. this is why I dont buy proofs. even slabbed they can still get spotting. Another reason I like hand poured and antiqued. never had issues with milking 😀
  10. Dont often see these. 30 x 1g geiger sealed box The 1g version of the safety bar already carries all the safety features, which is also included in the larger bars up to 5kg: High relief with a pearl-finish surface, paired with a ribbed edge, known from coins. A real novelty is the individual serial number on the bar, which makes every bar traceable and the unique UV coating, which represents under black light the LEV logo of the manufacturer company and the serial number light up. These exclusive security features are paired with an innovative packaging. £120 plus post of choice and risk reduced £110 posted 1st signed add £4 for SD £3 first signed buyers risk £7 sd insured BT or PPFF add 4%GS
  11. Hello all As this is my first Halloween I have released a limited mintage piece. I have allocated 10 of these to be made in the next few weeks. any they are not sold for this allocation will be available for next year. as with all my pieces these are 100% hand made and hand finished and each one is unique. I test in house for purity with a sigma and all pieces are minimum 999 fine silver and cone with COA I am making these to order so if intrested please comment below or soong me a message pricing will be £1 a gram and the weight is between 95g - 105g 1- sold 😀 2- sold 😀 3-sold 😀 4-sold 😀 5-sold 😀 6- 7- 8- 9-sold 😀 10- payment on completion of each order Bank Transfer, PPFF, or cash app thanks for the continued support means a great deal 😀 20211008_190037.mp4 20211008_160422.mp4 20211008_161456.mp4
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