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  1. All sorted thanks. Picked some up for 50p each. Just forgot to take down post
  2. Nice i am about to order from them but I'll pm u first😀
  3. As title says. Looking for 1oz bar capsules to fit 50mm×29mm×2.8mm which I believe is the standard capsules Thanks
  4. They do a really nice 3 coin box. U choose which ever 3 coins u like and comes in a stunning walnut box for €139. Little.pricey but great presentation
  5. Lovely little delivery today. Thanks @kneehow2018 for the Phillies
  6. looking to turn my stunning libertad set into more investment gold and silver. 36 z of premium coins Coins are in great condition. Some of the older love are good for there years. It's been a real pleasure putting this collection together over the last 2 years and have enjoyed every coin. Hopfully they will find a good home I will consider part payment in gold or tubes of silver I am missing the 87 and 94 but all key dates are there Looking at £1285 but open to sensible offers Bare in mind the 98 was £150 on its self. And near impossible to find in any condition let alone the mint condition this one is . Any one intrested knows what these are worth so no need to go into it anymore Will come boxed as seen Last box i sent of this size and weight was £28 special delivery which is to be added by the buyer Please feel free to ask for more photos ect
  7. Honestly never found any before in stock in the uk. These came up on another forum so snapped em up 😀
  8. Treated myself to a little bit of premium goodness Got two pamp boxes to fill up now to. 😀
  9. Jamesd

    Delivered Safely

    Happy it turned up safe. This forum is the best. I may be biased but hey ....
  10. Nice and simple Lovely BU 2020 sovereign in capsule £379 delivered special delivery. Will be posted out Monday Thanks for looking BT preffered but can exalt PayPal FF if no other option
  11. Lovely delivery today to finish off a lovely little set thanks @StackerQueen as usual a joy to deal with. Lucky I got em In before spot went mental 😀😀
  12. Jamesd

    Thank you....

    More than welcome buddy.😀
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