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  1. In the present client anything under a 70 would detract from the value... but yes if a set came back as all 70s then it would probably be one of the few.. considering the small mintage. For me if the majority were good grades then its a matter of would the cost to grade be a worthwhile move... its an experiment which I hope is in my favour hahaha
  2. 🤣 Knowing my luck... all 68s
  3. I'll let you know as I have the 1/2 and 2oz silver sets with NGC at the moment 🙂
  4. what sort of cost are we talking per OZ
  5. No worries… thanks for coming back
  6. I have a beautiful 10 coin set of the 1/4 oz Gold "Bullion" Queens Beasts set for offer.... £4,050.00 including SD o.n.o
  7. As a customer satisfaction principle I would say the RM should refund it (as you returned it) and offer free delivery on the replacement set 🙂
  8. I have always sent my items back via SD and not use their printed label (so I know it gets there) and then claim back
  9. Wow... Hopefully my ones sent for grading will be back.... be interesting to see how they fair against new struck ones
  10. No you are not... the 10oz QB's are very nice and the Completer... Completes it... hahaha
  11. Well said.... I am a firm supporter of the RM and spend a fair bit on acquiring their goods... That said I agree that quality seems to have taken a back seat and we must get them to provide a better service for its customers.. It will (in the long run) benefit them as well to ensure their products are seen as quality and not sub standard... Up the quality revolution......🤘
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