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  1. Still available … bump bump
  2. I am waiting for my double gold proof set... no yea when that will arrive
  3. If you mean the rest of the ones which people are waiting for 🙂 .. I am still awaiting my 5oz Silver order last year....
  4. You know we all want to do that really 🙂 ...
  5. Hi, looking to move this on and get some more sovereigns so open to sell - £375.00 inc Postage or exchange for a nice sovereign of similar value 🙂 (Scratches on the case and for a bullion coin in very nice condition)
  6. Bump - Just the 1864 20 Franc and 1907 10 franc left
  7. Some people will manage to get more than one... thats for sure
  8. Why buy anything modern then..! I suppose it because people will believe these will be classics in a few years
  9. What a bust... was on RM site since 06.00 ( early meeting call) and all sold out once I got in
  10. Only if I can get 25% of the profits 😉
  11. Has the design been released then?
  12. I think that is the saddest thing... I have all these beautiful coins and all of them locked away.... to be honest that why I also have older crowns and the like where you can actually look and feel them 🙂
  13. Yeah.. but its nice having a few of the "nicer" ones in a box you can look at now and again 🙂
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