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  1. In essence... yes it will be harder... and I am sure other industrial areas and bigger organisations are looking into the issue and maybe lobbying the UK government.... but HMRC is HMRC and whatever happens they won;t let go of their own revenue streams... even if it kills off UK industries and business.... believe me I know
  2. Ebay.. and this is my interpretation is that it will add VAT onto of the sale price and yes potentially a German buyer would pay ยฃ120 + their VAT ... My view on this is that the total price is what you should look at if now buying from Europe... The same as buying from US... except if you buy from someone like US Mint they will sell yo you plus their costs (shipping etc.) then when it hits the UK.. customs add 20% plus you also pay delivery charges on it buy the postage firm i.e. UPS, DHL Royal mail etc.... and not necessarily a sales killer.. yet but time will tell. effectively though and thi
  3. On the German example you sent I can't see a VAT amount it has EUR 25.00 shipping (versand) and I am assuming if you buy in Germany their VAT would be added and that if you bought it from UK on the VAT at 20% would be added... Not charged twice
  4. Yeah if buying in Europe... Mr @BackyardBullion has been doing some great videos on YouTube on this subject. As we are still in this uneasy transition I believe some people have been questioning whether VAT should be paid on second hand items, which I suppose on Ebay if they marked as "pre-owned" could see VAT not being applied. Now I am not or know where near a position to give tax advice and am an interested party as things evolve ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Welcome to the new world... Since 31st December Ebay show the cost on items being imported from Europe
  6. That's because to ship here to the UK VAT at 20% would apply.. Ebay.de don't add it as they assume its being sold in Europe. I am sure if you purchase on the Germany site and pay it would probably add the VAT on then
  7. Check it closely... mine went for grading and came back with a not so good level... its now added to my deep stack pile ๐Ÿ˜ž
  8. Rll1288

    for sale or exchange 2020 1oz Silver Royal Arms

    I have 30 of these lovely 2020 Royal Arms if of any interest.. ยฃ28.00 each + buyer plays for postage of choice, buy 5 or more an I will through in SD... BT or PPFF I would consider exchanging all 30 for sovereigns ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. I just got this back from grading and, unfortunately, have my eye on something else so offering up. I believe last CC auction one sold for ยฃ3.7k ยฃ3,500.00 inc. o.n.o. SD payment via BT or PPFF
  10. I lived in Canada for a while (Prior to stacking) and wished I knew then, what I know now DOH.... May have to look into getting one.. and look at cost with VAT and Charges
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