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  1. Crazy.... So all the Dodd Frank rules then are meaningless then
  2. Very nice... where did you get them from?
  3. I still see an error when viewing the Prize Draws... Its is blank and shows no content
  4. I see JP Morgan has been fined $1bio for spoofing PM markets
  5. I see this as consolidation and building a platform for higher moves....
  6. Agree on some points... but Recession not as bad as we think..... The whole world has stopped for well on 7 months...... and Governments are going to pay for it.... it will take a decade to recovery.. We have Brexit at the end of the year and now this.... maybe I am a doom merchant but with unemployment bound to climb into 2021... I agree on one thing.... no re clue as to where anything will go
  7. No I actually believe we are and have been seeing higher inflation in the UK then is being reported and will continue to rise... which is what you want... low rates and stagnation is very bad
  8. Not so much charts as ... actual physical experience... taken out deals etc.. we have seen weekly shopping increase on products.. now this could be related to supplies but over the next few months I would be surprised in goods and service cost do not increase..... the package of items that are used in determining inflation is flawed.... Oil included when more people working from home etc. just my personal view. Its a bit like premiums on silver they go up quicker then they come down
  9. Negative rates and inflation....well personally I think it would mean we try the upside again
  10. keeping here will be ok.... 🙂 otherwise I will spend too much
  11. After getting some silver at a reasonable price for my sojourn into pouring. Looking to pay around £20.50/21.50 an Oz for coins/rounds that have seen better days
  12. Well been on call with them (after sending pictures...again) and have to send it back... again.....
  13. Hi, just looking for 5 2019 Britannia's if anyone has at a v good price. Cheers
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