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  1. It's a good question but why do you think Bankers are the only ones to benefit? Are we talking Bankers as in retail banking or more specifically Bankers as in trading and investments? A larger proportion of companies like BP do not see profits from what they produce but in the trading and investment of leveraged products like derivatives. When the Banking system crashed in 2007/2008 yes it was investment products such as Sub Prime mortgage loans that created a liquidity and credit bubble but from what I saw... the regulators was as much to blame as they didn't manage them. What I think we are seeing is a fundamental change in economic management. How can companies grow year on year at x% consistently and if they fail to do so, get trashed in the stock markets i.e. was expected to make £10bio but only made £9.5bio. Banking has changed but that doesn't mean greedy people have and many of those are not in that industrial area 🙂 Notes of credit have been around since the templars when they would get a provisory note from an Abbey on their deposit of Gold and could cash in at another. Paper money is a promise that its a value in which to barter for other goods. What ever the new world looks like.. this won't change. It will just be called something else.. like Bitcoin etc. For me hold PMs is still a way to store wealth, unfortunately its like any risk profile its returns may not guarantee a high return but it is safer. unfortunately like buying a new release from RM... can it return a better profit i.e. Una and the Lion or Three Graces hahahah
  2. Good examples except German has gone through three Fiat types and now has the Euro. The others have gone through differing situations i.e. separating into separate Countries, but still have a Fiat CCY. I remember South America in the late 70s/80s where inflation was rife and the CCY worthless but it is still there (a friend bought a car on Credit Card when seconded at a Bank there and when came to pay it off it was 25% cheaper :-)) . BTW not disagreeing that Fiat CCYs are under pressure and Global Economics have changed but will we just see another form?... With the world becoming cashless what will replace the USD? Bitcoin who knows. So therefore when we say Fiat CCYS failing.. do we mean changing?
  3. Sorry wasn't trying to be controversial ... but that's my point those ones may have failed but were replaced by others i.e. Germain Reichmark become the Deutchemark and now we have the Euro... huge devaluation then a reset to another form of Fiat CCY...
  4. Well its the choice of the individual ... no one has to buy any of their products... its like any media source... many people don't post good stuff happening only bad 🙂
  5. I personally think its a series that will do very well... The Queens Beast were and still are a desirable set to have in any denomination and metal. To me the RM has done something good.. a modern design on an heraldic and historic past. Thats why we collect coins as not everyone agrees and likes each one and has differing tastes. Matching my 1oz silver proof Lion against the Tudor Panther gives me what Ki want.. Vive la Differance
  6. I have used COTR and they have been very accommodating ..... Its definitely a good coin to start with
  7. Never undersell your rate card... as the negotiations only go one way haha
  8. Better than I did then Yeah I suppose... I am a big supporter of RM... but not sure what's going on
  9. Ok just received my... 1oz, 5oz and 10oz silver Panthers as well as the gold 1/4 oz one..... Two going back and two keeping.. 🤐 1/4 has dent above Queens Crown and the 5oz has some sort of rash ...
  10. Rll1288


    the buzz is the same for the first one... and the thousandth one 🙂 I still look out the window waiting for the Postman to knock
  11. Yeah when I buy a tube they stay in there in a monster box and don't really move
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