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  1. I have a spare 1/4 Britannia from 2021 (Bullion) going... £415.00 inc SD
  2. Nice example of 2020 Sovereign, MS70 DPL £425.00 + Postage
  3. Anyone else get an email re the raffle The Britannia Coin Company were holding for a 2Kilo Gold James Band Coin? Apparently they didn't get enough sales and have pulled it in favour of a cash prize. A little different don't you think 🙂
  4. Nice 10 Franc Gold Marianne Rooster for sale. £165.00 + Postage
  5. Hi, I have an M1 Mac Mini 8gb with 256gb internal Apple storage for sale. Bought for my son as he saw mine and wanted one never used as he's sticking to his Gaming PC 🙂 I love these and the M1 chip is sensational. Although I am not a Video Editor or Music Producer, this machine runs my office work faster than my old PC with 32gb RAM and I7 chip. I am also including as part of the package an Hagibis USB-C hub with HD enclosure, which has 2 x USB3.0, 1xUSB3.1, 3 x USB-C ports as well as Display-port (HD enclosure supports M2.NVME SSD and 2.5 SSD/HD) as well as a SD Card Reader. £550.00 + Postage I do have a an Apple Keyboard (A1314) and Mouse (1296) for an extra £60.00 (pictures to follow)
  6. well done DAZ for winning the 10 ounce bar
  7. Not defending the RM by any imagination but they have always stated that their standard is if it would achieve a PF68 or above. Now If they don't use a loop to check and don't have people there skilled enough to do these sort of quality checks then its academic. Maybe they need to employ some people from NGC or PCGS 🙂
  8. Beautiful 1oz Gold Proof Seymour Panther. The first in the Tudor series. Cheaper than RM. £2,424.00 Including SD
  9. Been told the Quartered arms on shelf 18th Feb and the Portrait 1st April.. WTF
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