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  1. @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions Many thanks... just been told my 5oz Three Graces got a PF70... @ChrisSilver and should have the TSF label... Whoo Hoo
  2. Yeah I love the Germain stuff... now they are doing legal tender coins (well in malta) ... nice in my mind
  3. 2021 Knights Of The Past 1 oz Silver BU - Germania Mint Bullion and Commemorative Coin Manufacturer. Now this looks interesting....
  4. still only 26 5oz graded at NGC https://www.ngccoin.com/census/world/great-britain-decimal-1968-to-date/sc-350/s10pnd/varieties/551272/
  5. But still only a few 5oz 😉 ... and sincerely hoping one of them will be mine haha
  6. Good time to pick one up cheap then 🙂
  7. It’s funny that no one seems to have one with that on... I am sure the mint gave them to the Broccoli family and other close partners haha as they would be worth quite a bit... me thinks
  8. Well bullion.. if you look up the definition means, in its purest form, as a Gold or Silver (well any precious metal) in bars, ingots or coins. That said, I think a lot of the time we think of it as coins which are not uncirculated or proof items and have come to think of it in those terms rather than what it was original looked as.... as for tax... I suppose it depends on the country and how they view what taxable implications apply. In the UK we don’t charge CGT on gold or silver coins because they have a legal tender and that would mean taxing all physical money if they did. However we pay
  9. I hope so ... as the low ones I have I am hoping will keep good value in years to come 😀
  10. Hi I have a couple of 10oz bars going... Una & The Lion - £330.00 + Postage SOLD 007 No Time to Die - £330.00 + Postage
  11. I have this very nice 4 coin, 2020 Gold Proof Sovereign set going... Double, Sov, 1/2 Sov and 1/4 Sov £2,150.00 + Postage (OVNO)
  12. I have also, on some items, traded in and out to try and improve my average price 🙂 (or make it worse hahah)
  13. On my premium items I do the same... so proof coins, 3G's etc then its what you can make on it... for bullion for stacking its average cost
  14. The way I do it is I capture the price I paid plus the spot price at the time (so I can work out average premiums) for each product type. Then I can work out what my average price paid for that asset is so if you bought 1oz Brit at £10 and another at £25 then your average price for the two would be £17.50 ... Same for 10z, gold etc etc... so you may get to the stage where you have say 500oz of Brits with an average price (inc costs) for each single coin as £17.50 (using the example price) that way I can mark against spot price, as a worse case scenario or what the value of the asset is in the
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