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  1. Please see below for a collection of silver coins I have for sale, if you need any additional photos or details please feel free to ask. Item: 2020 1 OZ Venom (marvels) £28 (sold) 2018 1 OZ Deadpool ( Marvels) £28 (sold) (x3) 2018 1 OZ Oriental Border Britannia (£27 each) 2018 1 OZ Philharmoniker (£22) sold 2020 1 OZ Krugerrand (Small Milk spot) (£22)sold 2019 1 OZ Krugerrand ( over size capsule) £24 2017 1 OZ Krugerrand with COA stained/ milk spot £28 2021 2 OZ QB Greyhound £56 Condition notes: in good con
  2. Damn !!!!!! Was just after an ungraded to finish my collection😥will have to be quicker next time , if you get another ungraded please let me know. Thanks
  3. Hey buddy, can I take the unicorn off you please ?
  4. Hello mate , can you have a look at the pictures of the Lunar horse I sent you on PM ? It looks nothing like the ones in your post , loads of brown staining and milk spots. sorry to post here but you have not replied to my PM.
  5. Is the 2 oz Dragon still available mate ? Also a lunar horse with capsule?
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