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  1. Today I bought my 1st 1oz plus gold coin. I worked it out at 3.75% over spot. Couldn't wait to see what happens with the price at 20:00🤞 And should be free delivery as I already have an order in at Baird and Co
  2. They cost me £55 including post. £59 to you 😉
  3. Berkey do a filter for showers, I use a Berkey for drinking water after drinking distilled water for a year, it wasn't very eco friendly.
  4. Some people put absorbic acid in the bath to cancel out the chlorine. I'm guessing a slice of lemon in a glass of water works the same
  5. Yeah so have a cold shower😁 They will be adding more chlorine to swimming pools when they open so that will help. Fix one problem and cause another
  6. Yeah no point in worrying about chlorine, I would worry more about the antibiotic resistance we are getting from eating animals, who knows how many will die from that down the line. I know we can't rear and slaughter 70 billion land animals a year and get a high quality product, most are probably eating rubbish anyway so adding a bit of chlorine to the mix will make no difference.
  7. Is there such a thing as cheap high quality anything. I'm not so sure, I love my gold and silver but it's not going to help me live longer and healthier.
  8. Im yet to find one in stock but Berkey do a filter for the shower too👍 I don't think water is absorbed it's to big but chlorine may be small enough to pass though. I say may because I haven't really researched it properly.
  9. Do you mean the colour of the gold or the coin in general. I'm assuming it's the colour, I really like the Krugerrands. Will get one one day maybe if a 1977 comes up.😁
  10. And this https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-coins/royal-mint-gold-lunar-series/2020-royal-mint-quarter-year-rat-gold-coin/
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