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  1. Many thanks to @ApolloMetalworx for these awesome bars.
  2. I agree and it's very reasonably priced even if Vat gets added which quite often it doesn't. Will be getting lots more in the future and especially as the assay office has confirmed no need for hallmarks so will be zero problem reselling these on if necessary.👍 Go check him out on Instagram and get some
  3. This awesome bar from @Stacker2020. Many thanks😍
  4. I have transferred all of my coin collection into bars. 99% of which I'm happy to handle. For me I am much happier now I don't have to worry about my coins devaluing with milk spots.
  5. Today I received these awesome pours by 🔥@ApolloMetalworx And also many thanks for grabbing this limited run Emptyo bar for me as I would have missed it.
  6. It's very cheap I'm sure it will get snapped up before too long. I just bought 21 Oz of silver so I'm done till the new year👍
  7. Thanks it will be interesting to see if this is a one off as they are done as rounds usually. Emptyo Metals makes some cool bars. That @StBeesSilver bar though is very tidy😁
  8. Latest arrivals of Bullion from @StBeesSilver and Emptyo Metal In the USA
  9. Last reduction as happy to keep these. £60 each plus post Will withdraw on Monday
  10. Hi, I personally like the style of these bars and think they are very well priced. No hallmark required for me as these are clearly bullion. Please can I take No.07
  11. Please see picture If interested I can send photos
  12. Moonscape Bar Hand poured and Logo stamped by @StBeesSilver Finished off by myself. 1 ozt No. 8/10 999 fine silver Comes with COA £31 plus post Bank transfer of PPFF Thanks for looking
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