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  1. Today from @Jamesd and better pics of yesterday's @RiverbankSilver Many thanks
  2. 2x 3 graces and some awesome pour by @RiverbankSilver
  3. Thanks, my finger was in fire hitting that refresh button🤣
  4. Hi these first strikes were £499 the next 900 will be £999. So far over 20 have been sold on eBay and one sold for £1500
  5. 1975FM Panama G100B Vasco Nunez De Balboa 500th Anniversary of birth PF70 Ultra Cameo Sold for £515 posted special delivery Bank transfer or PayPal friends and family.
  6. Was lucky to get 2 of the first 100. Sold out in under 90 seconds
  7. Pictures don't do it justice I can see my face in it😁👌
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