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  1. Crash the premium and lower it so some of us plebs can buy them xD
  2. If I win, can I have the jar too, to hatch the 209 little dragons inside?
  3. Basically what the title says. Looking for some oz blank rounds (completely blank) so I can get some engravings done.
  4. Do you get to keep the coins you strike on the vip gold/silver tours or you gotta pay for them after?
  5. How much would postage be for uk?
  6. Hi there. Was wo daring if anyone was selling the marvel 1 oz silver series or World of dragons 1 oz rounds. Looking to try get complete sets so if anyone has any for sale gimme a post here with your offer or PM. Thanks.
  7. Bumping this cos it needs to stay together so someone bloody buy it!
  8. I remember something called titan did some a long time back where you could actually load bitcoin onto the physical coins
  9. Is this a official product from the mint or what some companies made? curious as have seen 3 versions
  10. I love apmex but the import tax onto of the vat, plus you need to spend a minimum of a grand for europe, makes it hard to use them. I mostly try asking people I know in the states/canada or who are visiting to get stuff from them.
  11. I've always found the royal mint to be kinda expensive to be honest. Also shes Mrs saxe-coburg-gotha-battenburg thank you 😛
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