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    US 50 dollar

    If only I could turn back time.....
  2. Tried the link, just sent me to their facebook page constantly x.x
  3. Anymore pictures of these?. And do they have a site?
  4. Is this even worth getting g the most basic silver version? Or yhebprices just gonna be stupid as usual
  5. First one I'll say is a 1987 Australian gold kangaroo nugget. Second : 87
  6. So is this gonna be like from usa to uk. Where we have to pay vat before we receive the package and the carriers on sh$t charges
  7. Where did you get these if i can ask or know who made them?
  8. Crash the premium and lower it so some of us plebs can buy them xD
  9. If I win, can I have the jar too, to hatch the 209 little dragons inside?
  10. Do you get to keep the coins you strike on the vip gold/silver tours or you gotta pay for them after?
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