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  1. When you say "basically the same metal" are you referring to their industrial use? E.g. palladium has barely half the density of platinum (it's not much heavier than silver, whereas platinum is denser than gold). Palladium is also much rarer than platinum, so they are quite different in some respects?
  2. It feels kind of weird to me. Over the years, I haven't really paid much attenstion to PM spot prices, and had I been given a choice of a 1 oz Pt Brit for £960 or a 1 oz Au Brit for £1,330, I would have gone for the Pt without a second's thought. Is gold really expensive at the moment, or is Pt really cheap? The ratio just feels so out of whack that even with premiums plus VAT, Pt just looks cheap?
  3. zxtm99


    Not a fake, but made me laugh. Listing title is 'silver coins'. For sale is a single 1967 sixpence. Starting bid £50 or "buy it now" for £150. I does appear to be in good condition! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274962390076
  4. Here's a couple more, both from the same seller: koala, fakebullion.com kangaroo, fakebullion.com fakebullion.com is very useful! I'm not sure if it is still maintained and updated? I note pretty well all the silver fakes are plated brass so would fail the magnet test (most are off in dimensions and/or weight too, for the same reason). Silver plated copper would be much harder to detect. I don't know if it is not used much, or whether they just tend to go undetected?
  5. 2 oz Kooks 55 mm in diameter! I never even knew such a thing existed, and now I need them all 🙄 😆
  6. Like the OP, 2 oz silver QBs got me hooked. Nearly done there, so it will be Kooks going forward, just 'standard' (no privy or restrikes) first. I just find them very attractive (and so does wife, which means I don't have to hide quite so many......)
  7. zxtm99

    Silver Selling

    Regarding the QBs, I agree, a very fair price. I think you may have more success in selling them separately. Many I suspect (like myself) got one or two, then got hooked, so don't want a full set. I watch individual ones fairly closely on eBay. You are looking for an average of £69 each, and while a couple of the more recent ones may not quite reach that, most of them are quite hard to find on eBay for less than £70. I found on eBay for QBs, even buying in lots of two, you get a much better deal (as a buyer) than buying them individually. So as a seller, stupid (and sacrilegious) as it may sound, I would go for selling singles and then sell the case as a separate item.
  8. A serious bargain! You could easily pay that for the spiders alone on certain platforms. If you ever have any single spiders for sale, I would be very interested.
  9. Good old Wiki seems to have quite a compprehensive list, but I'm guessing you've seen that.
  10. For a QB, if the milk spot weighed more than 6 mg, it wouldn't be 999.9.....🤨
  11. A 5kg bar attracting bids on eBay. Currently about £20/ozt being bid (including P&P), so basically a little over spot for the seller once eBay have had their pound of flesh. Seller not quite 100% rep, apparently seeling an un-hallmarked bit of gold as hallmarked. 5 kilo 5000 gram 999 silver Umicore bar There are a couple of kite flying Buy It Nows asking well in excess of £4k, but i would agree, compared to 1 oz coins, not a very liquid market.
  12. Hi. I'll have a shiny new kook for £27.50 delivered please!
  13. Those hairs are a bit gross. I just hope they really are from a beard..... Be interesting to see what these go for on eBay - extremely low reserve. Pictures are not great - certainly not good enough to pay market rate on - but I can see at least one milk spot on the lion. The seller accepts returns.
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