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  1. Just to add handling old silver such as pre decimal with bare hands is magic!
  2. I use blue nitrile gloves, but only for new/shiny/valuable stuff that I want to keep that way.
  3. A pretty eclectic handful arrived over the last few days... My niece turns 18 soon, so thought this 2003 proof set would be nice. Happily it contains the suffrage 50p. All in perfect shape. Thought about a silver set, but figured an 18 year old would sooner have the cash - CuNi it is! And for me some krugs towards a tube, a 2oz stacker - which is as nice as I hoped, and a partial date run of WW2 half crowns in pretty much AU condition. If anyone has a nice 40/41 please give me a shout. That will likely be me until the scramble for the next engraver. Hopefully 3rd time lucky... @Bobthebulge
  4. Atkinsons have a few Buffalo's and a 50 peso for sale. Don't think they'll last long.
  5. TheShinyStuff


    Every purchase is exciting. If it stops being exciting then I'll stop buying it. Doesn't matter if its 5 quid or 500 quids worth, it's just the same. You choose it, buy it, wait for it and then enjoy it. I'm expecting a 2oz Scottsdale stacker today - its not fancy or special, but I've wanted one for ages and it's coming today - I'm excited...😁
  6. Im no expert, but id say you did OK. You've traded wow factor for liquidity, but i must say i would have kept one of them! If you're happy then it's a good deal.
  7. On a macro level, this makes perfect sense. However on a silver per sovereign level, the price could be easily absorbed. I haven't done the sums, but if it wouldn't amount to more than a penny or two per coin. An extra fiver per sovereign would represent even more healthy profit for the RM and I expect we would all happily pay it. You could argue that RM has been missing a trick. @LawrenceChard could be on to something...
  8. If you were thinking about it then I'd phone them to find out what sort of condition it's in. There were issues with the packaging and the coins when released.
  9. Totally agree. Not that I'm sort sort of international jet-setter - I just couldn't be bothered. Also if you do get a good coin then it is very likely to milk to some degree or another. By the time your 10th coin arrives your Seymour Panther will probably look like a plasters radio. I'd love to get enthused and join in, but can't. That said, I'll definitely take the next engraver if I can. Some things are worth the trouble.
  10. I previously posted that these weren't for me, and I sort of stand by that.... but.... I'm tempted to get the 5oz and just stick it away, but... is nobody else worried the quality will be garbage? Remember the recent QB S1 sets? How many times do you let RM pull your trousers down before enough is enough?🤔
  11. Fear Of Milking Over. 😀 Bang average design, far to soon after the original beasts. Too many coins. No doubt abysmal QC. As with most RM silver proofs, not for me. Good luck to those who start off on the long road to this series.
  12. Are you implying that the Shanghai Super Lucky Sniny Star Coin and Pet Food Manufacturing Company don't take their responsibilities seriously...
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