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  1. Interesting. This could pay the mortgage!😂
  2. 4 Phils for the tube, courtesy of @Derv. Great price, packaging that would survive an avalanche!
  3. Great coins. The £2 dove is one of my all time favourites. I still have a circulation one that I got in change back in the day!
  4. Small donation made. Great charity, nice to be able to help like this as hopefully the auctions will finish waaaaaayyyyyyy beyond my budget!
  5. Sell it to me for spot! Seriously though it still looks stunning, wouldnt fret about it.
  6. Been here for a year. Would second this.
  7. No. But not being a member you will have to wait 3 days to view the latest sales listings, by which time the best deals are normally long gone. You could alternatively place a wanted listing state your budget and see if you get any offers that you like.
  8. I dont have any kilo bars, but if I was looking to buy one, this forum would be where I would be looking. If you bide your time then £840 will likely get you a show-stopper of a kilo or a regular kilo and a handful of change.
  9. Result. Dont forget to sign up for the newsletters which give you discount codes every month.👍
  10. By comparison I'm still saving up for the briefcase!!!
  11. My mistake, only 9kg and a few little bits and pieces. Like you I can only dream of a stack like this, but it doesn't hurt to look....😂😂😂
  12. Not off the top of my head, but was prob about a year or so ago.
  13. Did you see @mr-dead 's 10kg of gold in the custom briefcase? If not then search for it, amazing to see.
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