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  1. Atkinsons just put this on. Not my thing, but I know there are panda fans out there. Not sure about the price, but under the current circumstances doesn't seem to ridiculous. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Toss a coin. Heads buy, tails wait...
  3. Thanks. You're right about the thread, we'll call it a day here.👍
  4. Thanks. Will it damage the frosted portions of a coin or change the finish in any way?
  5. Very nice. Looks great after its 'procedure'! What did you do if you dont mind me asking?
  6. Another chunk of my favourite metal from my favourite mint. Wasnt planning on buying with things being what they are at the minute, but couldn't help myself. A beautiful 2006 2oz kook, some toning on the reeding where someone has been handling it, but otherwise in great shape.
  7. Every day is a school day 👍. Thanks for the lesson, like I said wasn't sure, so thought I'd just mention it.
  8. Maybe platinum? Think the lion can also be platinum, and 925 is an old platinum standard, again, I think... Does this make sense with the acid test?
  9. After having a look through my stack (as I like to do from time to time) I had a think about what my favourite coin was. After a little while I decided on this one... 1997 Dragon privy kook, not generally a fan of privy coins, but I'll make an exception for this. It was the first coin I bought that came in a case with a COA and serial number. The privy mark is 24k gold. It has a small mark as you can see below the '1' in the date, but its 23 years old, so o suppose it could be a lot worse. I expect this subject has been covered before, but as I'm pretty new to the forum, I wonder what other members favourite coin/piece is?
  10. TheShinyStuff


    www.silvertrader.uk often has among the best prices around - subscribe to the newsletter for monthly discount codes. Atkinsons Bullion preowned section can throw up some good stuff from time to time. I've never bought from this forum, so dont know how it compares. Happy hunting!
  11. Those are great. As a fellow chemistry enthusiast my boat is also floated! Top marks!
  12. Another couple of ounces. Really like the new Brumby and you cant have too many Brits...
  13. TheShinyStuff

    Silver spoon

    Looks very much like a caddy spoon to me. Email the photo to your local auction house who will likely be happy to help you.
  14. Totally agree, it is a lovely chunk of metal to hold. I think I will aim to complete the Agosi set, maybe even the Silver too (unfortunately the Gold is way beyond my means!) Once I have that I'll look into https://www.rwmmint.com. Enjoy your Cobalt! Just had a thought- I wonder if any TSF members safes would click open with the combination 47-79-78!!! Great username😀
  15. Not PM by any stretch of the imagination, but very nice all the same. A bit of an impulse buy and way too expensive, but I suppose that's how it goes sometimes. They also do brass, copper, aluminium and titanium (which is crazy expensive). Any thoughts - other than it being a relative waste of money that is! Cheers.
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