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  1. Not until you smother it in salt. Then you have a culinary heart attack. But you've gotta go somehow I suppose!
  2. Depends if they purchase them from a VAT registered source or not. Even still, taking postage into account - cos its not actually free! - the actual bar would be around £26 - so worth a punt I thought.
  3. Just posted a 1oz JM silver bar on Today I Received, lucky dip from Atkinsons. Got me wondering what everyone's best result from such a purchase has been - I presume most of us have done it. Keep it silver since this is the silver section. My personal favourite was a 1998 Kookaburra in absolutely mint condition for the princely sum of £16, and an honourable mention for my lovely 250g Bairds minted bar for around £115, both around 3 or so years ago. So, what did you get..?
  4. Hadn't bought anything for a while, had itchy fingers over the weekend and saw Atkinsons had pre owned 1oz silver bars. I quite like a wee bar so thought I'd take a punt for £28 and see what I get. This is what I got... Could have been worse, was never going to be a nice Pamp, but still happy enough. Itch scratched for a while...
  5. Judging by the name I'm assuming it's in the Edinburgh tourist trap, so not wholly representative of Scottish chippies! If someone is expecting to see a deep fried Mars bar in Scotland and daft enough to pay a fiver or so for it then what do you expect them to do?
  6. That's in Edinburgh - for the tourists I'd imagine.
  7. Almost correct. The Mars bar is indeed rare. The pizza though is very common. Most chip shops will have a variation of it. I would also admit to eating them both drunk and sober. They're really good, especially if you're in dire need of 4000 calories!
  8. Lived in Scotland my whole life, never, ever, have I clapped eyes on a deep fried Mars bar. Deep fried pizza is a thing to behold though. If you haven't had one then you really, really should!
  9. Yes, plus lots of other numbers such as sequential or repeating numbers, significant dates etc. Things that can make an impersonal lump of metal more personal to the owner.
  10. Agreed on both counts. Now we just need to sort the postage thing and we'll be on the same page!!!
  11. If they are from a reputable dealer then don't worry too much. The weight is fine, although as you say kitchen scales aren't likely to be especially accurate, but an ounce, in precious metal terms is a troy ounce, which is 31.1g Also, silver is soft (relatively) so scratches and dings are not unusual for bullion. That said if you're not happy then by all means consider asking for a refund/exchange, but a previously said, I'm not sure this would be entertained by the dealer.
  12. You're right of course that the CoA is not an integral part of a coin, and could be traded as a separate entity. I've no doubt such a CoA could fetch a reasonable sum on its own - maybe £100 given the value of this particular coin - but I'm guessing here. I'd imagine some avid collectors would commit a grievous crime to have the full set (maybe pf70s if they are so onclined) all with CoA #001. I have a RM silver bar serial no A 02020 which I really like, obviously adds no value whatsoever, but it appeals to me, and I'm sure I'm not alone...
  13. I don't know about the value, but I do like a good serial number, and number 1 is the daddy! Undoubtedly many people would pay a premium for it, but how much I have no idea. Price it up and let the market decide! If I find a banknote with a serial number that takes my fancy I generally keep it - as long as it in decent shape.
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