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  1. The same dealer has an 1849 godless florin that he rates as extra fine for £130. No idea if this is good or bad or if you're still interested, but thought I'd let you know.
  2. I have seen this coin and think it is stunning. I think the colouring looks great and condition not too bad - I know next to nothing about this type of coin, but I do know it's not uncommon. I haven't bought anything like this before and I'd really appreciate some opinions about grade/condition and what a reasonable price would be. It's for sale at £40. Many thanks.
  3. To add something constructive to this thread the best evidence I have is my own experience. Admittedly I dont have huge amounts like others here, maybe 20-30oz each of RM & PM coins. I have 2 older kooks - a 1998 1oz which I received in a quadrum which to my eye looks perfect. Also a 2006 2oz Kook in it's original case which is also in really nice condition. To the best of my knowledge none of my PM stuff is milky. I have milky (although not too bad to be fair) Brits from 2015-2020. I think mint capsuled coins definitely have an advantage, but I also think PM just take more care/
  4. Where presumably the RM dip them in special 'Milking Solution' prior to pressing the coins and kicking them around for a while before finally packing and selling them...
  5. I dont. But they are available at silvertrader.
  6. Love these coins, it's a great series. I kick myself on a regular basis for not getting in at the start and they are stupid expensive to pick up now. Win some, lose some I suppose.
  7. It's actually 28g crown size. It was a gift and came like this. I think direct from RM so probably horribly overpriced... It is very nice though.
  8. Festive purchases/gifts. Happy with this lot. 3 Phil's from @kamik0zi for my plan to fill a tube. Have 8 now (anyone who has an empty tube to sell please let me know). Also got some caps from @WILLIG666. My first of no doubt many Forum purchases. Also my first fractional gold which I hope becomes the first of many...
  9. As above. Does anyone in the UK have capsules to fit the Next Gen coins?
  10. If that is your budget, then yes, 1/10 gold Brits are worth buying. As mentioned above, premium is higher than on a sovereign, but will be reflected in the resale price whe the time comes. Alternatively you could save for twice as long and buy a sovereign and get more gold for your money. Really isn't a right or wrong answer, whatever you buy you'll have more gold then you started with and are very unlikely to lose any money on it in the long term. In my opinion of course... I recently bought a 2021 1/10th gold Britannia. It is very pretty but alongside a sovereign and even bi
  11. To paraphrase the great Billy Connoly from one of his many verbal meanderings - 'The desire for power should forever forbid a person from getting anywhere near it." As true now as it ever has been.
  12. I think I have the same dining table as you! Unfortunately I dont have the same stack! Some great stuff there, great to see the net result of your trading. Love the big Libertad and the @StBeesSilver stuff. Very impressive stack.
  13. I know I'm a bit late on this one, but they are £32.49 on silvertrader right now. I bought the queen coin from the same seller, but wont be getting the rest as I dont think there is much hope for this series except picking up one that particularly appeals to you personally. None of the coins so far has much visual appeal, to me anyway.
  14. After listening to all the previous advice, this is the first of my planned selection of 1/10ths. Thanks to all. It's very pretty, but it ain't very big... For the sovereign guys - I'll get some eventually!
  15. Nice work. That is an impressive gold collection.
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