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  1. And a bit of a storage headache as well!
  2. No harm to them, but I hope they never see the light of day again!
  3. I could be wrong, but they seem to alternate as you go up (or down) in value - Β£1 - africa, Β£1/2 - afrika, crown - africa, half crown - afrika... Maybe it's as simple as that?
  4. Very thoughtful of them. I have a handful of silver Kooks, do you think I'll get one?🀣
  5. Also in fairness the QV is a strangely decent rendition of the gothic portrait.
  6. Iconic leaders type of series then I'm guessing. Wonder if there's a BoJo one...
  7. Likely .925. There are a few of these, there's a Nelson Mandela and a Queen Victoria I've seen before, which were both .925.
  8. You'd have to give it away, profiting from it would be morally bankrupt!
  9. Unfortunately I think there has been a set every year since 1997, so nice big date run to aim for! For me it'll just be the special year's. I passed up a 1997 set like yours for Β£95 a couple of months ago - and still feel like a mug for not buying it! A cheeky 2014 would be nice!
  10. Been meaning to get one these for ages. Always felt these are underrated and subsequently underpriced. A bit of forum chat about them recently spurred me into action! I must say I'm not disappointed - it's a very handsome coin(s), very nicely presented. In pretty decent condition too, only a hint of toning. My youngest's birth year, so a special year for me. Will be on the lookout for a 2007 soon...
  11. I'm a relative newcomer to this proof sovereign business. I've been around a while, I have a little gold, but am (was?) mainly a silver guy. I bought the 2022 proof full sov as it was a piece of history and very attractive to my eye. It was also the first such sovereign that I was in a position to buy on release. It is now probably my favourite single coin that I own. I have ordered the memorial full sov as it too is a piece of history. I wasn't planning to lay out that sort of cash again so soon, but there you go! It will probably be the last such coin I buy for a while. Its an expensive habit to keep up. Whilst I appreciate the frustration of some that we have paid up front and don't actually know for sure when we will receive the coins, I'm genuinely not bothered. As a long term purchase the inability to flip doesn't matter to me, nor does instant increase in value (or lack of). My kids will sell it, not me. My coin is paid for, I will receive it soon enough and in all likelihood it will be in decent condition. I'm an adult, I can wait a few weeks, it's not a big deal. I'm just happy that I'm in a fortunate enough position to be able to own one.
  12. As already said, there are probably more fakes of these than there are the real thing. Also, nobody, absolutely nobody, sells 5g of gold for Β£99. You already know its too good to be true! Spend your money safely here on TSF! Edit - good stuff stacking for your daughter, one day she will be very, very grateful!
  13. They could just skip the QC, that would save about 30 seconds or so...
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