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  1. Given your experience with the 1937 sets maybe you should pop the QBs in the Chard family vault. Just in case...
  2. I think it speaks volumes that they have been listed now for a couple of days at least and are still available. They flew out the door on release and a major dealer has a very reasonably priced set available - logically you would think they would be snapped up. Has everybody who really wants a set got one - probably not (myself included). Are people willing to risk it given the problems with this set, I'm not. It's a shame because it a beautiful set, but fool me once- shame on you, fool me twice - shame on me as an ex president tried to say! I wonder @LawrenceChard is the set brand new, a return to RM or a private purchase Chards have made? Obviously I am not casting any aspersions and respect the right not to answer. I'm just intrigued! I'm sure it will sell, but a little surprised that it hasn't done so already.
  3. Are these the @arshimo2012 had a ccouple of days ago?
  4. If you are having to ask this question at all then you should leave it alone. Should you really want to buy gold then buy from a reputable dealer or from this forum. Also Pamp tends to be at the more premium end of the market. There are cheaper ways of obtaining gold - many on here would advocate sovereigns. Personally I wouldnt be laying out the sort of money a 10g Pamp should cost unless I was absolutely certain it was genuine. Good luck.
  5. I like it. We all know it will be relatively expensive - filling your box with 25 1oz bars would be relatively much more economical. But not many people have upwards of £30k to do that. Most of us though could probably throw £1.5k at it over a period of time. It will be great when it's finished. Make sure and post more pics.
  6. Totally agree. At the start I was all over the place, buying pretty much one of everything. As a result I have maybe 30-40oz of singles such Archangels, Pandas etc. Nice coins, but I wont be buying any more. (Probably...😉) Also series like The Perth Nuggets and Dolphins that I wont be continuing. Likewise the RM Music legends. I suppose worst case scenario I have the first releases of a few series that may outperform the silver price - maybe. Moving on it's mostly bullion for me. I've said before on this forum that silver proofs worry me too much - they are only ever one blemish away from bullion. Currently I'm filling some tubes - Phil's at the minute then on to Brits and Maples etc. Not exciting, but sensible I think. I am patiently waiting for the 10oz QB though which will be single biggest silver lump. My biggest challenge as always is to avoid distractions and keep to the plan.
  7. An interesting question. As a relative newcomer I certainly will not be giving up on silver. I understand the reticence of those who have been stacking and or collecting for longer. The first silver I bought in 2015 cost me around £15 an ounce. Unfortunately I bought relatively little at these prices. If I had amassed say 500oz at this price I then I may well not buy today, but I didn't. I have read the many excellent threads on this forum regarding the price of silver and the multitude of reasons for it. I couldnt claim to understand them all but I think the price is only going one way and if you want silver you have to pay the going rate. And this is what I will do. I buy for my own pleasure today and my kids in the future. It will not make them rich, in fact I hope they will add to their silver inheritance rather than spend it and appreciate the storage of wealth it provides. My stack is mainly bullion coins with some semi-numismatics. I have considered buying pre 47 coins for bulk and may well do this, but for the time being my focus is mainly on regular bullion. I have no end point in mind, I intend to buy silver for as long as i am able. This may change of course for many reasons, bit until then i will buy silver. It is a thing of both beauty and value and I well and truly have the bug.
  8. TheShinyStuff


    Stick it in the trade section. Youd probably have to be a little more specific. ie what and how much are you looking for?
  9. That's the million dollar question!!! To start with I'd just do what you mentioned at the start, pick up some bullion coins. Get a feel for it and see what you like. Hang around on here and you'll get an idea of how people make money - long and short term - on their metals. I wouldnt spend any serious money until you're more comfortable with what you're doing. Keep an eye on the trade section to get a feel for what sells and for how much. Have fun!
  10. This is a good point. However, I would say that if you are likely to find yourself needing to sell quickly because you need the cash then you probably shouldn't buy it. Just keep the cash. Only spend money on silver/gold that you can safely live without.
  11. Search the forum for 'beginner stacks' At least a couple of members have recently offered well priced deals that would suit what you are after.
  12. The eagles and pandas will probably be around £30. The rest £26-27 except for the Britannias which will be somewhere in between. Obviously condition will affect this. Most people will want nice clean coins. Damaged/discoloured coins will be worth a little less. And then there are older/desirable dates which will be worth more. If you are looking to buy then if you're happy with the price it's a good deal. If you are looking to sell then put them up for sale and see what happens... Good luck.
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