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    Currently just dipping my toe in the water with collecting/stacking. Mainly looking at silver but hope to get some gold in the future.

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  1. Might wanna try posting in the Buy & Sell tab mate
  2. Hello, Welcome to the forum. 1) I think the common consensous and from what I have researched is that it is best to have a diversified collections of gold,silver and maybe platinum to try and limit your exposure if there was a sharp decline in the price of the percious metals. One thing to remember especially if storage space in limited is that silver takes up a lot more physcial space than gold for the equivalent value. At current spot price a 100oz bar of silver (which weighs around 2.8kg) is roughly worth the same as a 1oz gold coin that can fit in your pocket. 2) Personally I would go for a mix of both. The premiums tend to be better on the large bars which means that 100oz bars will cost less than 100oz of coins. So you get more bang for your buck. This is a generlisation though and there are deals to be had. One thing to think about is what is called the exit plan. If you needed sell your silver in a hurry would there be many buyers for large 100oz bars or would there be more buyers for lets say 10oz of coins but selling to 10 different people. I am not sure what the precious metal market is like in Israel but something to bare in mind. I am sure there will be some more experianced forum members who will be able to go into more detail. I am still fairly new to this myself just though it might help. Cheers, Star
  3. Hello forum, Was just wondering if anyone had used https://www.eldoradocoins.de/en before they seem to have some good prices and very competive shipping to the UK. I found a thread from 2017 but nothing recently. Cheers, Star
  4. Hello, Yes I am still looking for some of the silver ones. Drop me a message with your price please.
  5. Thanks for the advise everyone. Do you have caps that fit your coins exactly or do you use the foam inserts aswell?
  6. Hello Forum, Just wondered what is the best way to store silver bullion coins. Got a few 2020 coins in some caps that I got from amazon and the coins look like they have got the pox. I am assuming it is some kind of reaction between the plastic/foam inserts and the silver coin. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Star
  7. Pretty good price. Sure someone will snap these up quick
  8. Hello All, Looking for 2 2018 and 2 2019 dragon bars in caps. Please just drop me a message with your price. Many Thanks, Star
  9. Thanks mate. Most appreciated!!
  10. Fadeingstar

    Group orders

    Hello Forum, Been browsing the forum to see if the BYB group orders are still going ahead? I did see a link to a post but when i clicked the link it didn't work. Just wondered what the state of play is. Cheers
  11. About £2.50 at current spot price. You may get more because it has the iron cross on and might fit into someone's collection.
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