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    Collectible bullion & Semi Numismatics
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    Currently just dipping my toe in the water with collecting/stacking. Mainly looking at silver but hope to get some gold in the future.

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  1. Still on the hunt for some things. Let me know what you have.
  2. Just seen this while searching for coins. https://www.emk.com/en-us/collection/star-wars/death-star-1-kilo-ikniu521472?returnurl=%2fen-us%2fcollection%2fstar-wars%2f%23ikniu521472 Looks amazing even though I'm more of a star trek guy myself! Really pushing the boat with what a "coin" is.
  3. I know some people have imported stuff. Just pay the taxes when it arrives and you are good to go. Just make sure you factor that into when you make the purchase.
  4. Well it is turned into a big of a saga to be honest. I think it has been lost in the post. Tracking info still says that it is overseas in German so watch this space. Going to be requesting a refund from the seller.
  5. Hello Forum, I am looking for a box to hold 18 half or 18 full sovs. My sister recently had a baby so looking to buy 1 coin a year for her as an investment in her future as apposed to saving in £'s. Cheers
  6. As the title suggests looking for a selection of silver currency coins from around the world. Half crowns, gilders,francs, bolivars, that sort of thing. Looking for 1 example of each in as good condition as possible. Would ideally like to buy from 1 person for postage reasons. PM me what you have and asking price.
  7. Never used them and never will. Only hear bad things. There is nothing you can do unfortunately just thank your lucky stars you got your money back.
  8. I think it is because silver is a fraction of the price of gold so there are still production costs/distrubtion costs aswell as the dealers making a profit aswell which need to be factored into silver.
  9. Looking for 4-5 Oz of silver bullion all different would like 1 bar in there though. Must be in excellent condition and free from defects. No Disney or James Bonds please Send me a message with what you have, pictures and the asking price.
  10. Last push on these before I withdraw tomorrow evening
  11. Hello, I am looking for a coin that says 1961 on it as a birthday present to my mum. Ideally silver and British but open to anything send me a message with what you have and the asking price. Cheers.
  12. Hello, Looking for a 2021 half sovereign just wondered if anyone had one before I buy from a dealer. Cheers
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