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  1. Winner winner chicken dinner
  2. Not sure it went to the moon I think it barely left Croydon.
  3. I’ve only recently got into stacking within the last year, I became fed up with buying things that ultimately wouldn’t hold there value if I decided I needed to sell them, I might as well have been pouring money down the drain. Luckily for me I realised my mistake early on in life as I’m only 32 although I wish I had of bought precious metals or saved the cash sooner but you live and learn. I don’t have a car, kids or a mortgage and my only expenses are rent, food and a monthly travel card so whilst this is the case I intend to put a large proportion of my wages into my savings and PM’s whi
  4. These are what I use they are very nice quality https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-x-CRYSTAL-CLEAR-DIRECT-FIT-CAPSULES-22mm-For-1-4-Ounce-Britannia-Sovereign-/224088642353?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  5. Hi gents, I looking for a coin tube to fit H32 capsules something like this https://www.onfireguy.com/capsule-tube-20-air-tite-h32-coin-capsules-for-1oz-gold-eagles/ but alot cheaper! are there and sellers in the UK that have something similar? Thanks in advance
  6. Never had any issue with those companies but I haven’t ordered recently.
  7. Im sure it will arrive eventually. I’ve had lots of items not arrive for a couple of weeks due to covid.
  8. I just sent him the link to this post he wasn’t impressed 😂😂😂😂
  9. On the coin I see Northern Ireland, England and Scotland represented but there is nothing for Wales?
  10. They are probably using multiple accounts to bump up the price and make it look like it’s got a lot of interest. shall we all bid on it and see how high we can get it? 😂
  11. I would never pay that much for 2 oz of silver.
  12. They are on my door step as I live in London but I still choose to shop elsewhere as I can always find better prices from Baird or atkinsons.
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