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  1. I bough a 1 oz American buffalo as it’s a beautiful coin.
  2. Do the Royal mint ever give out discount codes? I ask as I saw a section on their website where you can enter them but I can’t seem to find any online.
  3. If you are able to sell on eBay with the £1 selling fee offer activated then that might be a good option for you to maximise your profit.
  4. Youknobers are pumping silver as the catchy video titles mean more views and likes / dislikes which equals money in their pockets. I have yet to find anyone who can accurately predict the future.
  5. Sorry my mistake I mean £1 selling fee so if you sell a sovereign for £350 you only pay £1 to eBay.
  6. You will get more for your money on eBay especially if you list it with the 0% selling fee offer.
  7. Hunter87


    The down side would be that any potential criminals would see you using the machine and would know what your carrying then mug you or follow you home knowing your probably going to have more at home.
  8. I like this channel too. https://youtu.be/pKO09Cj3fUs
  9. If you based in the US then I would highly recommend watching this guy on YouTube.
  10. Another thing you could do is save the cash up every month until you see a good deal or the price drops then jump on it.
  11. This is why I always do as much research as I can before I make any purchases! I’ve learned a lot and i’m still learning thanks to the good folks on here.
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