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  1. I might start collecting these too I’ve never been fussed on the Britannia design.
  2. Hunter87


    Have used them many times and always got good customer service from them. If your in London you can pick up in store to save postage too.
  3. I got one from atkinsons and it has exactly the same mark as yours.
  4. Hunter87

    Gold ring

    Maybe something like this? They post you a collection kit and you return it with the ashes and they will make the ring for you. https://treeofopals.com/product/cremation-ashes-ring/
  5. That’s what I though too but I just wanted to try and find out. It seems strange that they aren’t replying back to my emails usually they are good at replying.
  6. Hi all, I sent a coin to NGC for grading and just sent them a question but haven’t had any response from them. Does anyone know if the status: “At submission Centre” means it’s come back from America? This is my first time using this service. Received: 10/14/20 Items: 1 Declared Value: 450 Service: REHOLDER/BROKEN HOLDER Status: At Submission Center Shipped: 11/5/20 Thanks for any feedback.
  7. I agree but apart from banning someone what else can they do?
  8. https://www.bairdmint.com/products/queen-elizabeth-ii-gold-sovereign--2020 £335 for a sovereign seems like a good deal to me!
  9. Anybody else notice how bullion by post seem to be out of stock of sovereigns when the price of them drops then magically they are back in stock again as soon as the price goes up.
  10. I’m too anal with proof coins that’s why I stick to bullion now.
  11. I have sold on eBay when it’s £1 selling fees and always make more on there than I do on here.
  12. Hunter87

    Sovereign Cellar

    They seem very expensive.
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