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  1. Hi Anyone know where I can buy Britannia's 1/4 oz coins at the best place a cheapest prices. Regards Cn1
  2. Thanyou for advice I have a few sovreigns different sizes...I just want to treat myself so to speak..and buy a 1oz gold coin...different selections options I guess it comes down to personal preference. It will probably be a Britannia as I live in the UK 👍🙂 Cn1
  3. I spoke to UPS about that...I've got a form from them .....as it's a collectors coin you only need to pay 5% so for anyone in the UK that got one and paid £28...contact UPS get them to send the form and you will get a refund.... Cn1
  4. Great....looks nice.. Did u have to pay import taxes??
  5. Thanks So it's not a scam??? Did you have to pay before you recd the coin??
  6. Hi all I know I spoke to a few of you who eventually got this coin and some that said it's still processing. I did get confirmation and it now says shipped. My query is if anyone can help and if anyone here in the UK got this coin... I've had an email from the Courier UPS that states I have to pay import taxes on this coin of £28 ?? Did any here in the UKhave to pay these taxes? Has come as a bit of a shock to me. Thankyou Cn1
  7. Sorry....... I didnt think it was submitted the first time as when I sent it...it I saw that the title still said "REQUIRED FIELD" in Red?? So I just put in another title as I didnt think it was submitted. No offence meant Cn1 😟
  8. Thanks for your comments I've been buying sovreigns..and silver for around a year..not looking to flip..I buy to keep as another add on to my pension. So I'm holding on to everything for 5-10 years before I sell....unless something happens where I have to sell..fingers crossed that's not going to happen... Cn1
  9. CollectorNo1

    Gold coins

    Hi all Just wanting a view on buying.. I'm looking at buying a 1oz gold coin and was thinking of the obvious...a Britannia... But I would like your views on whether this would be the best purchase..ASE,MAPLES etc seem to be around the same price..or would it be better to buy a 1oz bar..or even 1 or a couple of nice sovreigns instead... Which would be the best..investment wise Your thoughts and views would be appreciated Thanks in advance.
  10. Just had the money taken out of my account for the WW11 ASE75th anniversary coin.. £78.00!!!I guess it's a little compensation for the hassle I've had...n the £ stronger than the $ at the time of shipping 👍
  11. Finally got a shipping order and email for my WWII American eagle Silver anniversary coin 🙂🙂🙂
  12. Thankyou..I can see what you mean...but the shape of the face and laureate look so different...like it was minted in another year with a different design....!
  13. Thanks for the photos Wow it looks like a totally different coin..faces do not look anything alike?? Was there two different designs minted in 1822...?
  14. Sure I appreciate your comment..but can I ask...why you value this coin at £800.. it looks to me in very good CONDITION....great lustre...compared to a lot of sovreigns I see especially victorian..very worn..dull etc that go for around £600.. I'm curious to know what makes this coin a low value..I ask as I'm learning and appreciate and value experienced dealers in gold coins.. Regards.
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