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  1. Split?? Who knows it's a guessing game..Guess it's just for us to wait n see.... until the 6th December....
  2. No disrespect to the Alderney mint but they are not in the same class as the RM..Although I've been told different!!!!
  3. Not keen on the 10oz..liquidity wise and of course months later it will probably go down in price..
  4. But if they release 2 coins could be looking at the £500 mark..Guess it's a wait n see....🤔🤔🤔🤔
  5. That's anyone's guess..hoping under £500 for the 2oz silver but could be totally wrong.....
  6. Who knows....but I'm getting up at 08:30 and logging in to the RM......just in case..😁😁
  7. I would imagine the Platinum jubilee 50p cupronickel will go into circulation as standard..I hope they release a Platinum 50p....not sure if I would buy it but would be appropriate for this jubilee. Regards
  8. I wonder why they havnt shown the obverse? Maybe it's going to be something very different??
  9. Now that's very precise.. 😆🙂🙂
  10. Just heard on LBC not being released until next year....
  11. So..I wonder when this is going to be released....Tomorrow???
  12. I do like them and would like to have them in my collection.....but with respect,,,they just don't have the WOW factor that I believe the RM will produce with their minting technology. Regards
  13. I personally take the view when a new release comes out from the RM and I'm lucky to get it in my cart after a WAIT,Get to the checkout stage and get a confirmation of purchase...am happy and don't care how long it takes to receive my purchase...know point getting stressed,annoyed that I havnt recd it in the first week..when it comes it comes...that's the time to get a little stressed opening the box and praying it's going to be in the condition we expect without any problems.... the 6th December when the Gothic Crown is released (if that's the official date) we will all be going through the same stress as we have with the 2022 platinum jubilee gold sovereign coins sets etc....and so the threads/comments/disappointment will start all over again....my advice is...log on,hopefully you will be lucky to get what you want and relax until it arrives..hopefully a problem free coin..if not satisfied,return and get a new coin or refund....but we all know buying any Bullion or proof is a bit of a gamble from the RM... Some of us will be lucky and some not with the condition...it just a waiting game and I trust we will all be satisfied with our purchases..be a nice change for all of us who are lucky enough to obtain our coins from them to be in A1 condition....but don't hold your breath 😀 😊 😉 ☺ 🙂
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