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  1. Over the last few months Gold and silver has risen...All these experts dealers,c.e.o's etc of bullion companies all saying that Gold will go over $3000Silver could go $50+. How did they all get it so wrong?????
  2. I'm wondering whether it is worth stacking silver coins or just stick with gold.. You would think with all the commemorative coins that come out by the mints that they would have found a way to stop milk spotting..these coins aren't cheap....and new coins like the Queens beasts I've heard have started spotting...Not great for collectors and not a great the reputations of certain mints!!!!!
  3. Just out of curiosity....hearing all the comments on silver 1ozcoins..new and old....MILK SPOTSoftenoccur on these coins...So my question is...is it really worth stacking these coins that go from bunc,proof to having milk spots.....Or,,,,just stick to GOLD????????
  4. Hi everyone great for the site to be back... Just wanted to know your views on silver and gold...big drops today due to the current covid condition..is this a nervous drop or do you think the price has gone down because of fear...short term or is silver and gold going to rise....slowly but will rise..what's your opinions.. Dave
  5. Hi Thanks for the quick reply..I again tried your website but anything on click onto just says no results found?? I assume website is still active David
  6. Hi I've tried to look at BYB website but cannot see any of the items etc..I was interested in buying a furnace and other stuff..it does show the furnace but that's all..does anyone else have a problem looking thru the website or is it just me?? Thanks
  7. Hi A couple of months ago I was getting Britannia's for around £21-26...but now it's hard to find them on ebay for under £31-34...I do keep an eye out for a bargain...I have a couple of antique shops in my area so will have a look..I prefer Gold tbh...Victorian sovs.. I have a few and that's my main future investment but,its not always possible to buy as much as I would like due ..of course to the price.. Someone suggested about buying silver from abroad..USA or Europe..but when you factor in paying as most wont except credit or debit cards and wont wire transfers..then shipp
  8. Thanks mate for the information...taken on board...I'm fairly new to collecting so trying to get a grip of what to buy and what not too....for every ten comments that are positive..theres 10bthat are negative..not on here I'm talking on all media sites talking about silver Regards David.
  9. No way!!!! They havnt been out that long....You probably know this ..I was watching a coin programme about milkspotting...basically this guy used a plain simple eraser (white) went over the area lightly and the milkspots went....but I dont know if they are going to re-appear in a few weeks,months etc.. David
  10. Thanks for the info...here in the uk if I buy 10 Britannia's for around £27-28 which I've found is the cheapest the total with vat n postage is £350 I get frustrated when watching YOUTUBE how cheap you can pick up 1oz coins in the USA compared to here in the UK. David.
  11. I have older Britannia's and they also seem ok at the moment..I bough a maple 2014 a few months ago and it is now showing milk spots😒 I was watching a programme on Maples and it was saying if you are gonna buy get the 2020 ones as this new technology prevents assumably milk spotting which is great...but as everything there is no guarantee I'm guessing..if I buy any BRITANNIA'S etc I will be buying 2020 and keeping away from older ones David.
  12. Hi It's very hard in the UK to buy silver £3-4over spot..dont know where you live but here it's very rare to get that price. Ebay prices are very high..even the professional institutions....Royal mint London mint Hattons etc...all sell silver 1oz for around £35 if your lucky....I have no coin shops or dealers near me... Sad to hear proofs are not woth collecting...I've seen proofs from 10-20 years ago that didnt cost much back then selling for very high premiums..so thought it would be a good long term investment....? Dave
  13. I've seen videos that say dont buy any MAPLES,BRITANNIA'S ASE ETC pre 2018...there is new technology on the 2020"s that cut down or even prevent milkspotting...any views comments on this??? David
  14. Hi My plan is to keep for at least 5 years..I started with 1oz silver coins but have diversified into some sets and proof £2 coins and sets..I want to start buying silver again..I have heard that the technology is lot better now for silver coins from 2018 onwards,especially the Maples but living in UK o prefer Britannia's and going for the 2020's hoping we have included the same technology to prevent milkspots and toning...??? Regards David
  15. Question??? Silver coins or silver bars??? Long term investing....I'm new to this but have been doing my research..one thing that concerns me with silver coins...ASE,BRITANNIA'S, MAPLE ....is the milk spots n toning on these coins...The Canadian Maple of 2028 I've seen has the new technology of preventing these blemishes..I'd really appreciate any views on this as I'm thinking 1oz silver coins from 2020 are better to buy for the long term..not because they might be worth more but because of the condition for the long term.. Thankyou very much..David..London UK..
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