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  1. Beautiful coins..wish we could pick up those now for £220...lol I did read the Chards newbie post...I wouldn't call myself a newbie as such but compared to most on here I am..that's why I use newbie when posting comments...I have quite a big stack of silver bullion coins and a nice collection of sovreigns..mainly victorian and some bars etc. I was drawn to the 1oz britannia as my first 1oz purchase..I have a few 1/10, 1/4 and 1/2oz Britannia's....I'm liking the completer coin and some of the older Britannia's like you have in your collection but premiums are high on those...I will m
  2. Very nice collection.....I'm in the UK and always being told to buy the coin of your country as when it comes to sell its more easier.. not sure if I believe that but the majority of my smallish collection consists only of British bullion and Perth mint as I think the quality and range from the Perth mint is 2nd to none..(just my opinion of course)... Regards
  3. Are they going to be sold on here like the 1oz ones?? Regards
  4. Yes.....I have wanted to buy the silver 2 and 5oz 2021....but get hammered with import taxes and duties..doesn't make financial sense purchasing them.... Regards
  5. Is there going to he another 3 graces????
  6. Yeah...been keeping an eye on the gold spot price...atm in my favour..but as we all know can change in hours...gonna gamble and wait a bit longer....maybe be lucky..maybe not....shame the bullion dealers don't reflect the spot price going south in there prices........
  7. Very,very nice....👍👍
  8. Hi and thanks for the info Can I ask why the Griffin out of them all...I was a bit late to the game of the Queen's beasts... I only have the 2oz greyhound. Regards.
  9. Thanks I will have a look....
  10. Thanks for all your comments and advice..makes things a bit easier...are the completer coins still available?? Regards
  11. Good evening. I have got a little cash and want to buy a 1oz gold coin. Basically wanted some advice.. ● what would be the best coin to buy ●I'm in the UK, I'm always hearing that I should buy the coins of the country I'm in. ● I'm looking at bullion-proofs not just from in the UK but from around the world. ●what would you buy if you had the funds to buy a 1oz gold coin right now. Many thanks in advance for your opinions. regards....
  12. OK,thanks. Are these worth collecting/stacking? I know them but never really caught my eye...
  13. I've probably missed it..but what coins are you talking about??
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